It assists you to play smart by minimizing your investment and increases your winning rates. This 2 month I striked 4D Jackpot Prizes more than 5 time already after join in your 4D Jackpot Pooling Team.
Unbelievable yesterday I striked Magnum 4D Jackpot 3014 - 7804 yesterday, almost strike Jackpot 1 & Jackpot 2 and won more than RM 10 Million !!! Bank-in your RM2,680 into our CIMB bank account: 8007599022 (Victory Fortune Enterprise) by Cash Deposit Machine or cimbclicks.
If you have been playing the 4 Digit lottery game(number selections from 0000-9999) without much success and looking for that little bit of knowledge that can lead you to success, then you have come to the right place.
Yes, it was thrilling to get your hands on those fancy softwares and gadgets but still there is limited success with only more money spent buying such systems or softwares. Systems and softwares can provide you with a strategy and key decisions about the number you should play to increase your chances of winning not necessarily winning it. There is no system , software or strategy in the world that will give you less than 3 numbers to play and you expect to win from it.
If you are playing your numbers only in direct way without boxing it, then be prepared to wait for years before you win anything unless you are such a lucky person of course.
In order to stand a chance to win in every draw or every week, then your playing style must also be dynamic and you must ensure that you play numbers according to some pattern or trends not playing the same numbers year after year. So all that said, is there a way that can make you a winner in pick 4 or 4D lottery games ?
For example, the Base number that I identify this week is 0127.  This number is the Base Number. This 4 set of 3D numbers must be combined with one more digit or X factor that i call it in order for you to get the numbers that you should play for the week. The numbers derived from the BnX formula is geared and aimed towards winning a top prize while the free AABC tips for Malaysia and Singapore are aimed towards all category of prizes. I hope that you enjoyed reading my thoughts on winning the pick 4 or 4D with strategy and please visit my site often as i will keep on posting new ideas or thoughts related to winning the pick 4 and lottery . If you play 3D & 4D or just starting to find out playing, you may want to try out this NOW, and you will be very pleased with the results it brings. I bet RM9 Small and RM11 Big "8292" in Magnum, and I striked 1st Prize and won total cash RM59,000!!! Bank-in your payment into our CIMB bank account: 8007599022 (Victory Fortune Enterprise) by Cash Deposit Machine or cimbclicks. After confirmation of your payment, we will inform you your 2 hours One-to-One Coaching and Training Session according to our schedule.
For the users that purchase by credit card, you can download the system directly here after the payment made. Overall Digit StatisticsTotal number of times each of the individual digits from 0 to 9 has been drawn, irrespective of position, since 01 Jan 1990. Miraclesuit Shapewear Women’s Lovely in Lace Torsette 2731 Go for casual-chic style by pairing this Miraclesuit Shapewear Lovely in Lace Torsette 2731 with your favorite jeans.
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Won the consolation prize with straight number from your accurate forecast hot tips, thank Master. I just attend your 4d formula course, after 1 week, I already striked straight number in special prize, that's amazing and great!
Just after 2 draws, I hit the straight number again at starter prize, with double number xx55. This October I won the straight numbers in 2 draws continously again, this time included the Top Prize, 2nd prize!!! Hi Sifu Goh, your 4D forecast formula really work, I have hit the straight number once I study the upgraded formula from you. Thank for your prediction system let me hit the 3rd prize Big prize this time, I feel very happy and confidence the system will bring more Big Prize to me soon.
I striked the conoslation prize 5811 for your super hot number, this is my 1st striked straight number in this year, thank a lot! This times I striked again 2 straight numbers in same draw that forecasted through the system, this is very fantastic! I won 2 straight numbers again in same draw after won 2 straight number at previous draw!!! I won 4945 mbox Second prize in Magnum and 4457 special prize box in Toto at same draw from your super hot numbers, total I won RM9,125, thank a lot! Hi Master, this time I won 2 straight triple numbers just at earlier of May, 6656 and 9444, thank again!
Hi Master, just want to inform you this time I won the First Prize after I won few time of special and consolation prizes.
Apply the double number formula and get know the 22 double number will come out, at the next draw I striked 2 straight numbers, 1228 & 4223, that is great! The forecast 4D Numbers that you given let me won the speical prize in direct number, thank a lot! Once I participate your 4D training course and purchase the 4D software, I immediately striked 2 straight numbers in Magnum in same draw!

Thank for your Superb Hot Tips Number again and this time I striked Second Prize in Toto, this is fantastic!
This year chinese new year I striked 2 prizes in Magnum in same day same draw, what the good start for me in this Goat Year! I won the triple number 3000 with your 4D triple number formula in the Magnum club consolation prize! Hi Master Goh, thank for your Super Hot Number SMS service, I have won the straight number 9800 in consolation prize, that is great! Once participate your 4d formula course and apply the formula to predict the number, I have striked 3 straight numbers in 2 draws!!!
And the mid of this October, I won again 2 straight numbers, Third Prize 5059 & special Prize! Just over the October, I already won 2 straight number, included Third Prize by the upgraded formula & method, that's very fantastic! Thank for the hot numbers that you gave me on 17 August 2014, I won FIRST Prize on that day! After participate your 4d foundation course, then at the next coming draw, I won the FIRST PRIZE I-bet in Damacai club.
Thank for your hot tips number 2466, I had bet RM12 ibet on Damacai that day and won total RM3,504!!! My february winning results, and this time I have striked 2 straight numbers in 1 draw, that's fantastic!
I won the second prize and consolation prize at same day at Toto by the hot numbers you provided to me, x159! I wish to say thank you to SureKena Team because you let me striked the Toto straight & i-perm number in consolation prize. Hit 6715 2nd prize direct & box number after subscribe your Super Hot Number SMS service, thank!
Just purchase the 2.0 New Version 4D software and attend the coaching, and at the next race, I hit the 1st prize!!! This is my winning ticket on this month, my 4d winning record of this year non stop increasing! Proven & Tested SureKena 4D Jackpot Online Prediction System & Formula Book Is Available Now !!! With its powerful functions and analysis tools, it fits the way you want to analyse and pick your winning numbers.
The first pair numbers all struck the top prize but unfortunately the 1 of the second pair of numbers miss 1 number to strike, bought 6708 but open 9708, just miss to win anout total 200 Thoudsand Ringgit!!!
The first pair numbers all struck the 1st prize but unfortunately the second pair of numbers miss to strike, if not I will win more than 20 Million Ringgit!!! Anyway I am happy to join your 4D Jackpot Pooling Team because at least I can enroll my money here to win the Jackpot prizes again and again.
Anyway i also very happy because this is 1st time i striked 4D jAckpot and won total RM 706.
I have striked Magnum 4d Jackpot 2nd Prize at 6 Dec 2009 since that day I took the Final Level course, within a month, I striked a pair number, 9998 and 2009 together in Magnum 4D Jackpot 2nd Prize on 6th Dec 2009, total winning is RM107,280.
The first 10 years of my playing strategy is just to play my personal numbers such as car plate number, my social security numbers, my national identification numbers, my house numbers and any other numbers that you can think of.
Since i knew programming, then i wrote my first software which generates random 4 digit numbers with a click of a button.
Then I spent money on countless e-books that promises you for the right strategy and so call claims that you can win in every draw that you participate. You need to be prepared to play at least 15 numbers in a box per draw way to have a realistic shot of winning more frequently. To get the numbers to played for this week, then the Base Number must be broken into the individual 3D combinations that made up 0127. But it will help you to win with a more effective system that is possible to get a winning number every week. This system will intelligently formulate winning combinations and only let you stake high chances winning numbers.
And I also striked 1 special prize and 2 consolation prizes this month, all are straight numbers! The information will be send to your email address within 12-hrs after receiving cleared funds. Go for casual-chic style by pairing this Miraclesuit Shapewear Sexy Sheer Shaping Bodybriefer 2783 with your favorite jeans. This month I have break my winning record and already striked more than 8 times straight number on this November!!! It is very easy to hit the 4D straight number with the unqiue and power formula & the software! I hit 2 straight numbers with double number xx00 in Magnum and Toto on the same draw, this is absolutely amazing!!!
Just attend the 4D training course and subscribe the 4D system, just after 1 week, I have hit 2 straight numbers continuously and included the Podium 2nd Prize as well! Although I did not bet much on the number, but I feel very happy after I striked the number, so waiting for you another 4d hot tips, thank again! But once I attend your superb 4D formula training and apply the formula by the prediction software, I striked the straight number by immediately, your method really powerful!

After attend the 4d Final Level course & subscribe the prediction software on this September, won FIRST PRIZE 1445 at Toto immediately! This year I have already won straight numbers more than 15 times by your great formula, I will try to break my record on this Year!!! Bet 7609-8290 but unfortunately open 3609-8290, anyway hope I will strike big prize soon through you software.
I won the Damacai 3D Jackpot FIRST Prize after attend your 3D Jackpot formula class and purchase the calculation software.
I have won total more than 30 straight numbers included 5 first prizes this year, thank you very much for your excellent formula and software!
I won the second time FIRST PRIZE again just after the next race by use your New System, I won total payment RM7,500 within 2 races! Now You can Increase Your Odds to Win more than RM1,000,000 from Magnum & Damacai & Toto 4D Jackpot Game !!! Anyway thank for your formula and system to help me win the number with easily, soon I will Win the Jackpot in 4D Jackpot game as well!
Anyway thank for your 4d online system provide the accurate numbers to me so now I got higher chance to win the 4D Jackpot Big prize.
Thank you for let me joined in your 4D Jackpot Pooling Team so I have opportunity to win the Jackpot number with yours. Your 4D jackpot system are very excellent, I think i can strike Jackpot 1 & Jackpot 2 very coming soon!!! The 4 Digit lottery game is known as Pick 4 in USA while in this part of region in Asia particularly in Malaysia and Singapore it is known as 4D game.
If you are playing the lottery the similar way right now, then be prepared to lost money because on average, if you do not box your numbers, then the chances are you will win once in every 2 or 3 years only. Years of experience and observation of the game gave me the idea to have my own number selection formula.
Every week, I will analyse the past patterns of the game anywhere from 3-6 months of previous history and come up with a suitable Base number to be played for that particular month week by week.
It Intelligently Improve your odds up to 70% winning chance, that means an average of 7 out of 10 times strike! I think I have break the Malaysia Records becuase I have won 5 times FIRST PRIZES & 30 times straight numbers this year through your system! So please make sure you have make your payment and confirm your placement in your coaching & training schedule. For outstation participants, please call us for your one-to-one coaching according your coaching schedule.
Now i have big confidence that your system can let me make good & consistent income in the future.
I have already earn the total profit more than the capital I invested & will invest in this year. So I bet the number with bigger amount and on that day, the number 8411 came out on SECOND PRIZE!
Thank for your excellent system & guidance again and I will continue use your system to generate the great income for me in the 4d game! I have extreme confidence to strike Jackpot 1 & Jackpot 2 with yours at the time coming soon.
I am very excited when I see the numbers were hit the 1st prize and special prize, that is so fantastic! I found it this system give me very precise, details and accurate straight 4D number and mbox number. The idea then was since the lottery is random, my randomly generated numbers from the software should help me to pick some winner.
If you want to play Malaysia Magnum, TOTO or Damacai, then please read on Malaysia 4D System and Strategy. In this site, you can find free predictions where I will suggest the base numbers you should play for the whole week for Pennsylvania Pick 4, New Jersey Pick 4, OHIO Pick 4, New York Pick 4 and Florida Pick 4. Haha~ Now I'm waiting your New Version 4D Online Software coming out which is more accurate system.
At the same draw I also striked 8683 consolation prize and after just pass 1 draw, I won consolation prize 4644 again, thank for your greatest formula! I will share with you my experience with this game and some usefull strategy that may help you to win every week.
My back test proven my theory that it is possible to get the correct base numbers that will produce a winner every week. So for USA pick 4 players, here is your chance to test the prediction and feedback to me whether it works or not.
Then the internet boomed with solutions for everything in life that this world had to offer. Let us share some information together and achieve our common aim of winning the state lotteries. You can find my free pick4 tips under the Category section for each of the respective state lotteries.

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