When it comes to building credibility and influence, Nina Bhatti, founder of Kokko, Inc., is an inspiring role model. If you need to influence and motivate a team to get the job done but you lack the job title that commands their respect, here are six forms of influence that you could be taking greater advantage of. Jo is Founding Editor of Be Leaderly, CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching, Inc., and creator of the Women’s Leadership Coaching® system, a roadmap for women who want to break into leadership. Perhaps you approached someone you admire, and bravely asked that person to become your mentor. Our mission is to provide the career strategies that help you lead, climb and thrive as a rising woman of influence.
At Be Leaderly, our mission is a simple one: To provide proven career strategies that help you lead, climb, and thrive as a rising woman of influence.

Studies show about half the mercury that enters Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) comes from dental offices. One way to optimize your website for search engines, and subsequently improve your position in google search rankings, is to make sure your practice website does not have broken links.
Does your office staff get tired of fielding phone calls from the oral surgeon, endodontist, periodontist, etc. If so, maybe you need to speak to them about communicating through a HIPPA compliant, cloud based, referral system. If you are using an older web browser, part of our website may not function properly as designed. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today proposed standards under the Clean Water Act to help cut discharges of dental amalgam to the environment.

Mercury from amalgam can then make its way into the environment in a number of ways, including through discharge to water bodies. Contact with some microorganisms can help create methylmercury, a highly toxic form of mercury that builds up in fish, shellfish and fish-eating animals. Get started with these four ways to quickly gain influence and become known for driving value.
Mercury is discharged when dentists remove old fillings or remove excess amalgam when placing a new filling.

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