Learn exactly how you can learn and improve your English in an easier, faster and more motivating way.
For us, learners, it’s difficult to ask and answer questions in real time because we are not used to do it. To overcome this situation you just have to work English questions and answers until you feel at ease and confident. To improve your speaking level, the perfect and natural scenario would be to live in an English speaking country. If you can’t go to live in an English speaking country, like most of us, you still can do a very easy exercise on a daily basis that is going to help you to improve your speaking level. During more than 5 minutes I have been asking myself and answering back to myself a lot of questions.
I decided to stop here but you can keep going, asking and answering questions, as long as you want.
Instead of thinking of what to do in order to improve your English, try to do things that you like using the English language.
You are right when you say that if you are not sure that your questions and answers are correct then it’s a problem.

This exercise is made for asking and answering questions with structures and tenses that you already know and can use easily and quickly. It’s true that if you have a very basic level you first have to study how to ask and answer basic questions. If you give me some weeks I’ll try to write a post to help you about how we build basic questions in the main English tenses.
In the other hand if you don’t feel confident I recommend you to write down your questions and answers and then check if they are right. If you have a good level you can ask and answer difficult questions without even checking them. If you have a basic level you just ask and answer very basic questions and I recommend checking them until you feel confident.
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People can now join one of these classes and learn online English speaking and by just sitting at their home and following their teachers. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.

6-Some little practices are really helpful to improve English, such as reading English newspapers daily, teaching your kids yourself, reading your old English books of school, online chats in English and watching English TV channels. You can also do this exercise with another person and then you can try to correct each other. Due to the importance of English language people want to improve their English language skills. You should watch a movie again and again this will amazingly improve your English speaking and listening skills.
Usually people hesitate to speak English because they afraid that they will be laughed at due to mistakes. Listening English regularly will improve your listening skill even if you don’t listen carefully. Just imagine that the English language is a river in which you have fallen and you can’t swim, so you have to move your arms and legs to save your life.

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