For College Tennis Coaches:College tennis coaches should obtain Tennis Performance Trainer (TPT) tennis fitness certification, which educates in 14 competencies needed to successfully train the tennis player for success on court.
International Tennis Performance Association (iTPA) is recognized by the Board of Certification, Inc. Summary: Experienced leader in the role of sales, event operations, and project management.
Fitness and Recreation Overview The need for skilled workers in fitness and recreation is greater than ever.
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Summary: High-energy employee, focused on promoting customer satisfaction through exceptional service. Summary: Versatile and creative administrative professional with excellent customer service and sales abilities. Mikhail DernakovskiDr.Mikhail Dernakovski is a founder and CEO of consulting company coaching Center Ltd.
Lene BredahlLene Bredahl has since 2002 been managing director of The NLP House in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Nadezda Doronina-KoltanNadezda Doronina-Koltan has been one of the founders of DAAR academy and the moment is the CEO, trainer and consultantin the DAAR academy in Lithunia. From 2012 she is the main trainer of Lithuanian Olympic Committee and has been training and coaching more than 800 Lithuanian athletes.
Reda Bendoraityte SinizbajevaReda Bendoraityte Sinizbajeva a business consultant and leading partner in Alliance4 company.
Redatrains companies in customer service, sales, team management, motivation, communication, public speaking questions. The pioneer and one of the leading trainers of Enneagram in the Russian speaking area, conducting trainings and professional certification courses on Coaching, NLP and Enneagram since 2006. The International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA) is designed to give you the tools you need to achieve greater success as a Christian Life Coach. Members at this level include students and retired persons, and those who have a beginning level interest in Christian coaching. These members can include religious leaders including pastors, youth leaders, missionaries, Christian counselors, pastoral counselors, Christian educators, and full-time life coaches. Members at this level automatically become part of the IBCC referral network and receive benefits from ICCA. The Board of Christian Life Coaching (BCLC) is affiliated with the over 5,000 member International Christian Coaching Association and the nearly 50,000-member American Association of Christian Counselors.
You can complete your Christian Life Coach training by taking a variety of courses offered at Light University and become eligible to apply for credentialing through the Board of Christian Life Coaching (BCLC). 24 hours of training is required to become eligible to apply for the Board Certified Christian Life Coach credential. 36 hours of training is required to become eligible to apply for the Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach credential.
60 hours of training is required to become eligible to apply for the Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach credential. 200 hours of training is required to become eligible to apply for the Board Certified Professional Christian Life Coach credential.
Eriko Augustus is CEO of Waterview Coaching & Consulting, a division of IZUMI Business Solutions which she founded in 2004, and a Founding Coach and an Executive Associate accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), an international non-profit research, training and accreditation organization headquartered in the UK.
One of her notable achievements was facilitating communication between Japanese and US parties in a year-long negotiation, helping them to achieve mutual understanding of cultural and business differences. She was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and started her career at Merrill Lynch Tokyo after graduating from Dokkyo University majoring in English, and she gained an Master of Science in Management from the Sloan Masters Program at the London Business School in 2002. Noriko is an experienced HR development consultant and a professional coach who has traveled extensively to Europe, North America and Asia on business.  She has experience in a Financial Institution and an NPO.
Kyoko’s background is in global financial services, where she has combined leadership responsibilities across a number of areas including sales, product development, customer services, business planning, and on a global organizational change and leadership development initiative.  Since becoming an independent consultant in 2005, she is now applying her business and management expertise to the field of leadership development, business development, career consulting, and executive coaching.
Kyoko is an engaging and positive facilitator and her line business management background enables her to relate to leaders and managers at their own level while skilfully guiding them in a process of self-discovery, prioritization and action.
Laura Crothers Osborn has worked as a HR Business Partner since 1988 and a leadership coach since 2004. Laura cultivated leadership style during her years in HR with McGraw Hill, CIT, ADP, Merrill Lynch, EverBank and Shearson Lehman Brothers. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Carl has spent his business career as an enterprise strategist. Michael is the founder of Executive Coaching and Mentoring Ltd and has more than twenty five years experience at General Management and Managing Director level in both the UK and overseas in large organisations such as British Aerospace, GEC and Hanson as well as small and medium size companies. Michael has worked in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and the USA and has extensive experience of multi-cultural team building.
Michael makes use of his extensive and practical business experience in providing coaching to senior executives and senior management teams.

Jeff is a Master Certified Coach by the International Coaches Federation and an NLP Master Practitioner and has a background in clinical psychology. Jeff is passionate about helping people create business and work that support rather than run their lives. You can combine your passion for health and fitness with a genuine desire to help people and turn it into a rewarding career that helps people achieve greater health, greater fitness and greater satisfaction in their lives. These are real resumes created by LiveCareer subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. Jack Makani is the founding Chairperson of Mankani Academy and International Coach and Trainers Association (ICTA). His also specialized in "Psychology", and “Psychology of enterprise activity and management from The Belorussian State Pedagogical University.
She is professionally specialized in the fields of leadership development and organizational changes. With more than 20 years teaching experience she took the step from being a teacher with a monthly salary, and no need to think about where money came from. With more than 20 years of managing and leading main organizations in Lithuania, Nadezda has been additionally developing her qualification as one of French hypnotherapist and psychologist association alumni, MBA holder, Business and Enneagram Trainer. The biggest attention is dedicated to the practical trainings, personal skills development. This will empower people to create the life of their dreams and to increase the quality in life. Together with her husband and co-trainer Egor Karopa was first to introduce professional teaching courses on Enneagram and Coaching online.
You will benefit from the insights of skilled professionals who want to see you succeed in making a positive difference in people’s lives.
Currently, the BCLC offers four national credentials in Christian Coaching: Board Certified Christian Life Coach (BCCLC), Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach (BCACLC), Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach (BCMCLC), and Board Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (BCPCLC). Once additional Life Coaching courses are completed and available later this year, a Master Coach credential will require a concentrated sequence of study in at least one topical area. Once additional Life Coaching courses are completed and available later this year, a Professional Coach credential will require a concentrated sequence of study in at least two different topical areas. The negotiation’s aim and successful outcome was to license a Japanese environmental technology to an Illinois company. Augustus was employed by Wall Street firm Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette Securities Corporation in New York City for over a decade where she held a Vice President position in International Institutional Equity Sales.
Her recent works include global corporate clients in the financial services, energy, healthcare and electronics industries.
Her particular skills lies in coaching and working with groups to stimulate discussions, raise awareness, develop abilities, and create plans that lead to action. Laura’s passion is to help leaders achieve organizational and strategic clarity when starting a company or engaging in mergers or acquisitions. He has worked in a variety of industries, assisting leaders of organizations in taking their businesses to the next level. An engineer by training Michael has been involved in setting up companies and turning around failing companies. Specialising in strategy and tactics Michael has assisted a large number of individual executives and organisations improve their performance. Active in developing the coaching profession, Jeff is a founding member of the Minnesota Coaches Association and the Personal and Professional Coaches Association [PPCA], now part of the International Coaches Federation. He knows by experience what it takes, and what is possible when you create a better way to work that gives energy to the rest of life. In turn, this will keep your team's tennis players happier, healthier and obtaining better results! You may work one-on-one with clients as a physical trainer or lead a group of people as a yoga instructor.
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He is an internationally certified NLP Master Trainer who has trained and certified several hundred NLP Practitioners, Masters and Trainers in many countries.
Lene has two Master degrees - MSc in Social Science (sociology) and MA in Experience Management - and has a range of certifications in relation to cognitive theory and relational, systemic and narrative methods - i.e. Nadezda is the coauthor of the Insurance services sales process management book and is preparing to write a book on Enneagram topic in 2015. Reda will offer a number of tools which enable listeners to live life consciously and with the greatest joy. The mission of the BCLC is to serve life coaches throughout the world in taking positive and tangible steps to develop the emerging profession of Christian coaching. After leaving HSBC, she became an independent consultant in 2001 covering Human Resources Development and Coaching.
As a native of Japan, Kyoko lived in the United States for 10 years and is fluent in Japanese and English.

She has implemented strategies and programs in change management, integration, mentoring, leadership development, workforce planning, employee engagement and compensation design. She is certified in The Leadership Circle Profile & Culture Survey, PDI Profiler, and DiSC. He has received training and certifications to employ the following methodologies and technologies in his work with his clients to achieve accelerated results.
Michael is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, coaching and various psychometric and personality profiling tools. He also served on the Ethics and Standards committee for the PPCA and is currently an examiner for the ICF Certification Committee. Jeff’s coaching expertise is also reflected in his experience as a senior trainer for the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael (CA) and his trainingand supervision of hundreds of coaches worldwide.
Her great interest is in Kabbalah and she is the developer of transformational program in Enneagram. Their vision includes creating and maintaining a viable and comprehensive Christian Care Network as a resource for hurting people and those looking for support and direction. She has much experience in delivering global training programs to local audiences, where fine tuning for cultural differences in learning style become important.
She is a certified Industrial Counsellor and an accredited administrator of assessment tools such as MBTI, PDI 360degree PROFILOR, and Life Style Inventory. Most recently Laura was Chief People Officer at US Express Leasing (USXL), where she built the HR capability for the $85 MM start-up commercial leasing organization, as it grew to $1 Billion in assets.
While his coaching practice has encompassed diverse industries, he has maintained his core business in the financial services sector working with a range of industry leaders from executives to individual producers and independent broker dealers that have given him unique insight into the industry.
In addition the CTPS is very important for every ATC as it provides specific information regarding tennis screenings and assessments and a major focus on injury prevention. Right now, Lene is focused on bringing a sustainable thinking into the praxis of leadership and organizational change to help solving the massive problems of individuals, organizations and society in the post-modern world of today. And with a curious and focused mind she has found different workable solutions for changing her life. Jurgita is currently the Coordinator of Faculty Affairs and Development and a Lecturer at Vilnius University International Business School.
She is a member of Japan Association for Psychological Type (J-APT), Career Design Institute, Japan Industrial Counsellor Association, and Japan Career Development Advisor Association. She enabled USXL to expand from 8 to 250 employees in five years and managed their $470 million dollar acquisition in 2010 when they were sold to EverBank.
This puts him on the leading edge of consistently increasing the success and satisfaction of his clients, both in their personal and professional endeavors.
The individual will learn comprehensive tennis-specific sport science information with hundreds of assessments, drills and exercises to improve performance and reduce injuries.
This means demand has remained consistent and strong; over 33,000 jobs are expected to be added by 2022.
He has founded several NLP institutes in Europe, Russia and published books, DVDs and CD about personal and spiritual development.
His clients are government agencies of several Eastern European countries, the companies included in the Fortune 500 list. Her research interests include: higher education, collaborative learning, educational empowerment, learning environments, talent management. The program educates in 20 areas of competencies including an extensive online examination to ensure mastery of the tennis-specific training information.
Fitness and recreation careers often have less stringent education requirements, so there is a lower startup cost and the ability to be working without enduring years of school. He had hundreds of training projects with various organizations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Georgia.
They have five grown-up children, spent most of their life together and love sailing, skiing, diving and kite surfing - but most of all to improve life around them. She has been searching for the answer to the question: how the university students can be empowered by educators for collaborative learning? Keep your resume formal and properly formatted, but do not be afraid to infuse it with your own personality and style. In addition, she is a visiting lecturer and has taught to various international audiences in France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, etc.
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