All foreign nationals (immigrants and nonimmigrants) are required to notify USCIS of any residential address changes within ten days of moving. Foreign nationals who have filed their I-485, Adjustment of Status application can find their “A” number on their receipt notice.
Foreign nationals who have Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status can find their “A” number on their green card.
You have graduated from a foreign medical medical school and are participating in a medical training program or residency in the U.S.
If you are subject to the requirement, you won’t be able to apply for H-1B or L-1 status and won’t be able to file for your Adjustment of Status until you have fulfilled the requirement by going back to your home country (where you applied for your J-1) for a total of two years. Please note that these times are usually estimations and it can take longer for USCIS to process certain cases due to the high volume of petitions and applications they receive. Even if your visa stamp has expired, if your I-94 is still valid, you are still able to stay in the U.S. Because immigration law is federal law, our office can represent clients anywhere in the United States and abroad. You may either notify USCIS of your address by mail or submit the change online (recommended). The petitioning process, while appearing simple, can be daunting, especially if a petition is based upon a marriage that occurred after the alien spouse was placed in deportation or removal proceedings. Therefore, no matter in what state or country you are located, our office can represent you in US immigration courts, before the U.S.

However, if you have plans to travel internationally, you’ll need to obtain a new visa stamp to re-enter the U.S.
However, her H-1B extension was recently approved by USCIS and her H-1B status is valid until March 7, 2016. Additionally, if the permanent resident card application is not prepared properly and fails to disclose the truth, consequences can be severe.The Process of Obtaining a Green CardThe Immigrant Visa PetitionThe first step in obtaining a green card is to obtain an approved immigrant visa petition. A visa stamp is in the form of a large sticker that is placed onto one of the pages in your passport at a U.S.
Your green card application will only be adjudicated after your visa petition has been approved, so the visa petition is a very important part of the process. Because immigration law is complex, you should always consult an experienced immigration attorney. An immediate relative (spouse, parent, or child over the age of 21) or an employer can file a visa petition on behalf of an alien. However, if she wants to travel internationally, she will need to renew her visa stamp at a U.S. Depending on who is filing the petition, the form will be either Form I-130 (from a relative) or Form I-140 (from an employer). There are numerous documentation requirements attached to a visa petition for it to be considered properly filed. If proper documents are not submitted, you risk triggering a request for additional evidence, significant delays, and a possible denial of the petition.Depending on your case, the visa petition may be approved without an interview.

Citizenship and Immigration Services or defensively as a form of relief from deportation or removal before an Immigration Judge.To obtain adjustment of status, the alien must be a beneficiary of either an approved visa petition or a visa petition that has been filed on his or her behalf and is pending. This application may be the most important part of the adjustment of status process and USCIS routinely scrutinizes this more than anything else.The petitioner who has filed the visa petition is always required to submit this form, regardless of income. If you do not have a social security number and cannot obtain one, you must obtain and use an IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Within 90 days of your second marriage anniversary, you (the alien spouse) must file Form I-751 to remove the condition on your residency.
This requires submission of significant documents establishing that you and your spouse maintain a bona fide marriage.
Typically, this application is filed jointly by the two spouses if you two are still married at the time.
In the event of a divorce, the alien spouse can file the application by himself or herself. However, he or she must prove that the marriage was entered into in good faith at its inception.Contact me if you wish to discuss your specific situation about a family-based petition or adjustment of status, including preparation And filing of petitions and green card applications.

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