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This video presentation is part of the Health Promotion Seminar Series offered by de Souza Institute and the Community Health Nurses Initiatives Group (CHNIG) of the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario. In this article you’ll discover how to use your audience insights from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to improve your social media marketing.
The summary shows the number of times you’ve tweeted, tweet impressions, followers and profile visits. If you scroll down, you can see summaries from previous months so you can compare and track your progress. If you want to see more detailed analytics for your profile, click on View All Tweet Activity. On the right side of the page is an overview of your engagement rate, link clicks, retweets, favorites and replies. The 28-day range is the default setting, but you can change it to a more specific or broader range of dates.
Below the main graph on this page is a breakdown of all of your tweets within the selected date range.
Facebook offers its own version of analytics called Facebook Insights (available after your page has received 30 likes).
For the time period you selected, you can also see net likes, which is the number of new likes minus unlikes and paid likes. Facebook also lets you know you where your page likes came from: on your page, an ad or sponsored story, a page suggestion or a mobile device. In the Reach section, you can see information on whether your Facebook posts are getting attention organically (people are finding your page on their own) or via paid ads. This section also will also show a breakdown of likes, comments and shares of your Facebook posts.
Social media has a significant impact on your search results, and a strong social presence can boost your search rankings. In this article you’ll discover five ways to use social media to improve your search rankings. Google used to put a high value on link building in their search rankings, no matter what quality of links you were building.
Links on social media are often considered higher-quality links, because social sites have a high web authority from the get-go.
It may sound obvious, but make sure that you include a working link to your website not only in your content, but also in every social profile you have. When it comes to link building within content, post content like new products or blog posts to your social profiles to encourage sharing. This interaction might be repinning pins, retweeting your content or sending you a tweet, placing reviews on Google+ or engaging with your posts on Facebook.
So, make sure you’re steadily gaining a solid base of followers that are interacting with you and your content, and encourage them to share, engage and interact with you. Pinterest is a great example of a social platform that makes your content both searchable and sharable. Many social accounts give you the option of keeping your content private, or relatively so.
When it comes to your business, you want all of your social accounts to be public, and you want all of your content to be searchable. For example, for your Facebook profile, you have the option to make your posts searchable in search engines. In your Facebook profile, enable the option to let search engines include your posts in search results.
Keywords are important for your website, blog and paid ad campaigns, so it should come as no surprise that keywords matter with your social content, too.
On Pinterest, a great way to rank higher in search engines is to use keywords in your pins or boards. Make sure your business has a local listing on Google+ and that you include your address and other pertinent information. Similarly, make sure that you have a list of locations or a map for your business on your Facebook page. Using social media as a marketing tool is highly valuable in its own right, but it can offer even more value when you leverage it to increase SEO. While some changes to SEO algorithms make it challenging to keep up with best practices, one thing that is clear is that social media can make a big impact on your search rankings. In this article I’ll explain how to use Instagram to drive big results for your business.
The only place where you can put a clickable link on Instagram is in your profile, below your bio description.
If you’re going to see any success with Instagram, you must use this link effectively. Include a website link on your profile, since it’s the only clickable link on Instagram. Want people to go to a specific product page for two weeks and then change it to a new product page after that?
On Instagram, Michael Kors shares images of products in environments familiar to their audience. Also, if your customers post photos with your products, share them as user-generated content (UGC).
Companies that don’t have tangible products to sell can still use Instagram to showcase their services. Even if you don’t have a specific product, showcase your services by taking creative photos and posting them on Instagram. If you travel for work, visit different branches of your company or even interact with people around town, and take photos of real-life encounters to showcase who you are.

Another way to add pizzazz to your Instagram photos is to put a text overlay on your image. Use a desktop tool like Photoshop or PowerPoint or a website like Canva or PicMonkey to create text overlays on your images before you upload them to Instagram.
Use the text overlay to list the price or options for a product, advertise a sale or limited-time offer or promote an event—whatever way you need to convey a clear message about your brand or service. The post caption, which is the first comment immediately underneath each Instagram post, is the comment you include during the upload process.
This valuable Instagram real estate should never be left blank and it should be as descriptive as necessary to complete the message.
Creative calls to action, like this one from Nordstrom, boost engagement and ultimately sales.
Whatever your call to action is, make sure it’s clear and of value to your followers.
To make the best use of your post captions and comments, include relevant hashtags on your Instagram posts. In every post, incorporate a mix of highly popular hashtags (those with hundreds of thousands or more images), moderately popular hashtags (those with thousands of images), less popular (those with fewer than 1,000 images) and your own custom hashtags.
Include a variety of relevant hashtags on your Instagram posts to maximize engagement on Instagram. In this article, I’ll share how you can adjust your Facebook tactics to make the most of news feed visibility today.
Find out how to format updates to get you the most visibility in Facebook’s news feed. Copy and paste a link into a Facebook status update, and Facebook automatically generates a link preview. Facebook has been running tests to determine which of these three ways to share a link is favored by users. American Eagle shared the link to their website and then uploaded a photo to promote their sale to go along with the update. The link goes to the website, but American Eagle created and uploaded the image specifically for the update’s link preview. Old Navy’s update would not register as a link shared in a caption, because there is no link. The latter type of headline, which is really more tease than value, is commonly known as click-bait. Facebook is looking at two key factors regarding links to external content to help determine whether a link may be click-bait: time spent at destination and user engagement.
The network is monitoring how long users spend at the destination URL before returning to Facebook.
Use Google Analytics to find out for yourself how long Facebook users spend on your pages after they click through. This update has enough information for a reader to make an informed decision about whether to click. Between the update text and the link preview, the reader has sufficient information to decide whether he or she wants to click through to this emotionally charged PSA—presumably about domestic violence involving children. The next day, Upworthy hosted the video on their own site, and promoted it on Facebook again. If most users are spending less than 30 seconds at the destination URL, the network may identify it as low-value content. Facebook is also now identifying whether something is click-bait by monitoring engagement with the update itself. Connie Clement  describes 10 principles for action on how public health and other community nurses can improve social determinants of health and advance health equity. You can measure your success in a variety of ways, ranging from the number of new followers to your most popular tweets.
Next to each number is an up or down arrow, representing the change over the previous period. The page that appears shows a helpful and informative graph that lets you see the number of impressions that your tweets have earned over the last 28 days. From here, you can see the number of impressions and engagements and the engagement rate for each tweet. Because it lets you see what content is working (what your audience likes) and what isn’t. Use this information to make improvements to your content and determine the best times to post. It lists page likes, post reach (the number of people who have seen impressions of a post) and engagement (the percentage of people who saw a post and liked, clicked, commented on or shared it). For each post, view metrics on reach, engagement (broken down into post clicks, likes, comments and shares) and if applicable, how much money you spent promoting the post. You can change the date range to see the total page likes for a certain range of dates or a particular date. This includes any unlikes your page has received, any posts people have chosen to hide and the number of times someone has reported your page or posts as spam.
When people figured this out and started manipulating rankings with fake or low-quality links to their site, Google started to focus on higher-quality links. In addition to increasing traffic to your site, it’s also highly valuable for link building. For example, you could create a relevant YouTube video for each blog post and embed it in the post, capitalizing on the high web authority to send traffic to your site and increase search rankings.
High-quality followers are real followers on your social channels, and a large percentage of them engage or interact with you in some form. Search engines look at social signals to find out how often you’re posting to your social media accounts, how many people interact with you and if there are social-sharing elements available to visitors to your site. On YouTube, you can have unlisted videos, and only people who have links to the videos can watch them.

To do this, go to your Facebook privacy settings and enable the option Do You Want Other Search Engines to Link to Your Timeline?, shown here. Encouraging sharing (including through methods like Facebook contests) is a great way to increase your search rankings.
Similarly, doing keyword research for YouTube videos can bring in traffic not only to your channel, but also to your website and blog if they’re listed in your profile.
Not only can it be helpful for social media, but it also makes it easier for customers to find you and check in. It can help you promote your products or services, get more leads and generate conversions. This could be your blog page, your product page, a custom landing page, a lead generation page or any other page on your website. It has to do with the process of having to select a browser when navigating away from Instagram. Instead of listing the full URL, get a Bitly or link that allows you to track clicks. That way, you can check the analytics for that specific link and get a real assessment of how much traffic you’re actually driving to your website from Instagram.
An image of a new necklace on a counter doesn’t convey the same feeling as a photo of someone wearing that same necklace with a coordinated, styled outfit. A reposting app will allow you to give the original user credit, while showing your audience how others enjoy your product. Take photos and videos of key employees, customer interactions or other related actions such as navigating your website. No matter how many subsequent comments are added, the original caption will always remain complete and visible beneath the post. Two recent changes should help you get more organic reach and lower your frustration level. Before I explain which format the Facebook algorithm likes best, let me take you through them. That preview includes a headline and a little blurb pulled from the destination URL, as well as an image pulled up from the link’s destination or one you upload. Once they discovered which type of link format their users click on most, Facebook decided to give that one better reach.
Facebook announced that this type of link would be given more competitive reach than the other two. Click-bait headlines have become increasingly popular for their ability to drive curiosity-based click-throughs. That being the case, the social network is actively trying to discourage marketers and news organizations from courting clicks with these types of headlines. The rationale is that if the content is valuable and worthy of greater organic reach, users will spend more time reading it. If this happens regularly, Facebook may determine that not just that link, but the Facebook page itself, is of low value, and consequently lower its average reach over time. However, the click-throughs you get will be motivated by genuine interest, not superficial curiosity. It also shows how many people clicked on your profile, favorited the tweet or retweeted it. This helps you refine your content strategy to post about topics that your followers care about. Not only will Facebook penalize you for fake likes, search engines like Google will punish you with lower rankings, too.
Pinterest allows secret boards, and Twitter gives you the option to have a private profile. If you’re running a contest and want people to opt in or register on your website, make this page the link in your Instagram profile. Therefore, when someone clicks on the link in your Instagram bio, Google Analytics records the traffic as direct, not a referral from Instagram. Take it a step further: put that person in an environment, such as at a party, with family, in a park or all of the above. While you’re allowed up to 2,200 characters in your Instagram caption, 200 to 300 characters is usually ideal. If you want people to call, email or visit your store, make that request clear in the message. Presumably, Old Navy knows that any potential customers who see this photo update can surmise the store’s URL on their own. It can and will drive clicks, because it promises the user a very short time investment before they know the big secret; it will take less than 30 seconds. As far as Facebook reach goes, you’re better off with a lower number of users who take the time to digest your content than you are with a higher number of users who quickly come and go. Then measure the monthly and overall percentage increases or decreases from the first column or month you started. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, but there’s rarely a situation where that many are needed. They bypassed having their reach reduced by opting not to include a clickable link in the caption. That may pique the reader’s curiosity enough to click through, but once they start watching and learn the nature of the video, they may not be compelled to stay on the site.
However, this is exactly the type of behavior that may raise red flags with Facebook and restrict your reach.

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