In this management course, delegates learn how to perform conflict resolution, prevent discussions from escalating into conflicts, understand psychological tactics used on them and the best way to respond, negotiate and manage their emotions. This is a course about handling difficult people, challenging situations and confrontations. This soft skills course follows on from Emotional Intelligence focusing on interpersonal skills and competencies in areas of social awareness, rapport building, empathy, understanding others, influencing, acting and so on. This soft skills course helps delegates master the art of listening in both professional and personal settings. In this course, delegates learn how to engage in small talks in social and business settings.
Interpersonal Communication Skills for business is aimed at people from all levels in an organisation and all organisational types. Aimed at front line staff and their supervisors, the Focus on Health and Safety course provides a solid foundation to underpin the safety component of an employee orientation programme.
Focus on Food Safety is an interactive, attitude changing course to support your Organisation's Food Safety Program. This interpersonal communication skills development program is designed to be delivered in a one and a half to three hour segment. There are several opportunities for teams to excel by using fluid communication, great teamwork and being efficient. Improving communication automatically means that people will need to put the concepts into practice as a part of the workshop. The driving principle behind the course design is to make the information both fun and accessible.
London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff, Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland, Belfast, Newcastle upon Tyne, Brighton, Hull, Plymouth, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton, Derby, Swansea, Southampton, Salford, Aberdeen.
Investment levels depend on the date, location, duration, scale, and requirements of the event. Please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives to discuss your situation and vision.
Looking for a unique corporate teambuilding event or group activity your entire team will get excited about? We thrive on helping our partners achieve their goals through our unique and innovative suite of corporate team building events and group activities. Managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to maximise their positive impact on others through effective interpersonal skills should attend this program. Communication and interpersonal skills are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. Organisational change, diversity and digital communications have changed the face of the workplace. Participants attending this program will benefit from enhanced interpersonal skills, and be able to use these skills to effectively communicate and improve their managerial influence. Where the training is conducted outside the immediate Cairns area then additional costs will be applicable.
Communication skills can be beneficial to almost any person in facilitating to cultivate more productive and rewarding relationships – either personal or business. As an illustration, it is generally understood that communicating respect for other people or professionals within will enable one to reduce conflict and increase participation or assistance in obtaining information or completing tasks. This allows the receiving professional to make their own judgement regarding the importance of their current task versus entering into a discussion with their colleague. Having positive interpersonal and communication skills increases productivity since the number of conflicts is reduced.
You're an experienced facilitator and looking for ways to introduce an experiential component to an existing program or you would like to introduce a new program. Your charged with identifying opportunities to achieve organziational goals through development of its human resources. Uncover preferred styles of verbal and nonverbal communication with the fast and fun Whata€™s My Communication Style?
Tackle even the most difficult communication problems with Communication Derailed, an engaging simulation game that demonstrates the profound impact of poor communication — and then teaches the skills needed to communicate effectively.
A computer-based management development training game for teams, employees, leaders, and managers to learn and practice emotional intelligence skills for better communication, leadership, decision making and interpersonal relationships. Whether communication is being addressed directly or indirectly in your training program, lay the groundwork for skill development with SkillBuilders: 50 Communication Skills Activities. Offers workshop designs ranging from 1 to 5 hours in length plus suggestions to create a longer workshop. This is an accelerated learning program in which learners will complete a series of activities through which they will learn communication skills, as well as uncover a murder mystery.
The ability to communicate, cooperate, coordinate, resolve differences and persuade others effectively will determine success as much as the ability to perform the technical aspects of the job. When talking about trust in the workplace, there are two levels of trust that are in play, organizational trust and personal trust.
Today's leaders need to be able to establish good lines of communication quickly and effectively.
Below is a large collection of training videos on communication skills, listening skills, speaking skills, and related topics.
Effective People Skills is a suite of eight 1-hour workshops that cover every conceivable type of conflict that occurs in your workplace, as well as related topics. Each workshop features an information-rich participant's workbook and an engaging video that dramatizes a particular type of conflict and models an ideal response.
Determining the Right Response to Conflict (1-hour workshop with video) Conflict with others is an unavoidable part of the workplace. Handling Overt Conflict (1-hour workshop with video) Dealing with hot-tempered individuals tests the mettle of even your most poised employee. Handling Covert Conflict (1-hour workshop with video) What's the best way to approach individuals who don't air their grievances in public, but instead, internalize it and undermine the workplace in subtle ways? The Aikido Approach to Conflict (1-hour workshop with video) The non-violent martial art of aikido has won the accolades of leading thinkers because it enables participants to view conflict from a radically different perspective - one that allows individuals to resolve differences in a harmonious, noncompetitive, and productive manner. Working Collaboratively (1-hour workshop with video) Much has been said about the importance of collaboration in the global economy, yet far too many employees still think of their areas of responsibilities as personal fiefdoms. Listening (1-hour workshop with video) It's an old adage that listening is one of the most difficult skills to learn.
Asserting (1-hour workshop with video) Employees who lack the confidence to assert themselves in the workplace deprive your company of innovative ideas and valuable feedback, and they eventually end up frustrated and discontented with their jobs. Giving and Receiving Feedback (1-hour workshop with video) For us to grow personally and professionally, we must be able to give and receive feedback, yet few individuals know how to do this in a nonthreatening and productive manner. Whether your organization already has a policy on toxic talk or you're just beginning to look at the effects damaging communication has on your productivity, this program is designed to give your organization a chance to discuss some real issues affecting your workforce. Using three open-ended scenarios (two videos and one audio), the training design focuses on how to respond if you become engaged in toxic conversation and helps participants to redirect potentially hazardous communication. In Part One of this three-part video program you'll learn about these four behavior styles and what's included in them.
Part Three talks about how to change your behavior to better communicate with others - what is called being FLEX-able - able to flex out of your style and into the other person's style.
We understand that speaking clearly, using proper listening skills, and knowing the importance of non-verbal cues all play vital roles in clear communication between people in organizations.
Recognize that asking questions is a communications skill, just like speaking clearly or listening effectively.
How To Ask Positive Questions is designed to be used during team training sessions devoted to productivity and communication skills, or before a meeting starts. The result is that we now have to communicate with a broader, more diverse range of people. Keep dialogue and decision-making separate - dialogue precedes decision-making, negotiation or action.
We apply the skills of dialogue outlined in Program 1 to challenges faced in culturally diverse work environments. A dramatized dialogue shows us how the skills we learned in Program 1 can be used to overcome misunderstandings, break down gender stereotypes and improve communications between men and women at work. We demonstrate how the skills of dialogue can be used to bridge the personal and professional style differences that exist between employees of different ages. Support materials include a comprehensive facilitation guide, reproducible handouts, pre- and post-assessments, and PowerPoint slides for classroom presentation. The Second City is well known for their improv comedy, their TV shows, and their scores of famous alumni.
Hosted by Keegan-Michael Key, TV personality and Second City alum, along with a talented ensemble cast, Working Without A Script emphasizes that good communication starts with a "yes, and" philosophy.

When we're with other people, we naturally tend to do what we can to understand one another, to ensure that we're communicating, to make certain we are making a connection.
Wouldn't it be great if we all went out of our way-all the time-to treat each other on the phone the way we naturally know how to in person.
From making and taking calls to transferring calls and putting people on hold to taking and leaving messages, Are you with me?
Abbott and Costello's famous routine--the only comedy routine in the Baseball Hall of Fame--is a wonderful way to begin any session on communication skills, listening, conflict resolution, teamwork, and more! TUV America) offering an Online Communication Skills (Interpersonal) Course (leading to ExpertRating Communication Skills (Interpersonal) Skills Certification). ExpertRating Solutions has been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance of their strict program requirements ensuring that your information is always safe. Influencing is an interactive skill which needs lots of practicing to master and deliver naturally.
Training resources is full of examples, exercises, activities and bite size training content. Delegates learn about characteristics associated with difficult people, the origin of their behaviour and how best to deal with them. Due to the nature of social intelligence, the course relies heavily on participatory exercises that encourage delegates to explore various techniques when communicating with others.
It contains different examples of good and bad conversations which allow delegates to clearly see the effect of various methods.
It provides a range of question types for different purposes along with examples for each type.
Many areas are considered such as having the right attitude and mentality, using effective verbal and non-verbal techniques, making engaging and persuasive stories, preparing for an event where persuasion is required and preparing a written persuasive text or verbal speech. Some conversations can make us angry, upset or hopeless and is important to know how to control our actions without getting overwhelmed by these emotions.
Core topics include understanding how people perceive the world and the impact of such perceptions on their behaviour, avoiding blame when things go wrong, managing feelings, understanding the relationship between intentions and their influence and many other advanced topics. The course is full of strategies and examples that illustrate how such techniques are used in practice. Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses.
The bottom line is that lack of good interpersonal skills can lead to misunderstandings, increase conflict and increase staff turnover.
It gives employees an understanding of hazards within their organisation and how to play their part in ensuring that these do not turn into accidents or harm to employees and equipment.
It also meets the licensing requirements for food handler training under the Auckland City Bylaws for Food Premises. It can be stand alone - or be combined with any other Corporate Explorer Training or British Outback program. Using marshmallows as slingshot ammo automatically creates a memorable occasion so this is one training that people will both enjoy and recall once the session concludes. Everyone is given multiple opportunities to begin working on their own personal communication objectives - as well as focusing on working effectively within their team. Find out how your group can benefit from experiencing the exciting Cross Boundary Communication Module by calling us today. Have a look at the solutions we provide to successful and emerging companies from around the world. People who have worked on developing strong communication and interpersonal skills are usually more successful in both their professional and personal lives.
Today, more than ever, success depends upon the combined cooperation, commitment and action of people—both face-to-face and across digital channels.
All participants will be provided with course handouts, and will gain a Certificate of Completion. Where an organisation would like to book a dedicated course for their staff, we are able to come to you and train on-site.
Any airfares, travel, accommodation, meals and materials freight incurred in the provision of this training will be on-charged plus 10%. Personal impact, poise, building rapport, bearing in mind your audience and developing behavioral flexibility are all key aspects of communication skills training. For instance, to interrupt someone who is currently preoccupied with the task of obtaining information needed immediately, it is recommended that a professional use a deferential approach with language such as, "Excuse me, are you busy?
Static or fluid in nature - many have been assembled to handle tasks that are highly complex. We have solutions ranging from quick profile assessments to one - three hour workshops or multi-day programs. You see a fit with a specific program or set of programs offered by 4D Training Resources and a desired outcome. You would like to use one of these programs as a foundation for building an internal training intitiative. Using a 24-item inventory, participants will learn their preference for one of 4 communication styles, recognize the various facets of communication, and learn how to use their own style to enhance communication. How we communicate can have a direct impact on whether we are successful at influencing others. Developing an awareness of your preference and those of others can improve communication skills dramatically. Trusta€™s 24-item assessment provides insight on the dimensions of trust-related behaviors. Visual communication tools and images surface team differences, improve group and team interaction, establish rapport, and encourage dialogue. This collection of activities addresses all 3 learning domains (cognitive, affective, and behavioral) and involves participants directly in the learning process through its interactive approach. Introducing the Reproducible Training Resource Library, a collection of customizable and reproducible programs.
Develop creative ways to establish rapport and build relationships through a deeper awareness of the power of nonverbal communication.
In this course the instructor plays both the trainer, as well as a cantankerous police chief. This program will help technical employees build rapport with a wide variety of individuals, prepare effective business documents and prevent unnecessary conflict. This course allows participants to assess their communication style based on the Personal Style Inventory. Most important, it teaches your employees essential skills for resolving conflicts, enhancing collaboration and productivity, and infusing a spirit of teamwork and respect at your company. The eight modules can be used individually or together, enabling you to tailor content to the unique needs of your organization.
Handling Overt Conflict teaches every member of your team to stay calm and to develop constructive dialogs with individuals at your firm who are notorious for being difficult - a great way to enhance productivity and bring peace to the office! Handling Covert Conflict teaches your team how to draw out the hidden issues and concerns of disgruntled employees so that everyone can perform at their peak. Now you can give your workforce these same powerful tools for use in their day-to-day workplace interactions.
Working Collaboratively teaches your staff the fundamentals of collaboration - the art of working together artfully, skillfully, and creatively - which is a powerful way to enhance the productivity of your workforce.
It's a fact that poor listening skills result in lost opportunities, frustrated workers, and unnecessary mistakes. Asserting helps these individuals to develop the skills they need to express ideas and goals that can make a difference at your company and to find greater satisfaction in their careers.
Giving and Receiving Feedback teaches your team how to use these two critical skills to help themselves and their associates become what they want to be. Unfortunately, these forms of toxic talk can have serious repercussions for your employees, your managers and supervisors, and for the profitability and productivity of your entire organization. However, the examples depicted in this training toolkit have crossed the line and have become damaging to employee relationships, employee morale and productivity. The activities also help participants understand the different perceptions of those involved in toxic talk and how others are affected by this behavior. Surprisingly, the impact of questions, and how to ask them properly, remain an unacknowledged part of the training curriculum. By increasing the questioning ability of employees, the video's benefits extend beyond team impact. These folks don't always do things, see things, or express themselves in the same ways that we do. We see a dramatization that demonstrates how dialogue can be used to open communication, uncover hidden assumptions, break down stereotypes and facilitate more productive relationships.

We uncover how divergent personal and world views common to people of different generations can lead to misunderstandings and distrust and how dialogue can help overcome age barriers and build more productive workplace relationships. Their training program, Working Without A Script, teaches how the basics of improvisation will help your organization communicate better, build stronger teams, and create a positive work environment.
But when we interact with others on the phone, it's easy to lose touch with the basic rules of common courtesy. Apart from being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, it is a member of the TRUSTe and HackerSafe approved. If you have gone through the courseware properly you should not have a problem clearing the exam. If enrolling in a series of two or more courses please be sure to space the start date for each course at least two months apart. This course is packed with exercises and guidelines based on the latest research on human psychology and academic theories on influence. Delegates are introduced to a variety of effective responses, learn how to deal with toxic words & phrases, how to resolve a confrontation, how to avoid blame games and many other topics. Whether delegates are from the same organisation, or have never met each other before, they can all benefit from this course. Interactive exercises help delegates to apply the techniques they learned and practice listening in the training course. Examples of conversations with questions are also provided to better show how each type is used in practice.
Comprehensive examples are provided for all of these areas along with interactive exercises so delegates can master the skills in isolation during the course. This course also contains techniques on how to deliver bad news, how to empathise and how to apologise. All the fundamental skills are taught and practiced, from listening skills through choice of words, assertive communication style to understanding the approach to use with different personality types.
However, there are numerous challenges to smooth effective communication because of the diversity commonly found inside businesses today.
When the slingshots with their marshmallow ammunition enter the game, everyone pays close attention.
Keeping your people engaged will mean they will walk away from the program armed with the knowledge of how to work effectively with anyone. Mileage will be charged at 80¢ (plus GST) per kilometre and traveling time will be charged at our standard rates. By developing the full suite of these skills, people will find that effective communication comes far more easily. Following these kinds of heuristics to achieve better professional results generally results in a professional being ranked as one with 'good interpersonal skills.' Often these evaluations occur in formal and informal settings. People with good interpersonal skills can generally control the feelings that emerge in difficult situations and respond appropriately, instead of being overwhelmed by emotion. To manage this complexity, individual team members bring a different combination of skills requiring a coordination of efforts.
All assessments and workshops come complete with Facilitator Guide, PowerPoint slides, as well as a Takeaway Participant Guide. Your preference is to bring a facilitator experienced in delivering these programs into your organization.
Each program comes ready to train, complete with a Participant Guide, Facilitator Guide, and PowerPointA® presentation.
Leaders within your workplace often have an incredible amount of influence over the culture of trust in your organization. Understand the hidden meanings behind the various communication methods and devise strategies to communicate more effectively and avoid unnecessary conflict.
They will use this knowledge to identify their audience, decide the most appropriate communication approach and practice communication skills needed for powerful and effective leadership.
Listening teaches participants the four steps needed to be a good listener (releasing, attending, amplifying, and reflecting) and how everyone benefits by giving their fellow workers their ear. One of the biggest problems in business today is getting along with and communicating with others. Employees who can properly ask questions will deal better with all colleagues throughout the entire organization. It's very easy for misunderstandings, suspicions, stereotypes, or hidden assumptions to color our relationships.
Just like an improv troupe, organizations need to know how to work together when the plan doesn’t go as planned. The truth is that, all too often, the telephone becomes an easy excuse for not connecting with other people. You do not have to be present when the lesson is released, but you must complete each lesson within two weeks of its release.
Your delegates can use this skill in many contexts such as sales, management, HR, team working, customer services and so on to maximise efficiency. The training resources is full of practical examples, case studies, exercises, training games and roleplays with optional extra content to adjust the pace as trainers see fit. The training resources contain all the necessary content such as course notes, training workbook, power point slides and exercise to run the course.
A variety of training exercises are also included which help delegates to learn questioning by working together in powerful, yet entertaining activities. The package includes all trainer resources and many exercises to help delegates fully learn the skills during the course. All topics are presented with plenty of examples where delegates can easily see how the techniques covered in the course are applied in real life.
There is a heavy emphasis on exercises that will help delegates learn making small talk during the course using the strategies provided. The answer to this quandary is Corporate Explorer Training’s Cross Boundary Interpersonal Communication Skills Program.
Effective communication skills play an important role in allowing individuals to maximize their strengths as well as minimize their weaknesses. Recognize communication styles preferences, and tailor your communication to be more effective with each style. This program will teach you the benefits and behaviors that will inspire a trusting culture, recognize and practice the Five Pillars of Trust and regain trust that has been lost. And it's one of the top reasons why most people are limited in their relationships and limited in their ability to communicate well on or off the job. So do governments, businesses, armies, and other groups of people that need to better understand each other.
The results are often negative and at times disastrous for teams trying to work productively together. Is it possible to have meaningful meetings all the time so nobody’s time is ever wasted? The training materials come with all the exercises, instructions, slides and guidelines as necessary to guide you in conducting this training course. Entertaining, motivational, and informative, How To Ask Positive Questions is a skill-building, consciousness-raising video that will energize your teams to perform at higher levels. Includes a dramatization of how Dialogue helps us communicate across job functions, helping improve relations between people at different levels within the organization as well as between different departments or areas of expertise. Through a series of structured experiences, develop and learn to apply skills that improve your effectiveness when marketing your services in any communication skill.
The more you understand yourself and others, the easier it is to use appropriate words and tone. People from different races, religions or ethnic groups that rarely interacted in the past now work side by side. We will have to expand our communication skills to be understood and make sure we understand.
These areas are explored in detail in this course along with many exercises and interactive role plays for effective learning.
Through your positive use of words and actions, coworkers and customers will see the company as personable, friendly and respectful.

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