King Henry VIII: No, for again he may find the means to recover it, even as a man recovers some fortune he has lost. I first came across this rule in one of Steve Scott’s books.Yes, most certainly I had read about this rule in other popular blogs, too but Steve Scott was the first who emphasized and presented very practically this rule. Discover when your most productive time is and schedule your workday so that you’ll be able to get 80% of your work done exactly then. I find that people usually divide into two groups: one that feels comfortable working very early in the morning and the other one that performs very well late in the night.
One day, we, the accommodation team, were in a VIP building (a building where the big sponsors of the ashram are usually accommodated) and we had to clean a few rooms and the hallways too.
Whatever one learns and applies from one’s ashram experience, it becomes a valuable treasure in the outside life. Antara is a yoga practitioner, blogger and a writer who mostly creates fictional stories and shares them with readers. Our ClassTimer TV is designed to help teachers transform their classrooms into amazingly productive environments. In addtion to the digital time display,ClassTimer TVincludes a bar graph style display so that young children can visualize the time remaining for a particular task.
It changed my attitude to time management – an area that most of us are very sensitive about. This is how we can have a daily job, a part-time job and run a venture business on the side. It doesn’t matter which group you fall into – you just have to find those few productive hours and then schedule your time management accordingly.

This means I was responsible for preparing the buildings to accommodate all the people coming to the ashram. Draw the goals, the amount of the work and the time it is supposed to take you. You will find out that as time goes by you will need less time for the things you most regularly because you will be getting better at them. One afternoon, there was a satsang (literally “in the presence of truth”) Q&A sessions.
Her favorite categories are romance, drama and sci-fi mixed up in dangerous combination.She enjoys sharing her experiences with self-help improvement, yoga and publishing. Help students stay focused on the completing their assigments in a timely way and improve study skills through better time management. In addtion to the very large display, a bar graph style indicator shows the remaining time as a percentage.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. You don’t have to spend 18 hours per day on a specific project; you’ll discover that your most productive hours are just a few. I used to be so afraid of life that I was praying to God to help me channel all my time and energy for a better, unselfish purpose.
In an ashram it’s very easy to see your own flaws because you work with lots of people quite often from different countries and societies. Originally stated by Vilfredo Pareto, it says we get 80% of our results from only 20% of our efforts.
Then I went to India to an ashram where every minute matters and the daily duties must be accomplished in a result-oriented way.

Another useful advice is to pay special attention to important deadlines and make your plan accordingly. My accommodation in-charge always writes down her day-to-day tasks.
If we apply this to time management and productivity, we’ll discover that in just 20% of our time we get done 80% of our work. At the ashram, for the first time, I understood the importance of time and proper time management. Before that, time was only a waste. Transferred to our mundane, not ashram life, if you are an entrepreneur or an artist and you use social media but get distracted by them, that’s also a sign of lack of discrimination and distraction. And even though one can work hard and a lot, still the work may not be done in time or not in the wanted manner. She started shouting how we could have cleaned the whole building for such long time because we were a lot of people (3 or 4 persons). Ashram life really teaches one to observe one’s approach and management to work, be it accommodation or kitchen duties which are relatively simple. Because, like most people, I didn’t like to be scolded, I decided, I had to learn how to utilize my time.

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