There are two types of broke generated on a paper or board machine: continuous and event related.
Why is it important to maintain broke storage chest levels in the 25 to 35% range during normal operations?This helps ensure sufficient storage capacity during process upsets, such as sheet breaks, threading, and start ups. Why is broke often thickened so that it can be stored at a higher consistency?The removal of water on broke thickening equipment increases the storage capacity of the broke chests.
Why is it important to control the level in repulper vats during slushing?This allows the rotor to effectively circulate and slush the broke, using the least amount of energy and minimizing repulping time.
Why are dry end repulpers typically of heavier construction than other under-machine repulpers?Dry end repulpers are normally of heavier construction because they must often handle slabs from reels and cull rolls.
Why is it important for the seal pit liquid level to be kept above the dropleg openings from a drum or disc thickener?To make sure that the dropleg opening is not exposed to air, which would cause the thickener to lose vacuum. Our courses are being translated into multiple languages for use in safety and operations training programs worldwide. Our entire course catalog is currently being professionally translated into the most common global languages.

Each of our computer-based courses is designed to be compatible with the popular SCORM standard. Stay up to date on our products and offerings and get safety, compliance, and training administration tips in our free monthly newsletter. The outcomes of the programme are that a successful delegate would be able to understand and know how to:1.
LEORON Professional Development Institute is the leading corporate training company in the emerging markets of Europe, Africa and Asia.
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Your contact information will be forwarded to the course provider who will contact you with further information.When you enter your personal information via our website we will include you in our e-newsletter. Broke is continuously generated as wet edge trim, winder trim, dressing from reels, and cull rolls.
Plug and play any Convergence course into any SCORM-compatible training platform, like the Convergence LMS.

Store quiz results in your learning management system for easy easy qualification reporting. Large quantities of broke can be generated during these events that end up going to under machine repulpers, such as the couch pit, press pit, and dry end repulper.
Gain knowledge to apply principles ERP software to cover various critical functions within your organization5.
Create consistency and foster collaboration through best practices, common terminology, and corporate-wide communication.

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