This classroom educational package includes a physical World and United States map mounted on a single spring roller assembly along with a 12" classroom reference globe.
World relief data is based on SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) data collected by NASA. The Brodhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited is supporting a Trout in the Classroom program at Swiftwater Intermediate School in Swiftwater, Pa for 2015.
The sixth grade students involved in the program learn about the need for cold, clean waters to support wild trout and their growth. To the many merchants, wandering armies, and adventurers of our ancient civilizations, the Silk Road served as an important communication link between cultures and economies. A labeled map that shows the route your artifact could have traveled from its place of origin to a logical destination along the Silk Road. Once you have drawn or been assigned the name of the country your team will represent, you need to start making preparations for your trip, display, and press conference. Labeled Map - Include elevations and whatever else you think an audience should know about the incredibly diverse geography of the Silk Route. Museum Logo Design - Use the World Cultures Graphic Organizer(Handout #2) to help guide your research on the culture, history, and geography of Xinjiang.

Your presentation  to the press should be 5 -10 minutes long and should include all the members of your team.
Your evaluators will be looking for a high-quality, informative display as well as an enthusiastic, well-prepared press conference.
Think about the process you went through to take this Silk Road project from the planning stages to the presentation.
An original informative or narrative (may be real or imagined) text that utilizes research and information from a variety of sources to develop the topic or story. As of early April, approximately 60 brook trout have hatched and reached 2+ inches in length.
They learn about optimal temperatures, flowing water, pollution and other factors that impact upon the growth of brook trout. Your team will consist of a historian, an archaeologist, an anthropologist, a cartographer, and a graphic designer.  Good luck with your research, display, presentation--and team work! Make sure that the artifacts you select from your country's past were crafted from materials available during or before the Han Dynasty . Whether you are looking at classroom design or some fun, thoughtful projects to do with your students you’re sure to be inspired here!

As promised, here are some pictures of a beautiful intermediate classroom at Southwood Elementary School! Today one can travel the Silk Road and still find evidence of the people, ideas, and goods that traveled and transformed its links. Refer to your Action Plan to make sure responsibilities and work load have been divided evenly. Do you see any evidence in your own culture of how trade influences change in how people think or act?
Emerson has created a very organized, very inviting classroom for her students and we felt we simply MUST share it with you! Choose one space to transform or one item to add (plants, lights, tables, etc) to start the process.

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