Public speaking is like a painting of your thoughts where your voice is the brush and your thoughts are the colors. Your college day is the biggest event that happens and there will be many students working day and night to make that event successful.
I often see college chaps cribbing “my college does not have any facility, none of the events happen and we do not have any chance to improve our communication skills”.
There is a wrong notion among many that only a person who speaks good English has good communication skills.
These are the 8 tips which can lead you to the path of acquiring great communication skills in college.
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Thought is more powerful than thunder, every great thing ever done by man on this earth emerged from a single thought.
Are you communicating in ways that are presently relevant and helpful, or are you clinging to outdated methods hoping for positive results?
Perhaps, you communicate in way similar to a parent, or maybe you developed an opposite style. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines, is quoted as saying, “Complexity is your enemy.
During the event those who smiled more often to strangers, those who seemed interested in others and those who were more energetic were approached by most people while those who seemed to be bored, not interested were approached by the minimal number of people. By organising your thoughts in advance, you can eliminate many of the awkward pauses that occur when speaking. Join our Exclusive PA Network on Tuesday 29th July- 18.30hs at the exclusive 5* Montcalm at The Brewery London City Hotel. Many people avoid public speaking classes but if you’re interested in developing communication skills, I would highly recommend it.
Tip: The best communication skills tip I can give you is to be brave enough to approach others even if you are not 100% sure of your skills. About UsPA Prive is an exclusive portal that was created to address the needs of PAs and business professionals working for FTSE 250 companies and C-level decision makers.
After completing a Core Culture Assessment, one of the first actions will be to share the message with all employees. Do your employees present themselves in a professional way through their written and oral messages? Effective communication is a critical component for success in the workplace. Invite Sheila to work with your employees to improve their communications skills.
Practice principles of effective business writing and document design to enhance written documents. Use a strategic communication strategy to identify objectives, analyze your audience, and choose the most effective content, structure and style for delivering strategically sound messages–both written and oral. Contact Sheila for online or in-person support to help you improve your communications skills. Determine effectiveness of communications, considering issues of information lacking and information overload. Through this customized Communications Audit, you will have an organizational communication plan that outlines strategies to improve communications.
Self-confidence and communication skills go hand in hand and they help each other at every point of time.
Imagine you are one of them who worked hard for the event and when you tell this in your job interview that you worked hard to make the event successful, it adds a great value to you and your profile.

Your style of dress, your job, your car and your hair have evolved to meet your current needs. Is your communication style accomplishing your goals, or are you hopelessly stuck in an ineffective system?
The way that you were spoken to, the praise that you received for some types of communication, and the punishment you received for other types of communication shaped the way you relate to the world. Times were different when you were growing up and certain expectations may have placed upon you. Unfortunately, easier doesn’t always mean better, and in the case of communication, the same ease that allows you to bridge long distances in a matter of seconds may also be crippling your ability to communicate well when it matters the most. Awareness of your own interaction with other people is the first step in improving your communication skills.
All people want to feel loved and accepted and that’s why the more you encourage someone to approach you by being nice to him the more is it likely that he approaches you.
Whether you are talking or writing make sure you select words that will enable the reader or the listener to understand what you really mean. If you’re a good listener, you’re likely to find that others will listen to you more when you have something that you need to say. To become a better communicator, you must be willing to listen so you can understand the other person’s perspective. By disclosing information about yourself, it aids the other person in understanding who you are and how you are understanding them.
If your motives are wanting to understand people and accept them for who they are, then communication will be easier. After kick starting her career as a PA and finding success as an assistant, Myriam later trained in digital and online marketing and has since combined the two disciplines in creating PA Prive, the platform through which she provides sage advice for those in the assistant profession and a network for like-mined PAs and EAs to connect.
There hasn’t until now, been a platform for the Personal Assistant to access the quality content they have been searching for.
But to reinforce the message, all communications vehicles must be reviewed and altered to incorporate the organization’s prime principles. She also provides one-on-one coaching to improve your written communications and your effectiveness as a speaker. Improve the way communication flows within your group or throughout the entire organization.
You just have to give space to them in your life and you can see them helping each other and improve.
A hesitant person cannot really achieve anything till he heats the hesitation and melts it down to confidence. For example we feel our college rules are not good and a set of changes can make it better.
The challenge is to know how to use these resources of yours which will help you for the life time. Be it any event in the college, your participation in the event is the door to be a pro in that event and your coordination to that event is the door to earn leadership attitudes.
In my college, I and my friends started a forum where we conducted workshops to practice presentations, group discussions, etc. Yes, for a corporate company to hire you in India you got to have good communication skills in English. What lessons were you taught about how you were supposed to communicate as a child, and how have you carried it with you throughout your life? Ideas like, “girls should be seen and not heard,” and, “boys are strong and tough,” can have a lasting impact on your life.

In the business world, communication is especially important, and ineffective communication can make or break your success. Pay attention to your body language, Identify which types of situations make you uncomfortable and then modify your behaviour.
Using jargon may make you feel GOOD but the main point of communication – “the understanding” will be lost. Once you ask a few questions, it doesn’t take long to really find out what she really means. But if you set out to convince them that your way is the right way, then that’s not communication. PA Prive is soon to be a members only portal designed to deliver timely and consistent news and features, specifically relevant to the elite of the PA profession. Success in living the Core Culture will be nurtured by increasing the frequency of getting the same message in all communications. In today’s cut-throat competition, communication skills are one of the main causes for success.
I pushed myself a lot to enroll for debate competition, I was hesitant however I made up my mind to participate. You will learn to be in a team and more importantly you will learn to communicate within your group and make things happen.
Without stopping it here, discuss with your friends and analyze the pros and cons of your thoughts. This was a great help for many, this became a rehearsal place for your big event, the interview.
A man can be a best speaker and communicator if he is speaking in the language in which he is thinking. You will learn how to analyze a situation and speak accordingly which is a great skill of communication. Also, having a good relationship with the college attenders will help you in so many ways; I know I need not tell you this. If you want to learn good communication skills in English, think in English and talk in English, you get into trouble when you think in your mother tongue and talk in English. I see a lot of college students wanting to improve their communication skills to get their dream job.
This habit of discussing ideas and analyzing the pros and cons helps you in not being biased which is a vital characteristic of a leader. Many people made use of our forum and could dramatically improve their skills including me.
I also hear this phrase very often, “that guy can speak good English and that is why he got placed easily”.
I see a lot of people regret that they couldn’t make use of their college life to sharpen their skills.
Well, as I said before, self-confidence and communication skills help each other at every point of time.

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