Springfield Training is a renowned centre of business excellence, supporting and collaborating with organisations locally, regionally, and nationally to provide outstanding Leadership & Management Education and Training. We work with small businesses, large corporate organisations and public sector bodies through education, consultancy and research. Whether you're a small business, a larger organisation or a public sector body looking to develop your staff, or wishing to tap into our research expertise, we have an established track record of knowledge and services, translating research, experience and knowledge into practice. For current and aspiring team leaders, supervisors, middle, departmental or senior managers and small business owners.
We also provide bespoke programmes, matched to your specific needs, as well as providing individual leadership and management performance coaching, profiling and development.

Markets Development Association members have undertaken an Institute of Leadership & Management Level 5 Award in Understanding Social Enterprise. The eight local residents are participating courtesy of a £5,000 community grant from the Housing Executive.
In addition to this, we are involved at government level to influence policy makers, business & skills agendas. Springfield Training provides established and effective training programmes ranging from one-day short courses, through to nationally recognised qualifications. Financial assistance in the form of community grants is available to help resident and community groups carry out projects that will encourage volunteering, social enterprise or working with us and other statutory agencies.

The remaining arch would be opened up and transformed into a public realm, providing access to Lanyon Place and vice versa.

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