Understanding the impact of our behaviour on other people and learning to become flexible combine to provide an incredibly powerful tool for improving our working relationships with everyone we deal with. We also understand the complex and difficult issues associated with negotiating and selling.
Interpersonal communication involves a flow of messages from one or more persons to engage another. Private Sector -Executives, team and section leaders, supervisors, managers with 3 years of working experience. Daniel Kam has at least 20 years of corporate leadership experience under his belt in the area of Business Development, General Management and Organization Development work including 7 years of senior management role as a Director of Asian market in the most recent corporate job. For government ministries on HRMS-2 or ACE portals inform your Training Coordinator of our Course Code and Course Date. To register, select your preferred date and then click the REGISTER button at the bottom of this list. If none of our published course date is suitable for you or your staff, contact us at 6423-1183 and let us know when you need this course to be conducted and if it is possible we will do our best to make it happen!
If you require this course to be customised to better suit the training needs of your staff or to have this course conducted on a date not stated in our training calendar, contact us (Call us at 6423-1183) for a no obligation discussion. Can't attend this course during office hours, contact us at 6423-1183 for possible evening or Saturday class arrangements.
I would like to thank you for the patience and time you put in to help improve our English. Being good at questioning others also indirectly helps you to become better at answering them by understanding the motive behind each question type.
This course contains a series of optional exercises which you can incorporate in your course.
This course is also useful for managers or people new to management roles who usually need to ask lots of questions as part of their daily roles. What are positive and negative questions and what are the implications of asking each type?
What types of probing questions can you ask to better understand the other person’s needs? What is the most effective way to get as much information as possible with the smallest number of questions? How can you systematically ask a series of questions to guide a conversation towards a topic of your choice? In addition, customisable exercises can help you to tailor the course based on the strengths and weaknesses of your delegates. Once payment has been processed, you will receive instructions by email and will be given links to the download pages. Skills Converged is a unique company that provides professionally designed fully-customisable training course materials based on the latest research in learning & development. We can also provide this training course for your staff or your organisation anywhere in the UK.
Confidante provides training programs for managers and staff on a wide variety of workplace topics, including effective communication, sexual harassment, workplace violence, stress management, conflict resolution, supervisory skills and performance management, substance abuse awareness, behavioral interviewing techniques, and interpersonal skill development.

Leadership styles need careful and thoughtful development, with periodic opportunities to “take the pulse” of staff regarding employee engagement. Confidante consultants can quickly identify critical workplace issues and behaviors that may be inhibiting mutual trust. Social or interpersonal skills deficits commonly prevent some people with schizophrenia from integrating within the community and living a satisfying life.
Social skills training breaks down each task into manageable steps and offers opportunities for participants to practice and build on the skills – a bit like learning to dance.
High quality evidence shows a large benefit of social skills training for improving social interactions (particularly for inpatients), as well as some benefit for community function, symptom improvement, particularly negative symptoms, and for reduced relapse rates. Moderate quality evidence shows a medium to large benefit of social cognitive skills programs for improving emotion perception and Theory of Mind capacities, particularly for those with longer illness durations.
How to challenge and learn from our definitions and behaviours within self management in terms of our choices and the consequences. Colourful exercise evoking recollections and ideas within less obvious, subtle and hidden communication. Imaginative exercise denoting desirable and appropriate behaviours in reaction to challenging relevant scenarios.
Game playing in order to explore various characteristics to tackle in others and what to “borrow” for a personal action plan and developing one’s communication style. Analogies are used to review specific parts of the programme and highlight umbrella strategies for personal action plans.
Emotional Intelligence was covered as part of the Communications Skills Module for RLF’s Leadership Development Programme mentioned above.
Whatever their formal authority, employees at all levels need good interpersonal skills in order to encourage commitment among those who work with and for them.
It enables us to find ways to avoid focusing on the differences between ourselves and others and become more co-operative. The concept model is simple to appreciate and use, and is based on well-researched and tested theory and practical behavioural outcomes. Knowing these types of communication can improve communication skills and form stronger relationships.
He brings relevant experience, wisdom and practical insights in his soft-skills based programs such as leadership, high performance team work, personal development as well as business development and management.
Call us at 6423-1183 and speak to any of your representatives and we would be work out an arrangement for you. We ask questions for a variety of reasons; we may want to obtain more information, show that we are following the other person, or sometimes we may want to challenge them. In this course all questions types are defined followed by examples so delegates can clearly see how they work in practice.
This is particularly applicable to manipulative questions which are also covered in this course in addition to good strategies for responding to them. The session on asking questions from a group is in particular useful for managers addressing a team or asking questions in a meeting. As such, exposure to numerous examples is the best way to learn and quickly understand what works and what doesn’t.

As you go through the course you would become more familiar with your delegates’ needs which allow you to use different variations of these exercises at the end of course to address these needs.
Courses are designed with attention to detail both on content and style so that you can deliver unique state-of-the-art courses to your clients and get maximum results. Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses. We can also design training programs customized for your workforce, and assist with critical aspects of the hiring process.
It is often effective to solicit employees’ suggestions for improvements, then train with an emphasis on the development of emotional intelligence skill building. The goal of social skills training is to equip people with the confidence to navigate this area of life by teaching exercises such as making a request, listening to other people and the importance of eye contact or reaching a solution with others. These programs can be organised through a day-centre unit, attended by people in either hospitals or the community, on an individual basis or in a group setting. Delivered as a day programme as part of the (initial) Accredited Leadership Development Programme 1st year for RLF in 2007 (ILM Accreditation Pending.) Also used for training the national Administrative Team for RLF in 2007.
Whatever the need, knowing what to ask and how to ask is a critical skill within communication that if mastered can pay huge dividends.
Numerous real world conversations are also provided to demonstrate clearly how an exchange containing specific questions would work in practice. Some of these exercises contain variations which allow you to customise them based on your delegates’ specific needs and background. As a result, this course is fundamentally designed around these examples and associated exercises that would help delegates to try it out themselves.
The emphasis, as with other courses from Skills Converged, is to use Accelerated Learning principles and maximise skill transfer in a given time.
Confidante works with your leadership team to clearly articulate the organizational values and culture, and can assist with strategies to communicate them throughout the organization, and incorporate them into performance measures. A sense of common mission and goals is essential to the success of an organization. Classes may also cover practicals skills such as making a meal, managing money or workplace skills. A passionate trainer with great empathic considerations, Daniel is able to relate well with diverse groups of multi-cultural and multi-generational learners. Bad questions are also explored which help the delegates to see their effect on a conversation and how these questions could change the way others look at them after asking such questions. This can be achieved through creating a true team spirit based on trust and respect, with open and honest communication between management, staff and among peers at all levels. An engaging facilitator, Daniel encourages active participation from learners of his workshops and courses, ensuring effective internalization and subsequent application of new learned knowledge.

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