For many people, the word creativity most immediately conjours up associations with artistic endeavours and with writing; some have also linked creativity with science since at least the heyday of the muses of Ancient Greece. The psychologist Robert Sternberg has proposed to apply the name creatology to scientific studies of creativity.
Some workplaces seem to sprout many ideas, patents, new products and better ways of doing everyday activities whereas others have less of a sense of how to reinvent and renew themselves over time. Innovation and creativity must be embedded in the values, structures, and systems of an organization.
You're an experienced facilitator and looking for ways to introduce an experiential component to an existing program or you would like to introduce a new program. Your charged with identifying opportunities to achieve organziational goals through development of its human resources. Encouraging Innovation Through 5 Key Conversations is a 30-item assessment tool designed to help managers measure their skill in fostering innovation in their employees. Messages is a brief, highly interactive text that emphasizes interpersonal communication skills, ethics, critical thinking, listening, and power in a multicultural world. In this age of sophisticated communications technology how can interpersonal communications be suffering? This book takes an applied approach by having students focus on developing and practicing interpersonal skills rather than learning pure management theory.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The most effective communicators use a style that can change on each occasion and be adapted for each individual. Avoid asking “why” questions, as they are often interpreted as blaming or indicating that you disagree with what a person has previously said. Prompt the other person if they seem stuck for words or have lost their way, for example, “You were talking about …”. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Pop psychology generally may associate it with right or forehead brain activity or even specifically with lateral thinking.

What is it that makes strong cultures successful in creating high performance amidst massive change? These things are consciously or unconsciously communicated by leaders to their employees in their day to day activities.
We have solutions ranging from quick profile assessments to one - three hour workshops or multi-day programs.
You see a fit with a specific program or set of programs offered by 4D Training Resources and a desired outcome. You would like to use one of these programs as a foundation for building an internal training intitiative. Using the response key, participants are asked to read each statement carefully and decide to what extent they practice the behavior described. Lynne Levesque is based on a well-grounded theory and the personality research of Carl Jung. Introducing the Reproducible Training Resource Library, a collection of customizable and reproducible programs. While intentionally brief, Messages provides a comprehensive introduction to interpersonal communication that creates a foundation for students to first understand the concepts to develop the necessary skills to apply what they have learned through real-life examples and exercises. Simply, few people take the time (or even feel they have the need) to learn the skills of effective one-on-one communications.
In addition, we provide job and competency profiling, team competency evaluations, gap analyses and needs assessments. Own what you say and start with “I” instead of “you” when talking about yourself, your needs, your likes, your wishes.
Open questions are more productive and usually start with “how”, “where”, “what”, “when”, “in what way”. Sometimes you may notice a particular word or phrase has been used or accented and this may seem significant. Recent literature suggests that innovation and creativity fall into two basic areas: advice on what the individual can do to become more creative and how organizations can build a more innovative culture that maximizes success in times of rapid change.
All assessments and workshops come complete with Facilitator Guide, PowerPoint slides, as well as a Takeaway Participant Guide.

Your preference is to bring a facilitator experienced in delivering these programs into your organization. The 16-item assessment reveals onea€™s dominant and auxiliary preferences among the 8 creative talents and helps individuals define what is needed to achieve their creative best. You'll find that physical activities not only warm up the limbs, they also break down barriers between participants. Each program comes ready to train, complete with a Participant Guide, Facilitator Guide, and PowerPointA® presentation.
With a renewed focus on skill-building, this text helps today's students understand how to master their interpersonal communication skills in every area of their lives. This book emphasizes a systematic approach to interpersonal contact because its authors know from their other work - presenting, leading, marketing - that systematizing the approach to any activity will help individuals excel at it.
These skills need continual practice and fine-tuning until they become a natural response which is seen by others as appropriate across a wide range of situations.
These questions encourage the other person to think about a response and to open up a conversation with you. Some activities build skills - often by increasing ways for participants to express themselves.
Remind yourself of what you want to achieve from the conversation, not what might go wrong! And by using the questions provided in the debriefing section, you can always create a link between the activity and the learning experience on a metaphorical level. And while it's not easy to deal with the most difficult of people, you can learn a range of skills and techniques that can significantly improve your life.

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