Now that the Inland Revenue plays a much wider role in society it must inform major stakeholders, crucially the public, what this new role involves. At its most basic level, the Revenue's Core Purpose, or reason for being, is to ensure that 'everyone contributes to the UK's needs'. Market research carried out by the Inland Revenue highlighted the type of service and communications that consumers expect. These are the department's Core Traits which advise how staff should behave with each other and with customers in all mediums. Subscribe to our newsletter for current business news including lesson plans and activity ideas. If you learnt more about Getting the message across - the importance of good communications from this HMRC case study, why not share it with others?
This page and contents, ©2016 Business Case Studies, is intended to be viewed online and may not be printed. Any customer who has dealt with a customer service representative who lacks effective oral communication skills or conversational English skills has undoubtedly found it frustrating. There is a tangible benefit or loss for organizations based on their overall level of oral communication competency. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Although we all have heard about the importance of nonverbal communication in business and in life it's important to remember that nonverbal communication is essential in the process because of its impact. The communication processes has two parts, one being the language, the other being the nonverbal communication. The use of the nonverbal correctly and intelligently suggests that the sender of a message is actually sending a complete message as opposed to an incomplete message. Assuming you really weren't fine, just sad, the recipients of your message would understand that you are going through hard times but wouldn't press you with unwanted attention. In my job, as I'm sure it can be said for most professions, workers will utilize both methods of communicating at the same time.

When communicating with customers it's not always the language that sells the product or service it's often the circumstances around the language, or the nonverbal language.
Ironically, often these same nonverbal cues which are spoken to a customer are simultaneously being delivered to supervisors who interpret the communication in a completely different light. Great article I can always tell when my kids are upset about something just by their facial expressions. By paying tax and receiving tax credits, child benefit (and soon child trust fund) we are able to contribute to society and to receive our entitlements. Internal oral communication can be defined as the language and verbal exchanges within a company.
Customer service representatives, sales staff and any front-line workers must be well versed in oral communication, and it is essential for them to speak the native language fluently.
Not only are basic language skills required for the interaction, advanced language skills may be required to translate technical knowledge into layman's terms. However, if that person cannot translate the idea into words his or her colleagues can understand, the idea is useless. Efficiency can be enhanced if instructions do not need to be repeated because communication was complete the first time.
It replaces, reinforces, or contradicts a verbal message and it always affects your communication skills? If you were sad but didn't want to bother your coworkers or friends with your issues they might recognize your emotions through nonverbal communication, such as facial expressions, but you would tell them that you were fine and they didn't have to worry.
Employees will often professionalize their voices using vocalics around colleagues, superiors, and customers in an attempt to emphasize their professional demeanor. Often people use nonverbal communication not to communicate directly but to emphasize their language. To them an employee who uses all methods of communication including nonverbal methods is viewed as an intelligent person in control of his or her life and a valued asset to the business culture. For the individual employee, effective oral communication is necessary to be a good manager because a good manager must relay instructions and interact with junior employees.

Customers want to communicate their needs to these employees; they may need a certain product or question answered. If a person does manage to get his or her idea out, but his or her communication is so poor the idea is misinterpreted and dismissed, both the company and the individual lose out. This increases productivity and creates a culture of understanding, in which employees can foster new ideas because they know the company values communication and sharing information.
Because body language is not a precise term or exclusive for effective communication we use the term nonverbal communication because this form includes all the additional forms of communication we wish to achieve but cannot convey through our voices alone. The use of hand gestures, touch, odor, and repetition among many other forms help to reinforce a message trying to be conveyed. Without well-defined oral communication skills, a worker will not likely advance in his or her career and may even be terminated.
Oral communication is also valuable to the employee while speaking with his or her superiors.
If the employee does not understand or cannot effectively communicate the right information the customer, that customer may take his or her business elsewhere. For example, internally, communication with an engineer or product specialist may require an in-depth discussion to discuss a new product. Around customers and superiors employees will wear their finer clothes and maintain a well groomed appearance to communicate their personal and professional standards.
If the employee cannot communicate effectively, his or her needs may go unnoticed and he or she may be blamed for miscommunication and not following instructions. This information must then be translated into the language a salesperson or manager can understand--they may not care about how it works but rather about the benefits they can tell consumers about. If an organization does not have employees with a well-defined skill set for oral communication, loss of productivity, along with internal confusion, can be a problem.

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