Click the graphic below to view our 3 minute video to learn about this interactive process and tool. If you are looking to become a Professional Coach, the iPEC Coaching Certification Program provides proven systems for developing expert coaches and also for building successful coaching practices.
Or, you may wish to bring these skills into your organization and be an internal strategic partner supporting other executives and managers to perform at the optimum level. You see great potential in people and are frustrated when they don’t exercise that potential. You emphasize strong relationships and a balanced life with many interests, including vitality in health and career. If you’re like others who have become successful coaches, at this moment the choice already feels right to you for any number of reasons.

The next step is to decide exactly how you will use your talents to answer your calling and achieve your goals. The Core Energy Coaching Process – a robust inter-disciplinary method pioneered and taught ONLY at iPEC.
A Complete Certification Program – the all-inclusive training that also prepares you for a specialty of your choosing. Our Proven Business Development System – you will use to generate the full-time or secondary income you desire. You know you have a gift and you want to share it to help yourself and others live a more powerful and fulfilling life.
The coaching tools I learned through the program, while easy to master, have proven transformational in my life and in the lives of clients with whom I’ve worked.

You likely are beginning to realize that Professional Coaching is a way for you to share what you know, and more importantly, who you are, to positively impact the lives of others. Coaching is the next frontier toward living happy, healthy and successful lives, and New England Coaching is the premier organization preparing top coaches.
It is a growing field where those trained to a level of professional excellence are in high demand.
Their professionalism, positivity and enthusiasm shaped my experience, and I’ll continue to draw upon this invaluable support network throughout my career.

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