Email list is up to 28 confirmed subscribers, which again, could be higher if I did a better job hustling with the promoting and marketing. This weekend I plan on creating a list of questions I can send out to all of the interviewees I’ve lined up thus far. By the way, if you guys have any questions you’d like to see answered in the ebook, just leave a comment with them. How do I gain credibility without having any professional or official training or education in the field I’m interested in?

As long as you have another breath and your heart finds its next beat, there’s always more. I’ve got an early morning workout tomorrow and then visiting family in the early afternoon. I spent a little over an hour writing a blog post (which you can read on Facebook here), but I did nothing else related to my project for the rest of the day.
Former Eurythmics legend, Dave Stewart produced the album at her home-studio, and also directed the documentary.

How amazing would it be to get experienced, successful creatives to answer your questions directly in the ebook? The film will screen at Austin, Texas’ South by Southwest Interactive, Film, and Music Festival Thursday, March 4.

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