In This tutorial you will find simple guide on how to change windows 7 look like windows 8.
Having said that Windows 8 aims to provide interface between mobile and desktop PC, won’t be wrong. So if you are existing Win 7 user and looking forward to install Win 8 on your system but not sure weather you will like it or not , then this article is for you..
This windows 8 transformation pack give you a great preview on how your win8 will look like.
I have using it for more than a month on my laptop and had even tried on different version of windows and now i can say that this transformation pack is very stable ,safe and 100 % working .
If you don’t know what version of windows you are using just like on the my computer icon and select properties. Currently we are working with academics from Glasgow University to help us create great games that will both entertain and educate.
Designed in collaboration with Psychologists at the University of Glasgow to target the needs and abilities of 0 - 18 month old infants.
Babies will find the high contrast face fascinating and entertaining, perfect for long or short journeys! A very common complaint for Windows 8 Metro apps is that they sometimes stop working under most VPN connections.
Despite the plethora of new VPN APIs, an open question remains as to whether WinRT Win8.1 apps will work by default on VPNs. An open question is whether or not Scanner OEM apps written by device manufacturers will be supported in Windows 8.1.
One of the big limitations of Win8 WinRT apps is their lack of ability to interact with connected and built-in devices unless previously exposed by WinRT.
The new USB namespace is quite verbose so I’ve highlighted only what I felt is the most self explanatory API.
Windows 8 developers hoping to author an alternative PDF viewer Metro app were in for quite a shock. Windows 8.1 Introduces a ProjectionManager class that allows developers to listen to projection display changes and provide multiple displays with their own unique views. It’s possible we’ll see Win8.1 WinRT tablets sporting screens with much higher DPI then Apple’s retina even going all the way up to “4k” resolution. The existing 180% scaling supports 240DPI in WQHD resolution, so it’s reasonable to assume that 225% scaling would support 300DPI and even higher values.
There are new Win8.1 APIs introduced to support “Low Lag Cameras” which could indicate Microsoft is expecting HDR capable cameras in WinRT Tablets. As we can see this API will allow developers to take multiple low lag images in sequence which is a prerequisite to HDR custom stitching algorithms.
The way Metro apps are launched is often strongly associated  with major featuresets in WinRT.
With WIn8.1 apps can now register to be launched once the user leaves or enters a specific Geolocation area. Using the new AppointmentsProvider apps can add and manage additional meetings to the shared Win8.1 calendar. With the new AppointmentProvider the ability to show the built-in calendar and individually ask the user to add, replace or launch appointments from it. Windows 8 apps that integrated text-to-speech capabilities needed to use a web-based TTS service. As we can see above Win8.1’s text-to-speech API supports iterating over installed voicces, choosing a voice to speak, using either plain text or SSML and getting back a SpeechSynthesisStream. The KnownFolders class provides WinRT apps access to many windows folders such as music, pictures, documents and others.
For example, the following code snippet successfully adds a new playlist to the Xbox Music app on Win8.1. Using the new Hub and HubSection controls we can easily build a UI like the zoomed out UI above.
And when we run this we can see how using the Hub and HubSection controls makes building Semantic Zoom enabled UIs much easier.
Win8 didn’t have any built-in XAML controls for DateTime selection, but did have those for WinJS.

In Win8 XAML apps, it required a lot of coding to add a custom settings screen or a “hover” flyout.
The core of this API is around creating a “Flyout” (whether it’s a MenuFlyout, SettingsFlyout or a custom Flyout).
XAML Databindings in WPF, Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 8 have additional features that didn’t exist for Win8 and have been backported to WIn8.1. Win8.1 will also introduce a DataTemplateSelector to support databinding lists to instances of multiple types and rendering different visuals for each type.
Here’s an example on how Win8.1 can help our app translate to non-latin numerical systems, format currencies and help print out numbers. As we can see each language and formatting algorithm has a certain amount of complexity to it. Media: When recording Audio, Video or Pictures developers can now set preferences such as Auto-focus, Capture Scene, Exposure, Flash, Iso speed, white balance and others. The article is written to share original research on the upcoming WinRT goodness with other developers.
Our Baby Look toys not only work as a developmental aid they are also a great way to entertain both you and your child on long journeys!
Microsoft recently announced that during June 2013’s BUILD conference a developer preview of Windows 8.1 will be released for download. VPNs are critical for many people including Iranian employees and remote dissidents (or is it “Iranian dissidents and remote employees”?).
It also supports VPN routing (what goes in the VPN connection and what doesn’t), multiple VPN authentication methods (username, password, pin, smart card, credentials and more) and support for VPN namespaces.
Those apps can be used to define a custom printing configuration within the Windows 8 “devices” charm. Developers can see current scanner configuration, set a few properties (auto cropping, color mode, contrast, resolution, etc) and get image files after scanning.
The tablet could duplicate the content on the TV, but it can’t choose to show one view for the TV and another view for the tablet screen. That’s 25% higher DPI that Microsoft expects to run on Win8.1 WinRT tablets then on Win8 WinRT tablets. There are many usecases this can be useful in, for example : keeping tabs that small children don’t stray too far, launching an app once entering a restaurant, etc. Essentially if a user gets a skype audio call under lock screen, you we want them to first unlock their tablet and then answer; we want them to just answer audio calls with a single tap. Using this functionality developers can integrate 3rd party calendars into the main Win8.1 calendar. That had the disadvantage of requiring a network connection and had some lag associated with it. In Win8.1 The list of accessible folders expanded to contain the playlists folders, saved pictures and camera roll.
Which either means it’s either just a plain-old-box-of-searching or it automatically hooks up to the Search Contract.
Win8.1 expands that list to support currencies, non-latin numerical systems and multiple numerical formatting functions. It’s likely that this control will support fully interactive, high-performance DirectX “islands” to be embedded in XAML pages. MediaStreamSource is the way WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone support custom media sources. That helps remove magic “http strings” from our code and make coding for REST services a lot easier. You’ll need to do some fancy security permission changes and then you’ll be able to copy “Microsoft.WinJS” folders. It’s fair to assume it’ll be heavily gated by permissions, but it’s still a great feature that opens up new avenues for Win8.1 apps. In digital cameras users first see a thumbnail preview of the image being taken, they then click the “take picture” button and finally they see the final picture. In Win8.1 the list of activation types in WinRT has been expanded to include lock screen calls, appointments provider, contacts provider and geolocation launching. Next apps need to register additional instances of the GeoFence class with a center point and a radius around that point.

The AppointmentsProvider functionality launches the app asking for appointments in a specific time-frame. Microsoft seem to have recognized that trend and provided developers with an inline SearchBox control.
Either way in-app searching without using the Search Charm will be a big UX boost for most users. In Win8.1 we’ll see new XAML controls to help bridge that gap and make building hover flyouts and settings flyouts easier. IconElement can be practically anything: Images, XAML markup paths, built-in symbols or any font glyph. Each of those formatting options sounds simple before you consider the cross-cultural complexity so it’s great to see Microsoft supporting those out of the box.
I do not have and never had any pre-release access to WIndows 8.1 provided to me by Microsoft or anyone else.
These “leaked” images allows us to get a sneak preview of the featuresets that’ll be announced in BUILD conference.
Scanners weren’t usable in Metro apps and the scanner manufacturers couldn’t hook into the Win8 “devices” charm.
That’s why it’s great to see Windows 8.1 introduces built-in support for all apps to render PDF documents. In windows 8 Metro apps were spectacularly single screened and only had one single active view. The final picture is often different from the thumbnail preview as cameras need a few hundred milliseconds to actually take pictures. Just the CurrencyFormatter alone is sure to be used by any Win8.1 app that has in-app purchase enabled for multiple markets.
Win8 didn’t support MediaStreamSource instead asking developers to build C++ Media Foundation plugins. It seems that in Windows 8.1 developers can opt-in to create additional alternate views for projection displays.
That time between clicking the “take picture” button and the time the picture is actually taken is called “camera lag”. Another interesting open question is why limit GeoFencing to circular areas and not rectangular areas? Most cellphones and tablets have greater lag then other digital cameras as they don’t have a physical camera shutter. Low lag cameras are essential for HDR as we can’t have too much time between capturing photos or stitching them won’t be feasible.
RfComm is comparable to TCP in that TCP communicates between two WLAN enabled devices and RfComm is communicates between two bluetooth capable devices. RfComm can be used with the majority of bluetooth devices even if those don’t expose their own developer APIs and services. The aforementioned GattCharacteristicUuids class mentions a lot of those supported devices. Starting from generic Magnetic card reader support with direct access to reading Track1-4 data.
Overall it seems like a great magnetic card reader API that’ll support everything from store cards, bank cards, AAMVA cards and any custom 3rd party magnetic cards. For those who are unaware “Smart cards” is a generic name for cards with integrated circuits that help uniquely identify cards. Some well known smart cards include credit cards, debit cards, employee cards, public transit payment cards and more.
As anyone with a bank card knows challenging users for pin codes is quite useful in real-world scenarios.

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