Icing is a sugar-rich coating usually used to glaze or decorate cakes, buns, biscuits and pastries. Ready-made icing can be bought from most supermarkets, but it is easily made at home: the core ingredient, icing sugar, is widely available. Piping bags are useful for decorating cakes with soft icings, though a plastic bag with a small corner snipped off will also do the job.
Because some icings (such as Italian buttercream or royal icing) may include raw eggs, they may not be suitable for the very young, the elderly, and pregnant women because of the risk of salmonella. Explore the BBC News News Sport Weather Shop Earth Travel Capital iPlayer Culture Autos Future TV Radio CBBC CBeebies Food iWonder Bitesize Travel Music Earth Arts Make It Digital Taster Nature Local Terms of Use About the BBC Privacy Policy Cookies Accessibility Help Parental Guidance Contact the BBC Advertise with us Ad choices Copyright © 2016 BBC. If you know how to make royal icing, but are having trouble getting it runny for flooding your cookies, this step by step instruction might be helpful to you.
Always remember to cover up your royal icing with either cling film or a wet cloth as this will prevent the royal icing to dry out. When you have the soft peak icing, you start to only add 2 tbsp of icing sugar at a time because from now on the icing will get more and more stiff.
If you want to make runny icing for flooding cookies or making run-outs then take some royal icing (stiff made) into a bowl and start mixing it with water, a few drops at the time. You can also visit my tutorial section if you want to learn how to make other icings and frostings. Hello, I remember years ago buying chocolate cakes that had real hard chocolate icing on it and underneath was a creamy light chocolate.
I would suggest using gel food coloring, as opposed to liquid, to prevent changing the consistency of the icing. It is the icing that is wet at first, but when it dries out it becomes chalky, hard and smudge-free-dry. If you pipe out shapes on parchment paper - such as snow flakes, faces, lace or any piped figures - and leave it to dry out completely, you can then peel off the parchment paper and end up with a hard piped shape, which you can transfer onto your cake or cookie. Runouts, can also be carried out on parchment paper, in the same effect as above, left to set, then transferred onto the surface you wish to decorate. Colour flow is a Wilton product, which is a ready mix that is used to achieve runout consistency royal icing.
After making the royal icing and whipping it to soft peaks, you can tint it using gel or powdered food colours. When making Gingerbread houses, what is the white icing used to stick the pieces together and create decorations? Just like with any other new manual skill, practice is all you need to achieve the desired results. I can't find colourful balls to decorate the tree, what else can I use to get the same effect? 1kg icing sugarSqueeze of lemon juice or 1 packet powdered vanilla (or clear liquid vanilla. Decorating cupcakes can be simple sometimes, especially if you can make little decorations for them ahead of time. I had some royal icing left from decorating cookies so it was the perfect time to experiment. Then I piped royal icing dots all over the sugar and let them dry overnight before carefully removing the dots from the plate. I made the dots in different colors and made the green ones tear drop shapes to use for the leaves of the flowers. To make the non sparkly icing dots, I simply squeezed out icing from a Piping Bag fitted with a coupler and Round #2 Decorating Tip (same as I did with the sparkly icing dots) onto parchment paper and let them dry overnight before using them.

Once all the dots were dry, I arranged them to form a flower on top of the cupcake frosting. The cupcakes in the above picture show the flowers made with non sparkly dots (left) and a sparkly flower.
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In this video, Mahalo Chef Eric CrowleyA‚ shows you how to make a vanilla buttercream frosting. Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice. Soft, creamy icings are used to top or fill sponge cakes while stiffer icings can be rolled and used to cover fruit cakes, or shaped into decorations.
When making fat-based icings such as buttercream, use full-fat butter or margarine because low-fat substitutes such as spreads or margarines will not hold air well and result in icing thata€™s too soft or loose. Allow the icing to return to room temperature before using; you may want to lightly whip the icing again to loosen the texture slightly. Use a flexible palette knife to spread soft icing evenly over cakes: lightly dust the surface of the cake with icing sugar beforehand to keep the icing from sliding around (this will also prevent the icing from soaking through to the cake as readily). Use the freshest eggs you can or, if you prefer not to use raw egg whites, meringue powder or pasteurised egg whites can be substiuted into the recipe. I make royal icing with eggwhites (pasturized) since meringue powder and dried eggwhite powder is not very common here in Denmark. I can tell that I always start out with a stiff royal icing and then I thin it down with water to either soft for piping and runny for flooding.
I also had a cake once like this and it was a hard rum icing with the creamy icing under it. I have been receiving your emails regarding cookie decorations and royal icing, and have attempted to reply to each one, but since there are lots of them, and due to the overly busy schedule right now, I decided to write a post about Royal icing to answer all your questions and share it with others who might be looking for the same info. Like any icing, it's main ingredient is confectioner's sugar (icing sugar), therefore it is super sweet. Since the icing is wet at first it adheres to the surface and to the piece you wish to stick. This technique only works over Marzipan covered cakes, and the Royal icing is usually made a day before as when it sets, all bubbles clear out and it becomes easier to handle.
This does not necessarily have to be on royal icing surfaces only, like in the picture above. A royal icing can be thinned with a little bit of water to achieve a runny consistency (in which it freely pours off your spatula if dipped in the icing and lifted).
All you need to do, is bake the cookies, cool them completely, outline them, then flood in the icing and top with silver balls. Through practice you will get used to the required amount of pressure on the bag in order not to over squeeze, or shake while squeezing. Do not use brown vanilla essence as it affects the colours of your icing)If using egg white powder, mix with 150ml water and then sieve to get rid of any lumps.
Therefore, make sure you keepit covered with a damp cloth (when setting during use) or cling film touching the tops of it while not in use, then cover the plastic container with a lid to seal it.After a couple of days of setting aside, the icing may split into 2 layes (egg white and dense sugar top). There are many ways to make icing flowers, but I kept it basic by making icing dots and then arranging them to form a flower.
I happened to have green, blue, yellow and white icing, but if you don’t want to color your icing, this is the perfect way to add some color to your cupcakes. I used the non sparkly ones for the center and surrounded them with sparkly dots as well as a couple of leaves.

Crowley studied at the Culinary Institute of America and trained under master chefs in Barcelona and Munich before he began teaching culinary arts in 1996. Butter, water, fruit juices, cream cheese and egg whites can all be mixed with icing sugar to create different icings, while food dye adds a splash of colour. Can you please let me know how to make this and what is the name of this hard icing with the soft cream under it called?
This runny or flooding royal icing is usually used to fill in an outlined cookie with a desired colour. Therfore, add just a tiny bit of colour and gradually work your way through to the desired shade. Also through practice you will get to learn the wrist movements required for circles and edges. If you have access to metalic powder food colours, brush the same shade over your dots for a ball-like look.
Have I managed to inspire you to make some wonderful cookie and cake designs this Christmas?
I have tried to make it as thorough as possible, but if you still have more questions, or need more help, please don't hesitate to let me know. It is also used as glue to stick decorative pieces, shapes and figures onto a cake, cookie or other decorated foods. The snow flakes were made out of royal icing, which was piped on parchment paper, left to dry, then transferred to the cake.
For this use, glycerin is usually added to Royal icing to facilitate soft cutting of the cake. An easy way to tint, is to dip a tooth pick into the gel colour and then dip that tooth pick into the icing. On areas where smudge-free-hard-drying is not required, you can use any other icing you desire, such as the layer of snow on the roof of this gingerbread house. The icing has to be whipped to soft peaks to be at the right consistency, and should not slide off the spoon or spatula. This procedure is called reconstituting the egg whites.Sieve the icing sugar, then place in the bowl of your electric mixer. The naming comes from placing the royal icing in a piping bag - usually fitted with a specific shape tip - and squeezing the bag to pipe out the icing through the tip in order to create the desired shape. The cookie was outlined with proper soft peaking royal icing icing (before thinning), then thinned royal icing was flooded inside the border to colour the tree green. Stir using an offset spatula till the colour is fully incorporated and no streaking is visible. Add ¾ the merriwhite mixture or the lightly beaten egg whites and the lemon juice or powdered vanilla. Crowley has donated thousands of dollars of cooking classes to Los Angeles schools and charities, and is a mentor for the Culinary Institute of America. Flood-ins or runouts create a uniformly smooth coloured surface, which you can then pipe details on or top with decoration pieces such as the silver balls above. If you want to take up cookie or cake decoration, Royal icing is one that you have to master. If the sides of the bowl still look dry and crumbly, add the rest of the merriwhite or egg whites until icing looks smooth but not wet.

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