Stefan Fatsis is the author of Word Freak and A Few Seconds of Panic and is a panelist on Hang Up and Listen. The Olympic tournament and its subplots deepened a bigger-picture trend that began not with the feel-good 1999 United States team that won the World Cup but with the team that lost the 2011 tournament in Germany last summer.
The first generation of great American women soccer players evolved without the benefit of a league. First winner will have choice of rifle along with matching ammo and a defined amount of extras. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PHYSICAL TICKET BUT WILL BE ENTERED 1 TIME PER $10 TICKET PURCHASED! A loudmouthed athlete threatened to blow up her Q rating by picking a fight with someone paid to critique her team’s performance.

And when have viewers of a women’s sporting event reacted with the sort of jingoistic finger-pointing and name-calling that followed the United States’ 4-3 victory? But that was before women’s soccer had a deep worldwide player pool or broad international competition. Subsequent winners will get choice of remaining firearms with matching ammo and possible extras.
Just before the Olympics final, three of its teams announced plans for a new league in 2013.
For two decades, it’s been the case that despite the marketability and big-event love for players like Mia Hamm and Julie Foudy, and now Solo, Abby Wambach, and Alex Morgan, and for all of the clear social good that a team of diverse, tough, and talented women athletes offers to girls in need of role models and men in need of gender sensitivity training, the business model for a pro league might not yet exist. And Chastain, while perhaps subconsciously reluctant to boost the status of her successors, thereby diminishing her own, called it as she saw it.

A bunch of women played soccer, they did it with passion and skill and aggression and joy, they were good sports and bad, their performances were evaluated on their own terms, and a lot of people watched. Entry into the 12-team field was so competitive that two-time World Cup winner Germany didn’t even qualify.
During the final against Japan, she seemed to avoid praising Solo, whose two remarkable saves bailed out the United States in a game in which they were outplayed.
Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati, in an interview with Sports Illustrated soccer writer Grant Wahl, was circumspect.

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