A wealth windfall: Ok, so what if you win the lottery, or inherit a bunch of money, or become a celebrity, or start a business that makes a ton of money off the bat?
So if you ever find yourself wishing you could make a lot of money in a little time, remember that it doesn’t happen fast and that it takes work.
This entry was posted in Personal Finance, Saving Money and tagged get rich quick, money, personal finances. You can learn from blogs like this one (and mine), but you should aim to get rich QUICKER … not quick!
It might sound counter intuitive but it’s definitely true that getting (and staying) rich is not about the money. I want to add that most get money fast soup is in fact: they want your money fast for themself! There is something about this piece of writing that reeks of superficial, naive propaganda.
You fall into the stereotype of seeing only the end result and don’t know what those people did to get where they are.
To anonymous: Yes, and I am proud of it because I still feel like a human as opposed to a brainwashed animal. Reading all of your comments, I am inclined to agree with both the author and with Mia and barker. SCALE: His product serves the needs of millions and as of today does have over 1 million users, as evidenced here. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to succeed, desiring to be the best at something, or wanting to acquire better things for yourself.
The truth is, everyone who is considered successful has put in YEARS of hard work and made many personal sacrifices along the way. When you’re planning the years ahead, map out the best case and worst case scenarios for your life. Heshan de Silva Heshan De Silva is a Venture Capitalist and philanthropist, specialising in the infrastructure, tech and agribusiness sectors.
The fact that we have lots of people in this country making $80,000 to $150,000 a year (and I’m talking outside of high-priced coastal areas) and still living paycheck to paycheck attests to the abysmal money management skills we have as a whole.

Since poeple get with poeple of similar standing, then rich person meet other rich person and usually get better change to get more money.
There are so many people that want to be actors that it’s one of the most cut throat businesses around and takes way more effort than most people can even imagine. There are moments in history clearly showing how ugly things can get when too many people are forced to become bitter due to blatant injustices.
All opinions, views, and thoughts expressed herein are expressly the authors, and in no way reflect the opinions, views, or thoughts of the Disney Company. Think of it like QuickBooks meets your personal bank’s online banking and add to it suggestions on how to get recommendations on better banking products based on your current accounts. While it seems that anyone with a little bit of programming knowledge can do this, to do what Aaron Patzer did with Mint took a ton of diligence along with making sure to hire the right people to help him. While he was adding engineers, he made sure to be extremely selective of partners and investors so he could retain creative control of the project. See where you could be if you worked very hard, DAILY with what you have – and see where you could be if you do not put in the effort.
I am certainly not starving and never will, I have always been responsible with money and will probably always be OK.
Take someone like myself, I’ve been using online banking for over 5yrs and have been sick of the fact that I have to bookmark and login to about 8 different accounts for various personal credit cards, consumer credit cards and bank accounts, I tried doing a spreadsheet to consolidate everything, but having to input everything manually was a pain! In this article, he states that each engineer he added to the business increased the company’s value $500k while each business guy reduced the value by $250k.
Even after securing seed capital, an angel investment, 3 rounds of VC funding and ultimately selling out to Intuit, he retained control of the product.
While he did stay on as an advisor at Intuit, the fact that he controls his schedule now means that his wealth is independent of his time and thus he has achieved true wealth. But I do not fool myself into believing that the hard work I have always done will ever place me in a spot where I will be perfectly relaxed financially, where I can afford anything, where I can send my kids to the best schools without flinching – unlike many people I know who DO all these things without having put in 1% of the effort or the frugality and sense of responsibility I have put in my life. Low and behold, Aaron Patzer was my savior and answered my prayers and fulfilled this need. Simply put, those who created resources added value while those who consumed them took it away.

His agreement with Intuit put him in a decision-making capacity where he is running the Quicken division of Intuit in a VP position.
Aaron’s success is unlike most of the Dot-Com Millionaires 10 years ago, who unknowingly gave up control of their companies for worthless stock options and an agreement that they stayed on board as an employee of their own company only to see their wealth disintegrate with the burst of the tech bubble in 2000-2001. If you all of a sudden fall into a large sum of money you still have to take care of that money or else you will spend it all and it will be gone before you know it. If your sloppy with money it is a big chance many poeple around your are also sloppy with their money. The lack of ethics, the theft, the debaucheries and just plain intrinsic immorality that lie behind the stories of how such people often get rich, are always overlooked in the American psyche.
By adding the right pieces he overcame the barriers that most web development companies can’t get past, which is how to take your business to the next level.
It will take you longer, but you will get there without having done things that would affect your character and integrity – irrespective of whatever you see around you.
All sorts of crazy stories will surface purely to excuse our own lack of ambition, determination, or inability to cease opportunities when they present themselves. They know what to do to manage their pots reasonably well and in the meantime, they make no efforts when it comes to earning something on their own. I have become firmly convinced that the vast majority of people who trully DO work hard and do work that is crucial for the well-being of human society actually do it for little or very little money comparatively speaking. Probably not because I AM grateful for still being healthy, for being financially afloat compared to others who are not even this, etc. The idea that the rich have all gotten there by painstaking hard work and effort, responsible investing, frugality and delayed gratification is the biggest bunch of bunk that humanity has been fed on since times immemorial.
Please stop shoving your ideologies down the throat of every other individual on this Earth.

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