Netflix is now supported on more than 1,500 different devices and while the best viewing experience is, arguably, on the largest possible screen, the company is now making it even easier for mobile users to binge-watch shows. From Wednesday morning (PT) the iOS app will begin auto-playing the next episode of the show a user is watching, encouraging them to stay within the app for longer. Jaffe also revealed more updates on the way later this year for both the iOS and Android apps.
Netflix is conscious that mobile users may be conscious about burning through their data plans. Jaffe said the Netflix application usually has a bias to give you the highest-quality experience — but that can obviously use up a lot of data if users are on the go and not connected to WiFi. So later this year (Jaffe couldn’t give an exact date) Netflix is improving the settings so users can more effectively manage their mobile data usage. Netflix also has a new update on the way for people who watch Netflix on their TV sets, but have a second screen like a phone or tablet close to hand. Later this year (again, no exact date,) Chromecast users who use their phone to beam Netflix onto their TV sets will see auto-generated information about the actors in the TV shows or movies they are watching on their phones. The update will begin on Android and Chromecast, with iOS and other systems and gaming consoles that use the smartphone to control the TV set to follow.
Right as the Internet was aflutter with news of Netflix's secret categories last week, a browser tool called Super Browse was released to make viewing them a whole lot easier.

Super Browse, a Google Chrome extension and Firefox add-on, adds a new link up at the top of the Netflix homepage to the left of the "Browse" menu.
The secret category "Movies for ages 8 to 10" brought up with the help of Super BrowseThe secret categories are used by Netflix to produce recommendations for users based on their viewing history, Netflix spokesperson Marlee Tart told Mashable via email.
Replace the "###" with a number code to access the specific genre you want, like 561 for Movies for Ages 8 to 10, or 11146 for Anime Action. Netflix also produces original content for its streaming service, such as House of Cards and the fourth season of Arrested Development. In Muppets Most Wanted, Nadya stops Kermit from escaping The Gulag and says he should give up because she has a Netflix account with search keywords "prison escape". Marvel and Netflix have revealed the official logo for the upcoming Daredevil series that will debut on the streaming video network as the first of several original series that will unfold in Marvel’s live-action universe.
The logo for the Netflix series will certainly look a little familiar to comic fans, as it appears to borrow heavily from the branding on the character’s modern comic-book series. Images that previously took a while to load will also theoretically appear a lot faster. They can choose whether to allow HD streaming or not and there will be a data saving mode, which will use lower bit-rate videos. Hover over "Super Browse" and it brings up a searchable list of all of Netflix's secret categories organized alphabetically.

With the extension and the add-on, perusing these categories is as easy as clicking and scrolling.
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Their DVD video rental service offers many commercially available Muppet and Jim Henson home video releases to US customers, and their "watch instantly" on-demand video streaming service has offered many Muppet titles for viewing on-demand; including several episodes and titles not available on DVD or other platforms.
The companies also announced that the full cast of the series will make their debut together at this year’s New York Comic Con. Marvel will be giving out posters featuring production concept art from the series, signed by acclaimed artist (and Marvel CCO) Joe Quesada during the event. Casting or production schedules for any of the series beyond Daredevil haven’t been announced at this point. The Chrome and Firefox versions are identical, although the Firefox add-on is still in beta. Goddard wrote the first two episodes of the series, which is expected to premiere in May 2015.

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