The Illinois State Lottery was formed way back in 1974 and is run by the Illinois government.
Illinoisa€™ premier lottery the Illinois Lotto is drawn 3 time per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 21.22 local time.
February 1983 saw the very first draw of the Illinois Lotto, 9 years after the State Lottery was first formed. The Lotto matrix has been changed at various times over the years which we will write about in a bit more detail below.
There are other cash prizes to be won too, if you match either 5 of the numbers drawn, 4 numbers or even just 3. You must be 18 years of age to be eligible to purchase a ticket for any of the Ill Lottery games including the Illinois Lotto. The very first Illinois Lottery tickets went on sale in July 1974 and the first draw took place in August that year. August 1990 saw the Illinois Lotto expanded to twice-weekly drawings which were held on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.
The overall odds of you winning any prize in the Illinois Lotto are a very reasonable 1 in just 32. The IL Lotterya€™s very first million dollar lottery winner was a lady called Irene Halley who struck lucky in October 1974.
For prizes worth up to $600, you can collect your Illinois Lottery winnings in cash from any lottery retailer. If you play lottery online however, you need not be concerened with any of the above information as you accredited lottery ticket sales company - such as TheLotter - will take care of all these details for you. WANT THE LATEST GREATEST ON ILLINOIS NEWS, VIEWS, LIST AND INFOGRAPHICS WITHOUT THE ADVERTISING? Five residents won prizes ranging from $1 million to $5 million in recent weeks, and a Powerball frenzy has boosted program revenues. Last week, Danny Cevallos, a legal analyst for CNN, wrote an article headlined “The jaw-dropping hypocrisy of the Powerball.” Cevallos decried how government justifies its laws banning private gambling, while running its own gambling casinos in the form of lotteries. Cevallos’ article sparked a question or two in my belly, and I took a peek at the financial performance of the Illinois Lottery as disclosed in the state’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
This practice is interesting in light of how the state and its retirement plans manage the investments backing woefully-underfunded employee retirement obligations.
This can lead to some curious incentives, under the “Prudent Person Rule” governing investment management in Illinois law.
The Illinois Lottery Daily games, like the Pick 3 and Pick 4, and the Jackpot games, like Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto and Lucky Day Lotto, are purely games of chance. There are no “special” strategies you can use to pick numbers that will increase your odds – despite what you read online.
Even the number of winning tickets in a roll is often pre-determined to avoid long losing streaks.

A conscious effort is made to produce “almost win” tickets where, for example, a card will have three out of four of the matching symbols needed, which will encourage players to purchase another card or come back sooner to play again. A story in Wired Magazine explains how a geological statistician living in Toronto, Mohan Srivastava, discovered a pattern to how the tickets were printed. Building on tip #1, the odds are better if instead of buying one ticket every day for a week, you spend the same amount and buy 7 tickets at one time. This isn’t about improving your odds necessarily, except that after scratching off 10, 15, or 20 tickets, it’s easy to miss matching symbols or numbers. If you do nothing else, at least be sure to check the appropriate website to see which games still have top prizes available.
Now to really improve your odds, let’s do a little math (there’s a spreadsheet at the end to make it easy). We start with a simple concept: When tickets are sold and prizes won, the odds of winning change. For example, if a game has sold many tickets, all or nearly all the top prizes could have already been won, so the odds of you winning that $1 million went from very small to virtually zero to perhaps zero if all the top prizes have been claimed. Again, simplifying the math for the example, let’s say 50% of the tickets have been sold but only 25% of the prizes have been claimed. The World Class Millions scratch-off game is giving out more than $140 million in prizes with the Grand Prize being $15 million.
To generate a reasonable estimate, the spreadsheet uses the estimated tickets sold of the lowest prize amount because this gives us the largest sample size and will be more accurate than the numbers with fewer prizes. Column I automatically takes the estimated tickets sold and subtracts from total tickets printed to get the estimated remaining tickets.
In our example, you can see that the odds for most of the higher prize amounts have moved slightly in our favor, especially for the $1,000, $500, and $40 prizes. Bottom line, don’t just walk into a store and purchase a few random tickets, unless you really don’t care and just want to have fun.
Note, this is a Google Doc so you won’t risk getting viruses or other crap you get if you download strange files or those ending in .exe.
A weekly report of strategies and tips for winning the lottery, plus an analysis of what numbers are overdue and best combinations you should pick.
The Mega Millions consortium a€“ who administer the MEGA MILLIONS game a€“ and the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) a€“ who administer the POWERBALL game a€“ have entered into an historic cross-sales agreement across the USA.
The state is actually paying winners again, after paying in scrip amidst recent budget difficulties. Cevallos noted how the government benefits from monopoly power for its lotteries, which provide ridiculously low odds of winning while raking in cash. The program’s prizes lead, in some cases, to longer-term obligations the state reports as liabilities.
The Illinois Teachers Retirement Plan, for example, is heavily invested in common stocks and private equity. And after last year’s Illinois Supreme Court decision guaranteeing retirement benefits, pension obligations have become certain things as well.

The law calls for pension plan assets to be managed solely in the interest of plan beneficiaries. But you can bank on this: To improve your odds of winning the Illinois Lottery, you need to purchase more tickets. Lottery drawings are a game of chance because the numbers are drawn randomly – without human intervention. If you buy a new ticket from a different roll, the pool of losing tickets is much larger and your chances of getting a winning ticket goes down.
If you see a prolonged losing streak from a specific roll, your chances of getting a winning ticket increase because scratch-off tickets are sold with a guaranteed number of winners and losers in each pack.
Sometimes in your favor, represented by a green bold number, and sometimes against you, represented by a red number. All US Lotteries that previously sold MEGA MILLIONS tickets can now ALSO sell POWERBALL tickets. The priority of this program for state finances was underscored in another recent development, as CNN has reported that the state is paying winners even as students are not receiving promised state aid.
Yet the lottery payments are backed by close-to-risk-free investments, while the pensions are backed by risky ones. The stock market downturn in the last few months has now amplified the social consequences of the pressing crisis in Illinois state and local government finances. Instant Game tickets are not random because a human being must determine how many total tickets to print, how many will be winning tickets and for what amounts, and how the winning tickets are dispersed geographically. But a slight move in your direction can help and a few times, you’ll find significant swings that can make a worthwhile difference. This is a number not provided by the website, but it’s critical in determining how the odds have changed. This means that with effect from January 31st 2010 a€“ in addition to the existing MEGA MILLIONS a€“ USA Lottery players in Illinois will now ALSO be able to buy lottery tickets for the POWERBALL. At 27 percent, the implied “profit margin” qualifies as an enviable result for any monopolist.
But given that the benefits are now guaranteed under the Illinois state constitution, plan beneficiaries have different preferences about how risky their investments are. All of these decisions are carefully crafted to maximize excitement and to draw players in and keep them playing.
Treasury Bonds, which are purchased and then segregated from other state investments (and cash).

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