April 7, 2014 Pin3K Share22 +18 Tweet23 StumbleToday’s book list comes with a twist! Since Ana is all about design and I am all about books and reading, it seemed natural that our first project be a homemade book. Ana designed the project and you can find her step by step instructions at Babble Dabble Do.
This was a fun project for us, and a great way to build literacy and storytelling skills, as well as show how writing is fun and not a worksheet-oriented chore. Be sure to pop (pun) over to Ana’s blog to see my additional three recommendations for pop-up books you and your kids will enjoy. Popville is a rather amazing little book from the French team, Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud. Yesterday was one of those busy days where you realise that what you have to do won’t necessarily fit into the time you have to get things done in. Tobes came in half way through Ollie and I working on the scales and was asking whether he could make his own teddy like the one he’d seen in one of my sewing books. About 5 minutes had passed and he was doing something on the other side of the table that I couldn’t quite see. He needed a bit of help cutting the fabric as it was quite thick and although my children’s scissors are quite sharp (I sharpen them so they are) this fabric for his 5 year old hands was still a bit tough. After the back was cut I’d finished with Ollie and his theory so I could then help Tobes and Hubbie could get back to cooking the roast. Tobes chose buttons as eyes which we sewed on together and then he drew a chalk line for the smile.
Once he’d finished the back stitched smile he pinned both fabrics together and started sewing around the edge. We had to stop to eat our delicious roast dinner that Hubbie had cooked us all so here was the teddy at that point. There was a bath and hair wash after dinner but Tobes was determined that he would finish his teddy before bed.
Tobes really enjoyed stuffing the teddy and after he’d sewn the hole up he was finished! His independence and belief in himself leads him to start projects without waiting for help and he has a huge problem solving ability to make sure he gets what he wants done.
In a rush to get ready for school one morning, I put a plain pink shirt on my 5 year old without consulting her opinion or really even showing it to her.

I pulled four plain shirts out of her drawer and put them aside, not wanting to make that mistake again anytime soon. But I’ve never done any type of iron-on art before and was not confident with just following the directions on the package. It was very simple and fast to complete, once I made sure I had the right side of the letters facing up.
Avery loves her new shirts and I suspect I’ll be buying more iron on letters in the future. Marketing Mama® features articles on parenting as a working mom, health, family activities, cool products, my two adorable children and sometimes I even talk about marketing.
New Jersey mom was arrested for child endangerment after she took her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning salon, where the child received severe burns all over her body.
The child’s kindergarten teacher called cops after she noticed the painful burns when the girl arrived to school. Now her mother, Patricia Krentcil, 44, is facing felony charges for allegedly sneaking her daughter into the tanning booth. Krentcil’s daughter apparently received enough of the radiation to burn her skin and leave her with painful damage, police say. Employees at the tanning salon in Nutley, New Jersey, didn’t realize Krentcil had brought her daughter into the stand-up tanning booth. He’s not too much into crafting these days, but he does like storytelling and I wanted that to be the focus for him. These days he is enamored with Star Wars, and I fully admit that working on this book craft with him was much needed change of pace from reading the gazillion and one Star Wars easy readers that he insists on checking out of the library every week.
He had fun scribbling out a few of his favorite Star Wars icons for the pop up pictures and labelled them. We have been reciting Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky every night and New Kid is a little obsessed with what happens to the Jubjub Bird and the Bandersnatch so I suggested he write his own poem. I never would have done it had it not been for the gentle shove from Ana, so I’m quite grateful to her for the special time my son and I had together. It’s a very, very large book and although each page contains primarily lift the flaps rather than true pop-ups, the oversized nature of the book makes you feel as if the birds are flying up at you. I just wanted to let you know that I am linking to this post at Simply Creative Kids on May 12th if you don’t mind.
Our walk was scrapped in favour of cooking the leg of lamb and so we all settled around the kitchen table to work on our various projects that needed working on.

I said I thought it was a fab idea but that I was still working with Ollie but once I’d finished I would be free to help him.
Either he was being very impatient or he just didn’t think he actually needed any help but he went into the workroom and came back with his chosen fabric. Daddy came to the rescue though and after cutting the green fabric out Tobes chose the backing fabric and had Daddy helping to pin the template ready to cut.
We talked about not sewing too close to the edge as the stitch would just make the fabric fray. I told her she better rush back to her room and pick out something else she wants right away. A few days later, we were at Michael’s craft store and some iron on letters by SEI caught my eye.
The video also suggests pressing the iron on the back side of the shirt, too, which was a bonus tip not on the original directions. Art and design superstar Ana of Babble Dabble Do and I are starting a BOOK ART collaboration and our first project is pop-up books. This is Monday after all, so I must include a book list, but you’ll have to head over to Ana’s blog to get the rest of the list! By the time we started the second book he was exhausted from handwriting so I wrote the words he dictated.
While you’re over at Babble Dabble Do, be sure to poke around because she has some amazingly wonderful art projects that you can do at home, although I think my all time favorite project of hers is this constellation geoboard. As a group of animals read stories about other creatures reading stories, the books grow smaller and smaller until there is simply no room left and they must start all over again. On each subsequent page more buildings, trees, electric poles, and other trappings of civilization are added and the end result is a lovely little town.
My sons’ favorite spread is one with eggs in relative sizes, which when lifted reveal pop-ups of the bird that would hatch from it. What’s unusual in this pop-up is that the pages are all cut out, so the original building on the opening page remains part of the ever growing community. The authors also have a forest themed book and an ocean book that will be released later this year.

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