The Diplomas are unique academic programmes that allows experienced executives to undertake high-level professional development and gain a postgraduate Oxford qualification whilst performing a senior-level role. Innovate in your organisational interventions: a theoretically informed and practically grounded approach to dealing with change in organisations. The Corporate Affairs Academy has been developed to help you as a Corporate Affairs Director keep reputation at the top of your company’s agenda. With the transition to a group leadership role you will be facing distinctive leadership challenges. Our dedicated team design, develop, and deliver bespoke leadership programmes for major commercial, public, and third sector clients around the world. This part-time programme is designed to equip global project managers with the skills to further their career while delivering real value to sponsoring organisations.

This 21 day programme is designed to expose senior leaders to the latest thinking in general management and leadership practice, and help transform their own leadership approach. Said Business School and the Chicago Booth School of Business have joined forces to launch this unique programme to teach, apply and discuss Corporate and Investment Valuation. A world leading management development programme for the most senior person in the organisation holding ultimate responsibility for IT strategy. Learn more about our unique resources of Oxford University and specialists to create programmes that provide outstanding and real benefits for individuals and organisations alike. A A We sell Decra Roofing Systems - the world's number one & original stone coated steel roofing systems from New Zealand, Malaysia, Hungary, USA + BP- Building Products of Canada Corp.
A Other types of shingles, such as those made from timber, are expensive roofing systems because of their need to be installed over a plywood deck.

Preserving it for the FutureA More than 50 years of research and development has gone into Decra Heritage Tiles.
A The Heritage roofing panel is pressure formed from steel, seven tile impressions are formed horizontally in one panel.

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