The holiday season is in full swing - and while you're busy shopping for all the special people on your gift list, my friends & I wanted to bring some special gifts to you (because we think you're pretty special, yourself!). My name is Dana D'Orsi and I've made it my mission to help as many purpose-driven entrepreneurs as possible build six-figure businesses doing what they love, while working 30 hours a week or less. I asked them to share "the good stuff" with you -- "meaty" training content, strategies, tips, templates and tools that you can put into place immediately to begin seeing results in your business. Pricing Tips & Word-for-Word Scripts to Help You Charge What You Are Worth Confidently and with Ease!
The Build Your Six-Figure Business Giveaway Extravaganza will be live for 12 days (December 8-19) - so be sure to grab your gifts now!
You can pick and choose the gifts that interest you the most -- just a few or the whole shebang.
In the meantime, I planned it out in my head which led to my designing it a little differently from the screenshots. I am making an "Our Adventure Book" for my daughter and her fiance, as thier wedding reception has an "Up" theme.

This book will also be kept in thier guest room (once they have one) for thier guests - a picture will be taken with them, and comments about thier stay included.
Briefly:Welcome to The Red Monkey Blog, where my various Los Interwebz monkikers (ender, enderFP and Red Monkey) all babble about this, that and, of course, the other.
I just moved back to Albuquerque after many long years in exile (in Indiana of all places). And this December, I've partnered with 17 like-minded experts to bring you The Build Your Six-Figure Business Giveaway Extravaganza, where we're gifting you $2,000+ in training resources to help you grow your business to six figures & beyond! Remember, these training resources are valued at $2,000 -- and they're only available for a limited time!!! Despite the fact that the letters look like Ellie cut them out, I kept seeing them as stitched onto the leather cover.
I am not one of the Dineh, but have been fascinated with the Navajo, New Mexico, the mesas and the desert Southwest since I was a wee lia€™l monkey. And almost every crazy little homemade or scrapbook I had as a kid had a kind of canvas-y looking material that created the binding.

The book will both house some pictures and memorabilia of thier dating, and will have space for guests to sign-in and make comments.
AND I know a kid that looks just like Russell, and we are paying him to dress up and do photo ops with guests! The main mesa pictured here and in the header is Dzlith-Na-O-Dith-Hle just south of Farmington. You get all this back story into the life of Carl in a short amount of time and with very little dialogue. And that story speaks to everyone - the kids (and the kids inside us adults) love the explorer theme - the kid beginning I think hooks the kids in the audience and gets them through the silent backstory that the adults mostly cry over.
And then Ellie's bright paintings also keep the kids focused on what is important to the story.

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