To communicate appropriately the BSA sometimes acts as a 'hub', providing information to government, regulators or the media. New technology enables building societies to reach their audiences efficiently and quickly. The e-newsletter is a monthly online update of news, views, statistics and events information. Below are external web links provided by Building Societies Association in relation to their business activities. Subscribe to our newsletter for current business news including lesson plans and activity ideas. If you learnt more about The importance of effective communication from this Building Societies Association case study, why not share it with others? This page and contents, ©2016 Business Case Studies, is intended to be viewed online and may not be printed.
As a resource management, sometimes I have to contact freelancer from Proz or via email to handle our urgent translation project.
At the same time, I think the effective communication between the colleagues is also important. Take myself for an example, before one of our PM has an urgent translation project, she asked me to contact some freelancers who can take this project, of course, that is my duty. After this matter, I’ve got to know if we get more communication before, we won’t be waste time doing seemingly things.
I will use CCJK Technologies in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for language translation services.
Iridium wished to extend its product range with a miniature radio transceiver module that enabled third-party developers to connect their products to the global Iridium satellite network.
The module also needed to present simple interfaces to Iridium product developers, so that it could be readily integrated into their products.
To achieve the stringent performance requirements, two new custom ASICs were developed to significantly increase the level of electronic integration. In addition, advanced digital signal processing was incorporated that performed the radio modulation and demodulation with ultra-low power consumption.
The 9602 was highly successful in satisfying its requirements in a reliable manner that maintained the exemplary robustness and reliability upon which Iridium has made its name. The project resulted in a matchbox-sized two-way radio transceiver module that provides communication from anywhere on the globe with a path to the sky. The aggressive timeline was met by employing extensive simulation and modelling to retire risk early in the development, avoiding issues during regulatory approval and introduction to manufacture.

The product has been met with excitement from a broad range of sectors including: automotive, maritime, aviation, construction, oil, gas, mining, utilities, public safety, transport and, most notably, through the radical cost reduction, consumer.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Other times it acts as a 'rim', providing sector-wide information (both examples of parts of the 'wheel' network). That is to say the effective communication is an essential part of our daily life and work. The module had to meet harsh cost, size and power consumption requirements, necessary for mass-market adoption in markets such as machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, asset tracking and data logging. This integration allowed the 9602 to be miniaturised to fit into the palm of the hand - a revolutionary form factor in the mobile satellite market. The result is the smallest commercial satellite transceiver in the world, which achieves its tiny size without compromise in performance. As such, the 9602 is supporting important global initiatives such as smart energy management, M2M communication, environmental monitoring, location-based services and disaster management.
Within a year of launch, over 100 value-added manufacturers signed partnership agreements to integrate the 9602 module into their products, such as the DeLorme InReach two-way emergency communicator. Through this communication you can find your ultimate earnings per click or monthly gross earnings increasing by a substantial %age.This panel is not about just advertisers improve their communication with publishers but also about how publishers can influence their advertiser partners to feel comfortable enough to share custom information. From each of your perspectives what information should be shared when an advertiser and publisher are first getting to learn about each other? Publishers need to be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors, showing the value of their product and how they drive sales differently and better. The website has key areas aimed at groups such as consumers, the media and its own members. So through this thing, I can see that effective communication can make the individual team members more effective, make people produce significant increase in speed and efficiency. While the first thing we getting to know each other are just through communication, while the effective communication will be the beginning of a long and pleasant business association.
Here, first I have to explain that I had not the good place, because I didn’t ask her which translators she has contacted to avoid contacting the same person. The high or low benefit of the company is the direct reflection of the efficiency of company members. In her previous position as National Promotions Manager at Own Your Power Communications, Miss Brantley managed a team of 5 volunteers and creating geo-targeted campaigns to increase event attendance for OYP events and seminars.

Although there are many reasons for influencing the working efficiency of members, the effective communication is one of the most important factors. Unfortunately, I’ve contacted the same person who has received the email from the PM before.
Dannielle has been an integral part of the adoption and growth of the Pay-Per-Call channel within the LinkShare Network and has realized an average MOM revenue growth of 67% for that channel in 2010. Miss Brantley has a BS in Business Psychology from Polytechnic University and an MBA in Media Management from the Metropolitan College of NY.
Stephanie- What do you consider when applying for or accepting new programs within a network?Stephanie  We accept all programs for 3 month launch.
If we have a harmonious relationship with others, I believe we can help each other, support each other, and in the work hope everybody together, for the company to create the higher benefit.
She is MRA Certified in Market Research and is currently working towards a Digital Certificate in Marketing from the New York University Continuing Education Program.Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sylvia is a seasoned marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience.
If the campaign does not prove to be successful by then, we then need to figure out why is not resonating with our customers: Possible challenges for new campaigns: Compelling creative?Competitive payment terms? She has proven competencies in managing complex teams and formulating long-term strategic account plans for business-to business, business-to-consumer and non-profit organizations.
She currently oversees the Affiliate and Lead Generation team at AREA203 Digital, leading them to more effective marketing projects and positioning the agency’s affiliate team as one of the top performing affiliate management teams nationwide.Stephanie is an avid Badgers and Packers fan! As a loyalty site, we need to be able to provide cash back to our customers in a timely manner. Our program integrations are simple, meaning that we can set up new programs in the same day than an offer has been accepted.
Originally from Madison, she left Wisconsin to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she attained a double degree in Psychology and Advertising. So, it sounds like it’s really important that both parties come to the table knowledgeable about their business, so they can focus on how they can work together to further their partnership. They don’t have to immediately expose all of their capabilities, but should avoid providing too little information. Stephanie works on campaign optimization with her new programs, always looking for new and innovative ways to grow her merchant’s sales and acquire new customers. These positive ROIs can also be attributed to open communication between Stephanie and her program managers.

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