Physical pain, emotional chaos - would it take a miracle for you to believe that God can make the impossible situations in your life possible?
A patient comes in with a possible diagnosis of an aggressive form of cancer, but the final x-ray reveals something unusual. Food costs keep increasing and the hungry will have to go to the farmlands to find affordable food. Those without bikes will have to beg in the streets for food, but there will not be enough available. Governments will become dysfunctional because they will not be able to support their employees.
It may seem like the LG phones that are operating on the Windows operating system need a miracle to be able to catch up in popularity to phones that run on the iOS or Android operating systems. There are not a lot of details known about the make-up of the phone, but a few things are known. The phone looks to be a nice phone, but certainly will not be among the higher-end phones like the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S III.

There have been no reports about the pricing of the device, although it would be a “miracle” if any provider tried to sell the device for more than about $99 with a two-year contract. I Need a Miracle, a four part message series, will introduce you to the evidence and point to the confidence to believe that God can overcome your impossible circumstance. Fourth-year student Singen Elliott is working on Lewis, a dog with a suspected breathing issue.
People too proud to beg will die of hunger because there will be no food stamps to help them survive. High food costs will make it impossible for people to survive without a good and decent job. It looks as if the LG Miracle will include a 4-inch WVGA multi-touch display with a 800×480 screen resolution. If reports are to be believed, the LG Miracle will include a 5-megapixel camera that has the capability of being able to record high definition video in 720p. Expect to see a formal announcement of the LG Miracle later in February at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

The problem is, when the docs try to get the dog to cough, they can’t seem to re-create the problem.
The device – which LG has not yet officially announced – will not run on the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, but instead will run on the Windows 7.5 operating system.
The device also is said to include a front-facing camera for video chat – a feature that seemingly is almost standard on the smartphones now being released. Fourth-year student Aziza Glass’ rotation in large-animal medicine has been fairly quiet, except for one vociferous miniature donkey named Leslie who is in for a general checkup.

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