Research interests include interpersonal communication, face-to-face and computer-mediated relational maintenance, family communication, and social aggression within friendship cliques. This course approaches the study of relational communication from a conceptual and skill building perspective.
Work appears in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Personal Relationships, Communication Quarterly, and Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. Knowledge of design, implementation, and analysis of various quantitative research methods. Childless Stepmothers: Communicating With Other Stepmothers About Spouses and Stepchildren.

Helpful and challenging support encounters in the aftermath of HPV infection and diagnosis. Changes in friendship commitment: Comparing geographically close and long-distance young-adult friendships.
College students’ use of relational management strategies in email in long-distance and geographically close relationships.
The process of relationship development and deterioration: Turning points in friendships that have terminated. Friendships are flexible, not fragile: Turning points in geographically-close and long-distance friendships.

Reported Argumentativeness and verbal aggressiveness levels: The influence of type of argument.
A model for predicting stress levels and marital satisfaction for stepmothers utilizing a stress and coping approach.

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