Over the years, the world has produced a large number of influential leaders who are unique in their own right. Take a look at each of these basic interpersonal skills and see how they contribute to the making of an effective leader.
Communication skills: Many leaders possess the gift of the gab which makes them an eloquent speaker. It ensures that discussions take place in a structured manner without losing sight of the outcome. Leadership skills: Inspires others to accomplish the goals planned with commitment and dedication.
Leadership skills can create a self motivated team, making them aware of the purpose and thus streamlining the process in order to accomplish goals. Negotiation skills: Resolve any such conflict by agreeing to the terms which are acceptable to both parties. Influence and Motivation skills: It is a conglomeration of both communication skills and leadership skills.

Integrity: A leader builds trust and this fosters collaboration and facilitates sharing of information. It teaches a leader to develop the ability to bounce back from setbacks without dwelling on negative thoughts.
We run integrated public affairs campaigns for clients who want to increase their market share or shape public policy by connecting them with passionate advocates for their issues + brands. Teachers wear many hats every day while in the classroom: the organizer, instructor, speaker, facilitator, entertainer and sometimes dispute resolution specialist. A leader, by dint of his interpersonal skills captivates the mind of his followers who are inspired to follow him to the end. It is all about articulating their ideas in a meaningful way, both in written and verbal form. There could be diverse ideas and perspectives for any single agenda, but an effective leader will work towards reaching a consensus. A wrong decision may prove costly while a right decision at a crucial time may bring favorable results.

Planning includes the list of activities and the contingency plan that needs to be carried forward.
Through team work, a leader develops a sense of collaboration while working with his peers and subordinates. Their work does not end with the creation of a new idea as they need to inspire their followers to continue on the path traced by them. As for me, I feel that leaders learn through experience through a lot of trial and error in their own lives Hence, I think leadership is not something mystical but is something to be acquired with experience. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog. I have always pondered over this question – What “special” qualities do a Abraham Lincoln or a Martin Luther King possess to make them an exponent in their own field and remain immortal in the hearts of their billions of followers.

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