TweetEmailThe only time I’ve ever played the lottery is when the Powerball pot gets to be astronomical and my co-workers pool together some money to buy a few tickets together (this was several years ago). That being said, a lot of people still play, knowing full well they’ll probably never win. Ken Proxmire won $1M in the Michigan lottery, immediately moved to California and into the car business with his brother and was bankrupt in five years. Willie Hurt won $3.1M in 1989 and was broke two years later and charged with murder, having spent all the money on a divorce and crack cocaine.
Charles Riddle won $1M in 1975, he then got divorced, was sued, and indicted for selling cocaine. Janite Lee won $18M in 1993 in the Missouri lottery, did a lot more good with her many than anyone else on this list, but was bankrupt eight years later. Hopefully these stories have scared you away from the lottery… because even if you win, you lose. Anecdotes about six lottery winners who lost all their money is not proof that the lottery is bad. Going to a casino usually costs an entire day of travel and involves sitting in a dark, loud, smokey room.
People who spend too much money on lottery tickets, just like people who squander all their winnings, have other problems, and while the lottery may facilitate these problems, it is not bad in and of itself. Winning the lottery is not a curse any more than getting your paycheck at the end of the week is a curse. Stupidity, ignorance, frivolousness, and materialism are the self-imposed curses that the majority of lottery winners suffer. If your first chance is zero, and you double your chance by playing a second time, then your second chance is zero as well. Best gambling game I’ve ever played was the one you put in $1 and get four quarters out. Just read all of the comments and as a weekly lottery player- I found many of the comments here to be superficially jugdemental. Ultimately, everyone has a view on what they deem a waste of money- the lottery is no different. If the chances of winning are so low or almost impossible , how did a guy in this article win large amounts 5 times in a few years?? Here is a stat; About 1500 people win over a million every year which averages to about 3-4 people a day. I think it’s a great way to let people have a dream and have some fun while at the same time donating to education. Hey, I am kinda young but I get that the scratch off ones are actually better if you want to win something because all the ones for 1 dollar at Giant have multiple prizes and like a grand prize and stuff and I went over to my friends house for Odyssey of the Mind (look it up if you want) and I saw he had some lotto tickets (5) and they were the one dollar kind and I saw that he already won like 40 something dollars so if you want to enjoy winning and you are fine with not being filthy rich and do not want to take the risk of going bankrupt then try the 1 dollar scratch offs. Awesome now if only my parents would have followed your advice I wouldn’t have to play this no win game! Imagine turning on the local news to discover that the winning lottery numbers match those on your ticket. Picking the right numbers for lotteries will determine whether or not you win in a certain lottery.
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The hard facts are in and it does seem that people want to play the lottery more than ever before.
For most people playing the lottery is fairly easy and cheap and does put you into a position that could possibly change your whole life if you hit the lotto jackpot. There is nothing secret to improving your odds to win the lottery, it all depends on your strategy applied. If you have now decided to change the way you play the lottery, then you have taken the first step. Are top choice is the same as the poll results show, Lotto Guy Lottery System is head and shoulder ahead of all other systems when it comes to improved winning success. The whole point is, if you really want to win the lottery easier, you must play smarter and make the switch over to a better playing strategy there simply is no other way! Did you know one out of three people are trying to win the lottery, but the sad fact is, they have no clue how to improve their chances. We all have it in us to stay focused on something we want bad enough, we just need a little push and some real guidance to get started, that is what this article is intended to do for you!
First off, here is list of some items that will not help you much in the way of improving your winning success.
Playing lottery quick picks: Really this is a very poor way to play the lottery, will not give you good winning results. Picking random lottery numbers out of thin air: This is what most lottery players assume is a good enough strategy, sorry this is not a strategy at all! Using lucky numbers, horoscope numbers, birth-dates, home addresses and so on are all very commonly used methods to pick lottery numbers.
If you are a person who is serious about improving their odds to win at playing the lottery, then stop using silly tactics that have been around for ages and have been proven to be of little value, when it comes to winning the lottery. As you can plainly see for yourself in the above poll, the top voted on winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy System which is a pattern analysis system, not a past drawn numbers type system.
The main thing when using any system is to stick with it and remember just because it is a system that does not mean you will win guaranteed. I know personally know plenty of lottery players who spend a fortune on their lottery games every year and never seem to win much at all, time to play smarter. The good news is that you can play the lottery much better with a proven lottery system and get real lottery winning profits much easier. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is so good at producing winning lottery numbers it generally only takes a few lottery tickets to get good results.
It’s a fact that most lottery winners use a lottery system to boost their chances of winning the lottery.
It is time to change the way you play the lottery and start using a strategy rather than quick picks or pulling lottery numbers out of the air blindly.
Ok, you understand why you need to use a lottery system to win the lottery, but there is another problem, which system out of the many do you use? Once you find a good legit real winning system, you stick with it, do not jump from system to system. Now you should be well enough informed to keep playing your lottery games and have a much higher chance to win more frequently!
I am going to tell you how to win big in the lotto, so you do not have to waste your time and money, trying to find a good winning lotto system. Just to set you on track, here is an example of wanting to win something and following through, as in you winning the lottery. You can see that real lottery winners voted mostly for the Lotto Guy Lottery System as it actually wins lottery games. Here is are review on the Formula 1 Lotto System which makes some bold lottery winning claims, but are they true! We did some very in-depth investigation to see who really owns this Formula 1 Lotto System. The system already has a very bad reputation as people, or users of the system report that it is basically a copycat lotto software system which has been proven a very poor winning lottery system, all general material and all free online. Marketers are getting very sneaky, trying to sell more and more of these kinds of phony lottery systems to make some fast cash. The Lottery Circle System is a lottery software system very similar to all other lottery systems being sold, just the name is different and the selling advertisements is different.
Let’s take a look at the 2012 best winning lottery system poll results, to see where the Lottery Circle System placed.
The Lottery Circle System was developed by Ace Lee, who says he came up with the system idea as he worked as a Store Clerk selling lottery tickets and talked to a few winners. How to win the Lotto 649 jackpot is not impossible if you play the way real lottery winners recommend. Most Canadians usually play Lotto 649 by simply getting a few quick pick lotto tickets, which seriously is a very hard way to win. A good rule to follow, is never just focus on winning the 649 jackpot, as there is lots of money to be made by just hitting the smaller to medium cash prizes more consistently.
Bottom line is, do not waste your money and time playing with senseless strategies or silly systems, that sound to good to be true, but never win you a dime. GA lottery offers players seven lotto games  as Georgia FIVE, Midday Georgia FIVE, Fantasy 5, Win For Life, Decades Of Dollars however, Georgia’s biggest lottery games are Georgia Mega Millions and Georgia Powerball. The best way to play and actually win the Georgia lottery games, is to pick a game to play and stick with only that particular GA lotto game. Unlike most lottery wheeling systems, Smart Play Lotto Wheels were designed by true professionals and all the wheels had to go through real life testing before they made the Smart Play cut. Smart Play Lotto Wheels are the highest recommended lottery wheels for playing and winning the Georgia Lottery games.
If you want a consistent lotto winning results playing your lottery games, you have to invest the time to learn and analyze the game you are playing, meaning do you have a choice of lottery games to play and if so, choose the one with the best odds to win. For a beginner generally a good system to use is an easy, but highly effective lottery wheeling system, which are very hard to find as most are generally useless.
Make use of the time you have to get to know your lotto systems and do not expect to win right off the bat.

MS WindowsTM that supports all lotteries with as many as 10 regular numbers and up to 3 bonuses.
Full version includes all wheeling tables, databases, e-mail alerts with latest results, print functions, help file and support. With wheeling tables, you 'wheel' the numbers you select into predefined ticket combinations. To install Win A Lotto, run the above file, winalot.exe from MS Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP or compatible. To uninstall Win A Lotto, select 'Control Panel : Add or Remove Programs' from your Windows Operating System. In fact the prize is so large the winner will automatically be placed in Forbes infamous rich list. In a first of its kind, Lottoland has been awarded a five-year license by the Northern Territory Racing Commission to open online gambling in international lotteries. There's a small catch any Australian winners will be charged tax as an American citizen would.
A new marketing campaign managed by destination NSW will hopefully increase overnight visitors to the South Coast during quieter periods. There's been numerous reports of distressed dogs being left in hot cars over the past 48 hours. Fisheries have charged 8 people for taking above the legal limits of prawns from Lake Wollumboola in Culburra Beach. On my website, I give away the free lottery system Lonnis used to win his $15 million jackpot.
Outside of a few scratch off tickets for grins and giggles, I avoid lotteries unless they’re for local charities. Well, I’m going to back up that bit of advice with proof, beyond the obvious, of why the lottery is bad and what you should be doing instead.
You are more likely to get struck by a lightening bolt while sitting in your car parked in the back of a jumbo-jet than you are to win the lottery.
His former girlfriend sued for a part of the prize, his brother hired a hit man to try to kill him, and he was duped into investing in several businesses that failed. If you were to put that in the stock market, earning a conservative 5% a year (let’s ignore this last year), you would have $60,345 after twenty years. Doubles your chances that are incredibly small in the first place, but you are still twice as likely to win! If someone was to offer you a large sum of money, would you really turn it down because “bad” things might happen? All that money I would be spending on diapers, clothes, crib and whatnot, I’m using for my chance of winning and I still got left to save. Also, my creditors will not take to kindly of waiting 30 – 40 years for my investments to mature. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
This rise in lottery players is no doubt due to the poor economy these days and this can be verified by the increase in lottery jackpot worldwide. The sad thing is, most people who play the lottery really do not understand how to play to increase their chances to win, they are just relying on sheer luck, sorry that method is super poor at winning any lottery game.
No strategy will equal no winnings and this is how the majority of people play the lottery. Now the second step is to find yourself a good real tested and proven winning lottery system. This is due to the system being a real lottery system designed to hit small to med prizes easier, while still increasing your odds to win the lottery jackpot. Playing the lottery to win is just like anything else you want to succeed in doing, you must first learn about what you are doing, how to improve what you are trying to do, then be patient and stay with it. Simply getting a few lottery quick pick tickets for each lotto draw is not going to improve your chances to win the lottery, it really is just a waste of time. Again these methods are in no way a strategy, they are no better than lottery quick picks or plain old random lottery numbers. Time to learn better more advanced ways to play the lottery, the same ways real lottery experts play and do win much more frequently. Then we have a top winning lottery wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which is totally different than a pattern analysis type system, then the third best and so on. Lottery systems are only special tools designed for trying to increase your chances to win. Just a couple of months back I talked about some lotto players who spend up to an incredible $1,000 per lottery draw and never even seem to win their money back or break even. Most lottery systems being sold are just gimmicks to earn the seller money, they do not win lottery games. Just think about the amount of times you won anything playing the lottery versus the amount you lost playing the lottery. You must use a system or what we call a lottery system to better your chances or simply keep losing big time. This is the big key to really winning the lottery, so here is a top lottery system review site that will show you verified real proof of which systems are worth using or not worth using.
Finding a good system to win the lottery in an ocean full of fake or useless systems, especially lotto software systems, is really like trying to find a needle in a hay-stake, it’s dam hard!
Did you know that USA President Barack Obama spent 21 months and raised over $600 million to invest in a proven and tested political campaign strategy for his successful race to the White House? There simply is no other system in the whole world that can match the winning potential of his great system. The Formula 1 Lotto System sales page says the system created by a 67 year old MIT Professor that took 27 years to perfect YA RIGHT! The sales page says it was developed by Professor Glen Hooke, but the system when checked out, has been found to be owned by a common marketer selling other useless products through click-bank. As you can see below the Winning System users voted as the best winning system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. So if all the other lottery software systems are basically the same, they all must have also worked as Store Clerks and came up with the exact same type system, what are the odds on that! This is the smart way to play and top lottery experts have been revealing this information for the first time. The first system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System which also works great for Western Lotto 649, Lotto Max, BC Lotto 649, Loto Quebec 49, Lotto 649 Ontario, Atlantic Lotto 649 and is gaining more and more respect for winning these lottery games. I could give you a crap load of lottery tips that would help increase your chances to win a little more, but these lotto tips added up together, will still not give you better winning lotto 649 results than a proven effective lottery system and that’s a solid fact! To kick up your winning lotto odds to hit more winning lottery numbers playing Lotto 649, upgrade to a good strategy and stick with it, you will be amazed at the success you will receive, but of course this is up to you to decide, my job is only to inform you, class dismissed! These two huge lottery games regularly have jackpots in the very high millions of dollars and are a favorite lottery games to play by many. A recommendation on how to pick which game to play is, pick the game that has the best odds already to win. Each wheel has won a major lottery game more than once and many report great winning results, using these very effective, very easy to use wheels for all Pick 5 and Pick 6 Georgia Lottery games. Trying to win a lottery game as Georgia FIVE using standard issue strategies like, random lottery numbers, Birth-Dates, Lucky numbers and so on, will seriously get you no where winning the lottery. Instant lotto winnings may be possible for some as a fluke or a bit of lottery luck, but it is not something you can count on and has a very small chance of actually happening to you!
This is your starting point to obtain a big lottery jackpot win or at least very good winnings. Luckily you have found our article and we can advise you on which lottery wheeling systems actually work. Systems as the Lotto Guy system are designed to consistently increase your win rates as you play consistently every lotto draw.
If you were to go to a casino, the worst games you could play give the house an edge of around 25% (Keno, Big Wheel).
Enter your email address and click "Subscribe." Your email will only be used for this daily subscription and you can unsubscribe anytime. Buying a ticket here and there is not a terrible thing, not knowing how to handle it when you actually win is a totally different thing. You will never hear a person who just won 250 million dollars say bad things about the lottery. You must realize playing the lottery is gambling and experts know to win better at any form of gambling, you need to find a strategy to increase your chances at winning, this is the same for the lottery.
We advise you to use a good strategy (Lottery System) if you are really wanting to succeed, if do not care then just continue playing as you do now. The best way we can show you what lottery systems are working well, or not working well to win lottery games is to view the latest best lottery system poll, then choose a good system that received high votes and just stick with that system. Poll votes tell you the truth and the truth is most lottery systems are not as good as they claim to be, usually just money making gimmicks, so always go with what real users vote as best system that worked for them, you then simply cannot go wrong. You need to use much more than just a few lottery quick picks, or some lucky horoscope lottery numbers to really succeed. Experts at anything do much better than none experts, that is why you must follow as they do, it just makes sense and possible big dollars as in big lottery winnings!

I will show a recent poll showing which lottery systems real lottery winners voted as best systems to use, you then just pick a system and stick with it, do not jump from system to system, a big mistake made again by very impatient lottery players. We recommend using one of the top two winning systems, pushing towards the Smart Play System if you are a beginner to playing the lottery using a system, as it is very easy to use, yet very effective, but again the decision is up to you.
These lotto player did not use any type of proven system, just quick picks and random lottery numbers, which is the Wrong Way To Play The Lottery! At the moment this system is dirt cheap at under $20, but as more and more lottery winners claim their good lottery results do to this awesome system, the cost will likely go up, so get it soon, use it, it is the real deal! We all have looked back and wondered how much money we have spent playing the lottery and thought about quitting, yet that desire to win the jackpot is very strong indeed, so we play on. The more you increase your odds to win, you also increase your chances at hitting the lottery jackpot, which would change your whole life for the better. They will even show you testimonials that say the system won them big money, but the truth of the matter is, most all testimonials are found to be false, not real, just there to pull you into buying the system that wins nothing. I have been there and done that, falling for silly lottery systems that make big promises but deliver squat!
Testimonials, false reviews, fake photos, can all fool you into thinking a lottery system works to win lotto when it does not, poll on the other hand are solid proof, they tell you the real truth! If this were actually true, It would be all over the lottery review sites etc, this is just a fake silly scenario used to sell what we find as a very useless system. Both of these real winning lottery systems are reported as best winning lotto systems in the world.
The Lottery Circle System is developed and sold by Ace Lee, who also sells many other lottery systems he owns and as an affiliate seller. The Lottery Circle Software Prediction system placed second and the Lottery Audit System placed third. We know Many people like to pick their lottery numbers using common arithmetical sequences, or sometimes arranging numbers in vertical lines, or diagonal lines, or even clusters.
How do you explain lottery winners hitting a lotto 649 jackpot or any lottery game jackpot more than once, by just pure luck? We have seen many winning lottery tickets won by using this excellent lottery system and we do recommend it. Then you will have to change your playing strategy, to a much more effective lotto winning strategy used for the the Georgia Lottery games.
Lottery wheels are found online everywhere for free, but the free wheels are just useless non proven wheels, they do not win lottery games, that’s why they are free! Good winning lottery wheels are extremely hard to find, as 95% of the lotto wheels out there are just made up very quickly by hand, or by random generating software systems, which shady marketers or lottery system sellers sell for a fast buck.
It would be like trying to dig for gold without a shovel, as compared to digging for gold using a shovel, you see what I mean? The absolute best lotto wheeling system for all Pick 5 and Pick 6 lottery games is Smart Play Lotto wheels. The AVERAGE WINNER SPENDS about $150 DOLLERS a YEAR on lotto tickets not $1825 like the article suggests. For many people playing the lottery is their only real hope at getting a large amount of money to retire. The strategy or tool that lottery experts tell you to use is a system or lottery system designed to improve your chances to win easier.
Most people will not adhere to this strategy as they simply are too impatient and cannot stay focused.
You need to use real proven lottery winning strategy, or what is also called a lottery system and some serious lottery winning tips to make it all come together. Play smart when trying to win the lottery follow what works, avoid what does not work, more winning success will be yours! Buying a camera is a low price investment compared to the actual cost of film you need for it. There are a couple and I do mean only a couple of legit reputable tested and proven lottery systems that really work to win lotto games. What you need to see is real proof of which lottery systems work or do not work to win the lottery, this can only be revealed by user or real lottery winners voting on a lottery system or lottery systems by poll results. It has helped many average Joe’s and Jane’s like yourself win big in the lotto and should be your next smart way to play! You will not win any lottery game with this system and you will not get a guaranteed full refund, as was reported by the many people who were sucked in by this shady system. Glen Hooke better take his Formula 1 Lotto System off the market before the FTC shuts him down like a few other well known shady systems. I want to point out that all of these systems Ace Lee sells including his own systems are really nothing special and most have been reported by many as false or fake systems that win nothing.
That would mean basically you really cannot lose using the system, but what, what about all the people who have tested this Lottery Circle System and failed to win anything?
If Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle System works soooooo great, where is all his big winning tickets?
The winner Lotto Guy System received 83% of the winning votes, the Lottery Circle System received 7% of the winning votes, so if Ace Lee’s claims of a win rate of 96% were actually the truth, I think the Lottery Circle System would have placed much higher, but it did NOT!
Also you must be aware that these systems such as Lottery Circle System state a guaranteed refunds, do not fall for this, as it is rarely honored as reported by many who have purchased the system.
Again, these types of tried and tested strategies will not work very well to win 649 lottery.
The next highly reported winning system for Lotto 649 is Smart Play Lotto Wheels, a top lottery wheeling system that boosts your odds to win very well. There are ONLY a few lottery systems in the world, that are well proven to increase your chances to win these GA lotto games. ONLY use the verified winning lottery wheeling systems like Smart Play, then you know you have the good stuff!
Even if you were to stick it in an online savings account at only 2% (and if it were to stay at 2%), you would still have $110,233 after forty years.
The better film shots you get… the less wastage from blurry photos, cut-off heads, red-eye, missing body parts etc. The best winning real lottery system in the world for all Pick 5 and Pick 6 lotto games is the Lotto Guy Lottery System it’s a proven winning system verified by many users and poll results. If we were smart, we would play like lottery winners who know how to increase their odds to win right?
Now you will get directed to real winning lottery systems, that real lottery winners use and recommend. We find almost all lottery systems that are sold through Click Bank are just false systems, just money making gimmicks hyped-up and sold by misleading Marketers looking to get rich of of you! The truth is professional lottery winners use lottery systems to dramatically increase their odds to win. We are going to highly recommend one of these main winning systems, based on a few items as ease of use and over-all effectiveness! If you already like to use lottery wheeling systems, you are going to love using Smart Play Lotto Wheels.
If you are a little more advanced lotto player who has a little more time to play, you may want to use a top winning system as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, classified as the best winning system in the world and can even be used along with a good wheeling system as Smart Play to really explode your lottery winning success. Because, like playing the lottery, it is an ENTRY cost that is need to be done. Without it, maybe Barack Obama would have lost forever the chance to become the most powerful leader on earth.
Ace Lee is a known shady Marketer who sells as an affiliat,e even the gambling and lottery systems reported as Scams! Bottom line is the Lottery Circle system is a very common type software system that gives you past drawn lotto numbers for your particular lotto game. Will they hit the big 649 jackpot? Many have, most will come close many times over, but no jackpot win. This information is actually free for all at lottery statistic websites, same place Ace Lee ands other lottery software sellers get their material from.
This is where we can show you which systems are actually winning the Lotto 649, even systems that do very good at winning Lotto Max. If you are a beginner to playing the Lotto 649, this system winning very easy to use wheeling system is especially recommended for you. The better the lottery system works, the less you pay for your lottery tickets as you will usually win more with it. The system most people voted for as it won them money was the Lotto Guy Lottery System taking most of the votes, hows that for solid proof of a true winning system.
Instead, play the SMART way by using a proven lottery system like the 2013 best winning lottery system in the world! Take a look at this lottery Article on the Lottery Circle System, then scroll down to the many users of the system and their comments about it.
Even though this past drawn number frequency info is free, it still will not give you a 96% win rate, try at best about 2% or maybe as high as 3% win rate, that it!
Lottery software systems such as Lottery Circle are really not lottery systems, they are just information to be used with real lottery systems, so do not be fooled!

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