Powertrak's advanced configure-price-quote provides companies that sell configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services a powerful solution to manipulate 2D and 3D product models and room design by selecting items and dragging-and-dropping them into an interactive interface. Learn how the cloud-based Powertrak Configure-Price-Quote software delivers a consistant user interface and familiar web-shopping experience that enables your staff, partners and customers to generate valid quotes, orders and proposals.
Quote & Product Configurator can handle inside and outside sales teams, partners and end-customers all in one simple, secure e-Shopping system.
Add prices, pictures, visual help, logos, special deals and track key buyer attributes in a simple, web-based administration tool. Drive more sales with unlimited kits, configurations, and one-step "cloning," - customers get what they want at the right time. Maintain product and "shopper", attributes, such as product specifications, pictures, logos, preferences, billing, delivery information and other enhancements to provide a tailored experience with minimal administration.
Whether you have 4 or 4000 components, need 14 steps or 40, you can set up your own kits, categories and configuration flow.
Built to handle complex needs, the system can control flow, check math, verify multi-tiered requirements and adjust visual presentation. Walk the buyer through the right path to build an accurate configured order without spreadsheet nightmares. Product managers and manufacturing crew will stay happy and keep you off the phone fixing errors and adjusting prices. Drag and Drop Silverlight feature with snap-to-grid and built-in wizard flow simplify guide construction and maintain integrity.
The interactive guide builder shell is a filterable result pallete that minimizes training. Create expressions to calculate prices, quantities, and rule limits using a simple and easy-to-read language with the help of the new web-based editor, fully integrated with Visual Builder.

Access information about products and user responses in your kit, and take advantage of a library of built-in functions.
Capture opportunity management and pipeline forecasting data such as predicted close date, probability of winning, competitors, etc.
Please complete the following customer prospect information which will allow us to share pricing and brochures.
Fill out the registration form and a NetPRM representative will arrange a time to give a live demonstration of our product(s).
At the end of the short process you will have your chosen product, its catalog number, a picture of all part of the assembly and the product's specs. September 14, 2015 – Murphy & Read, a New Jersey based manufacturer of custom and stock springs, recently launched the world’s first 3D spring configurator with engineering calculations. Murphy & Read manufactures custom and stock compression springs, extension springs, and torsion springs for use in a wide variety of industries. The new 3D Spring Configurator with Engineering Calculations allows users to download 3D models of all 7,000 plus stock items and design a custom spring to meet their exact needs, while providing calculations for spring rate, spring force, wire stresses, percent of tensile, and more for ten different spring materials. Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions, sees the new Murphy & Read 3D spring configurator with spring calculations as the future of marketing for industrial manufacturers.
As part of their 3D Spring Configurator, Murphy & Read, like all CADENAS PARTsolutions clients, will have their products featured within the PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management desktop application, used by large industrial manufacturers to find and source components, as well as within 50 online product communities. Murphy & Read is a spring manufacturer specializing in design and manufacture of custom and stock compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs, as well as wire forms, stampings, machining, turning and small assemblies. CADENAS PARTsolutions is a leading provider of next generation 3D part catalog management and sales configuration solutions. A graduate of the Richard Farmer School of Business Marketing at Miami University in Oxford Ohio, Adam has years of experience in marketing and design for a variety of industries.

Powertrak ensures accurate quotes and orders and eliminates data-entry errors in make-to-order and standard products.
Discover Powertrak's advanced 2D Configurator and 3D Configurator features and functionality.
With the help of CADENAS PARTsolutions, Murphy & Read now provides 3D models for more than 7,000 standard products, and virtually an infinite number of custom configurable springs.
With over 98 years of experience, they pride themselves in utilizing the latest in engineering and manufacturing technology to manufacture a high quality product at unparalleled lead times. The configurator will also alert the user if there is a problem with their design or if it may be costly or impossible to manufacture. With over 94 years of experience, they utilize the latest in engineering and manufacturing technology to bring their customers the highest quality product at unparalleled lead times.
For large manufacturers, CADENAS PARTsolutions provides centralized 3D parts libraries making it easy for global design teams to find, reuse, and control standard and proprietary parts. This tool will greatly decrease the time required for engineers to design and perform calculations for custom and standard springs. The configurator allows for three levels of detail in the CAD downloads: low detail for a small file size that is useful for engineers inserting them into their CAD drawings, and higher levels to get a good look at what the finished product will look like.
Adam currently lives in Ohio with his wife Stephanie, his dog Hudson and the family cat Astro.

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