Our communications skills courses and personal effectiveness training courses provide the interpersonal skills that can make a huge impact in the way that you interact and perform at work. These training courses can also provide invaluable life skills that are transferable to your home as well as work life.
Today’s organisations are often re-structuring and widening employee responsibilities, and training is essential to fill skills gaps and enable individuals to tackle their new roles with confidence. Our communications skills courses and personal effectiveness training courses cover a wide range of subjects and are packed with up to date techniques and approaches that provide the skills,competencies and confidence you need to perform your best in the work place. We will also work with you to create a course that solves specific skills development need to meet your business and personal objectives. Please complete our Contact Us page if you wish to be kept informed of dates, cost and venues. Ever roll out a SharePoint implementation to be hit with a bombardment of requests for features and configurations? Errin O’Connor is a three time Microsoft SharePoint Author and the Founder and CEO of EPC Group, a firm which he founded in 1999.
Successful internal communication lies at the heart of any thriving organisation – it delivers information to the right people at the right time, it helps involve and motivate staff and makes a big contribution to effective internal communication, too.
Our one day internal communication courses are for anybody interested in shaping the communication culture of their organisation. This course, held in Malaysia, will help you analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your own internal communication and find practical, relevant ways forward.
Appreciate if you can email me some information about your company and the programs it offers. We’re consistently talking about the importance of being open, honest and transparent with your employees, and that is dependent on strong communication between leaders and employees, but how do you create that strong communication?
Internal communications can add value to your organization in a number of ways from making employees feel more secure in their positions, to helping them understand their place in the greater goals of your organization. But what happens when your employees simply aren’t reading your company’s internal communication? As with any type of communication, whether it’s designed for your employees or your customers, it needs to be content that’s compelling and serves a true purpose.

You spend a significant amount of resources designing communication for the outside world, so why not do the same for your internal efforts? Internal communication, just like external communication, often isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Internal communication can strengthen the entire foundation of your organization when you’re willing to put in the time to develop a strategy, adjust it when necessary and go through multiple channels to reach your employees.
Performance Management: New Directions in Appraisal and Evaluation – The Autodesk Case Study. We focus on intelligent information management, digital customer experience management and the emergence of social business tools and practices.
It provides lots of practical tips for improving the way in which people relate and process information.
It will introduce you to new ways of improving internal communication and will re-energise you in your quest for good communication! Yes, you want to have a strong line of communication between your organizational leaders and your employees, but everyone in today’s fast-paced world is in a time crunch.
In today’s workforce, employees often say they value being appreciated over even a higher salary, and internal communications are a great opportunity to put employees in the spotlight, congratulate them on a job well done and just really show that you do value everything they do for your organization. It’s important that before you begin disseminating communications to your employees, you have goals and metrics in place to track the progress of how effective the information you’re sending out truly is.
You may need to identify different segments in your workplace, particularly if your workforce is large, and then target your communication to these specific groups.
If you want to gauge how effective your communication is, and how well you’re reaching your employees with your intended message, utilize social media on an internal level. Today’s internal communication goes far beyond the printed employee newsletter, and employers have more avenues than ever to reach their employees. For example, if your goal is to improve transparency in your organization, you can take assessments of employees throughout the year to see how comfortable they feel with the level of honesty they think is being demonstrated.
Yes, you may want to have one monthly or quarterly newsletter that goes to every employee and offers a general overview of what’s happening in your organization, but you may also consider different types of communication and varying strategy based on department or other segments. This will allow you to have another channel of communication, and social media is also a valuable and inexpensive way to let your employees feel like they’re being heard, they’re “in the loop” and they’re part of important conversations happening.

If your goal is to get employees enrolled in a wellness program, obviously your goals can be related to sign-ups. If you’re not able to track how your message is faring amongst employees, you’re not going to have an idea of whether or not you should be shifting or altering your delivery. Quite a few… It is a much better practice for IT or the business owners of the SharePoint initiative to develop a communications and internal public relations plan for the organization so that you can steer the conversation and ultimate SharePoint roadmap in the right direction.
SharePoint Governance plays a part in nearly every item I have identified here within this methodology.
Formulating Your SharePoint Marketing and Public Relations Messages To help provide a bit of a head start on examples of SharePoint communication and PR messages that I have seen work well in the past, I have developed the graphic below to show how a message can correspond to a business need as well as a specific audience. As SharePoint matures, Business Intelligence (BI), expanded mobile use and enterprise content management (ECM) will be ever glaring issues and opportunities that must be addressed in your communication strategy. By keeping the pulse of the competency of your organization’s SharePoint user base you will have a more educated metric on how well certain new initiatives might fare for a designated department or set of users.
The graphic below is an example of how a phase one SharePoint’s competency model is going to be much greater in future phases.
You will need to improve your training, compliance and keep pushing the SharePoint communication’s snowball up the hill.
Don’t stop communicating to the users after a year when users are entrenched in SharePoint! You must continue to get your SharePoint power users communicating internal wins as well as identifying new opportunities where SharePoint can be used to continue to empower your users. This all must be done, in a perfect world of course, while keeping pace with governance, security and compliance in your message.

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