If you have been hanging out in the realm of frugal living, you have probably heard mention of this thing called a “price book” (sometimes referred to as a price list). Keeping up with a price book can sometimes be challenging due to the amount of time it takes to keep track of all the prices.
How a price comparison sheet works, is you track the price of the items you buy the most frequently for a month.
You can track yours several different ways, but the easiest way I have found for me is to keep my worksheet next to my meal plan binder.
Side Note: Stores are notorious for making you think that an item is on sale when it really is not. Common items that will have price increases during times of war: milk, bread, and dry goods such as flour and sugar. Filed Under: 31 Days of Real Life on a Budget, Budgeting, Cut Expenses, Featured, Finances, Free Printables, Making a Plan, Saving Money, Where to Start I love comments from y'all, so please feel free to chime in below. Whether you are working on a school project or creating advertising materials, a decent booklet can come in handy and inspire the wow factor with the un-groovy!  Using Microsoft Word 2010, you can create professional looking booklets and print them out yourself (assuming you have a decent printer) with just a few simple clicks.  It’s that simple. Now you can continue adding pages and design your booklet to be as large as you like!  Don’t forget that the larger you make your booklet the larger you’ll need to make the Gutter so page content doesn’t get lost in the cracks when you bind them together. This is great BUT it prints two pages to one a4 sheet which isnt how it is displayed on print preview – can any one help?
This is not precisely pertinent but as I found the Word procedure awkward I’ve had to revert to saving docx as a pdf, adjusting the font size a few points higher. Just got a new HP 6500A printer (manual duplex) and I’m trying to make a booklet of 18 pages from Word 2010. I suspect that when the printer is given the booklet command directly, as well as getting a preset booiklet command from Word, the printer direct setting trumps. Thanks for the great help, but two times in a row as I have tried to print with my Word 2010, I get a message that the program has stopped working and I am given the options of checking online for a solution and close the program, or just close the program. Not sure if you have solved the problem yet, but here is how I worked around the bug in Word 2010.
If the document is not in Work, then you need to convert it to Word, and that may be where you would do a paste. I am trying to print a booklet that is basically an A5 page folded in half containing 4 pages.

This would result in 2 copies of the complete booklet paginated in order on A4 paper so that I then could guillotine through the middle to end up with the 2 copies paginated correctly. I’m trying to set up a service booklet format for church (12 pages including front and back cover for our church secretary to use every week.
Hi, I appreciate the info, but I need to make a cover, so page 1 would have to be on the right-hand side of the page… I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how how to do it! I need to know how to make the adjustments so that the booklet would be the proper size for use as a Jewel Case CD booklet. A price book is essentially a book where you keep a record of the prices that you pay for certain items and what their prices are at the different stores you shop at.
At the end of the month you will know what the lowest price is that you paid for a certain item. That way, after I have unloaded my groceries, I can easily write down what I spent from my receipts. For example, Kroger and Affiliates love to do this by placing yellow tags on items so it appears that item is on sale. When you are ready to print Click File then Print and change the printing preference to the correct setting for your printer.  If your printer can automatically re-feed itself printed documents then use one of the Print on Both Sides settings, but if your printer requires you to manually re-insert your paper Select Manually Print on Both Sides.
Only problem I’m seeing is that images and tables are not shrinking properly from A4 to A5 (text shrinks fine). It saves my document but I still can’t print the booklet option, using Manually print on both sides. I was extremely frustrated with trying to print my wedding programs and this did the trick and I was able to print them with no further problems! A comparison sheet is the same concept as a price book, but for me it is so much easier to keep up with. I am not as tempted to buy lotion that is “on sale” if I know that I have actually gotten it cheaper before. However, when you take a few more seconds to actually look at the tag, you will notice that it is the regular price and there is no mention of a discounted price or sale. Although they are sometimes not significant price increases, when they increase, you will need to start your price comparison over – which is normally every three months for me.
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I realize that I should really just be doing it for common items that I buy, but I really like to know the price I pay for EVERYTHING! Feel free to use one or two photos provided that a link back to my original post is included. It would appear that you will have to change the orientation of the Word doc to the paper, resulting in two sets of pages per A4 sheet.
In short, if you set up Word and your printer per my earlier recommendation, the system will do all the pagination for you. Please do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any of my images without first obtaining written permission from me. This is the technique I use as it is simpler than trying to get the pagination correct when you add a cover page in the main document.
If you still have not sorted it out, let me know and give further details so I can be of more help. Please do not replicate or copy any content from The Budget Mama without written permission from me. Also, it seems like “Print Markup” is a default setting that automatically checks itself, so you have to be sure it is unchecked every time right before you click print or else you will crash. If you are planning to have a booklet fold style, then that would be twice one dimension of the case. If you do that, you have to decide if you want a blank page on the back side of the cover page or not.
If you want the text to start on the back of the cover, then just format you cover page seperatly from the rest of the document.
To format the cover page differently, build the page then go to Page layout, format and set up a new section for the first page. Be sure to keep the rest of the document as a single section (unless you need to break it into parts for other purposes).

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