Do You Need A Professional New Logo, A Responsive Website Plus A Lovely Set of Business Stationery For Your New Business? All of the start-up packages include the design of your logo with unlimited revisions, a responsive website that is tested on a range of web browsers and mobile devices including iPhones & iPads, plus 1 years free website hosting. The process begins with the gathering of information about your company or service to better understand what needs to be communicated through your new logo and to also get a clear understanding of what you require from your new website. This information is then used to create a visual featuring 4 different logo design concepts. Once the logo is completed a visual for your website and stationery set is sent to you for your approval before the actual coding and construction of your website begins.
Includes: Logo, Stationery Design Plus A Website With A Personalised Login Area To Add & Edit The Pages On Your Website.
Includes: Logo, Stationery Design & An e-Commerce Website With A Login Area That Will Allow You To Manage & Update The Content On Your Website Plus The Ability To Accept online Payments. If you like the look of this website and the examples of my work shown, then there is a very good chance you will like what I can do for your business too.
I work with clients from the initial branding ideas through to the development of website concepts and the actual coding of a site, to ensure I can maintain the same high standard of design for each client that I work with. David East takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a simple website using Designmodo’s Flat UI Pro framework. In this video tutorial, you will learn to create a simple, single-page responsive website using components from Flat UI Pro. East takes you through the process of using the kit and customization to create a website from start to finish, from creating simple navigation to adding specific fonts, colors and images.
While you do need some knowledge of coding and web design basics, this tutorial is easy to follow and can have you on the way to building a great website in a matter of minutes!
What you will learn in this tutorial: How to create a single-page website using Flat U Pro. Now that you have the tools to create a single page website, David East helps you add animation to the site using tools from Designmodo’s Flat UI Pro kit.
East first shows you how to code simple text animations in CSS3 for an already-built website and explains how to write the animation code so that it views properly on different devices.
East then takes you through how to create a simple hover animation effect in a matter of minutes, showing you how to stretch, spin or shake an element. The animation technique used by East in this video is simple and looks professional, making it a tool that will work for a variety of projects.
While you do need some knowledge of coding and web design basics, this tutorial is easy to follow, making the addition of animation to a website easier than you might think.
I just purchased the Flat Pro Bundle and was having some problems getting started with the HTML.

Your pacing was great, your cuts very professional, I look forward to Part 2 with the animations. If I want to create a responsive website (mobile first) would it be better to use Bootstrap or Foundation? I would love to put a tangible demo out there, but then I’d be giving away Flat UI Pro for free. If youa€™re using responsive design, ita€™s important to understand the difference in latency between a home DSL connection vs.
Boost the efficiency of responsive design whether a user is accessing your site via LTE or other networks by using other mobile design strategies. No matter what type of connection speed you anticipate your user having access to, youa€™ll want to make sure your site looks great and is readable. Responsive design can be a great way to optimize your site for ease of use between devices, but ita€™s essential to keep load time and performance in mind as well.
2 of the start-up packages also include the design of your business stationery set featuring a letterhead, continuation sheet, compliment slip & business card. You will then have unlimited logo revisions so that the logo can be refined to your satisfaction.
As an added bonus, this kit works with the Twitter Bootstrap framework, making it fully responsive. The video is designed to help small business owners create a company website, but the tools showcased can be used to create a variety of different types of websites.
This video is best viewed after the tutorial How to Make a Single Page Responsive Website with Flat UI Pro. I think I was more focused on highlighting the data- attribute and I didn’t see the obvious native solution. It’s really a matter of preference, both are totally amazing and totally free UI frameworks. Both Bootstrap 3 and Foundation 4 are mobile first UI frameworks and will do the job just fine. However, Sublime Text has some extremely powerful features that I have not seen in any other editor. It really helps for me to debug and to study your code as I go along and build my own page too.
Performance should be at the top of the list when designing a site for mobile users, and responsive design doesna€™t necessarily always lead to a better performance. According to research from Aberdeen Group Inc., even a 1-second delay in load time can translate into a 7% loss in conversions. Although aesthetics are undoubtedly important, the area you have to use for your design is reduced on a mobile screen.

To boost performance, some options include starting with mobile before working up to other devices, testing performance on real devices, and using conditional loading. Ita€™s generally a good idea to keep the length in a mobile view between 40 and 60 characters.
LTE networks enable more fluid design, but until these are worldwide you should balance responsive design with other strategies for the best results. The tutorial will help you build the site, fix any issues that pop up between screen sizes and publish. I’m reading that using Javascript is not the best approach, that a pure CSS approach is better. I’m thinking that as I drop components from the UI kit into place that at least I can see the basics of the code and have a visual way to dissect it all.
However, considering this is about web design without making it more tangible on the web is a little baffling. That way I’m not going back and forth between the paused video and my editor too much! One thing to keep in mind is that as LTE becomes more prevalent worldwide, faster connection speeds and load times can give a boost to responsive design.
The content above the fold will receive the most user attention, so you might want to consider putting navigation up there to enhance performance. Keep your base font about 16px on both desktop and mobile screens for best results, with a line height of 1.2em. Here are five ways to successfully use this design strategy and avoid its potential pitfalls. Smartphone users are highly unlikely to stick around for a site that wona€™t load after several seconds. Sticky navigation, or keeping navigation options in full sight no matter where you are on the page, is one way to solve this. For example, typical latency on a 3G network is between 150 and 450 milliseconds, while on a Nokia Networks LTE or typical 4G network it hovers between 100 and 180.
The problem with responsive design is that it often weighs down a page to the tune of 18 second load time, as research from Keynote shows. The difference between 100 and 450 can make a big difference in the mobile experience, so youa€™ll need to compensate by using other techniques to improve performance. This is reduced with 4G LTE availability, so connection speed must be taken into account to determine whether or not responsive design is worth it.

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