Over the last decade more and more information has become available regarding the law of attraction. The problem with all this info floating around is the fact that its been stripped of the Key Elements that actually allow the Law of Attraction to properly manifest what you desire. You must know what you want exactly what you want to create without any contradictory feelings. A burning obsession is a very crucial part of the equation, without it you will be unable to hold your intention long enough for it to be able to manifest. Of the three key elements mentioned above understand that is so important for you to feel good right now and always be striving to be feeling just a little bit better. Yes the law of attraction is real, and many have already begun to experience results by applying the correct information.
The only other key element that I have left out is to Take Action Now and stop being a wussy and actually take actions towards achieving your bliss. The law of attraction is very real and I would suggest depending on what you want to create. Can we be free from limiting beliefs and emotional reactions like anxiety, fear, self doubt, frustration etc that keep us bathed in stress?
In this video I explain the 4 myths and facts about changing our mindset and attitude based on the leading edge of science.
Beliefs change easily because our brains are continually forming new neural connections and are extremely adaptable. We know that our belief systems at the most fundamental level are specific patterns of energy and information within the body. The most efficient way to change subconscious beliefs is to have the latest understanding of your mind–body ‘operating system’ and to use a set of energetic psychology tools that provide a way to change deep-seated beliefs. Chris is an internationally recognised performance psychologist, the author of two best selling books and the creator of the Gamma Mindset. We as humans are made of the most complex combination of elements, but there is one factor that really marks the difference: The thought. In fact, nobody knows exactly why our brain is so much more developed then the brain of other living beings on earth, it is of a far bigger size and wrinkled to still fit into our skull. Now that we know that the thought is what moves the world around us it seems logic that we are able to influence actively what is and will happen to us in a certain way. What happens is that, even though you think of a specific wish to manifest you are actually moving away from its fulfillment, not towards it. The right way to do it is imagining the feeling of how it would be if you already achieved what you wanted, in other words do not say ‘I want (or need) money, imagine the feeling of financial well-being even before you get the money, like this you will attract it to get to this feeling, in any way. Another example is the thought of ‘I want (or need) a new car, it does not work because you think of you not having the car, if you instead like the feeling of security that comes with having a new car it will come your way, and even more, other things that match this feeling will come your way too.
Sounds magic but is the result of pure quantum physics and, believe it or not (there we go!) for me it works perfectly.
Yes, it is There are many clinical studies that prove it, and if you know anyone who has tried it, they can confirm it as well (providing they were willing to participate in the process).
Real hypnosis has no clear definition, as it is very personal for different people, but can be described as a natural state of deeper focus and attention.
It is estimated that most people go through a form of this a few times each day, which can be misinterpreted as daydreaming or being extremely focused on one particular object (when reading a book for instance).
These days hypnosis is much more understood, and targeted towards different personal problems and goals, there are many different branches of hypnosis now, from weight loss hypnosis to hypnosis for confidence, and even memory hypnosis programs are available.

However, it is so exciting that we are still only scratching the surface as to what is possible with hypnosis – watch this space as over the next 10 years the power of hypnosis is set to explode.
If you want to create something in this world you absolutely must be in line with the vibration and feeling of how you will feel when this is reality and experience actually occurs in your own life through existing as a vibration that emanates gratitude and the all knowing joy that you already have what you desire. When you do this you will be vibrating so immensely that by law what you desire will come to your in record speed.
This outdated view goes back to the early days of psychology and neuroscience, when scientists told us erroneously that our brains are hardwired, static and fixed like some sort of machine made purely of physical parts. This belief grows out of healing interventions stemming back to Sigmund Freud, who taught that for people to heal and grow, they had to recover hidden memories (usually painful ones they were avoiding) from their past and relive them with more awareness and insight. Working with the matrix system of the body allows us to change our beliefs quickly and effectively. It’s also necessary to have a direct feedback mechanism that reveals if you have completely integrated the new beliefs.
You've been studying the Universal Laws of Attraction, you've been reading Abraham Hicks books, and you've even heard or seen some Law of Attraction Art of Allowing workshops and videos, but still the question remains:If everything I want is IN there, HOW do I get into the Vortex???? Right here, right now - put on some fun music and do a little "get into the vortex of attraction" dancingPick someone you like and care about, and make a list of their positive qualities - write down at least 25 things you admire or appreciate about them (their positive aspects.) Bonus: The Law of Attraction will then immediately start making you aware of more of those qualities, and you'll be drawing more of that experience to you too!Breathe deeply! Everything is made out of the same elements, only the composition and frequency gives every thing its appearance, its identity. In recent years the thought became the center of attention for many, we still know very little about how our brain works and what is it that makes it so powerful but as a fact we know that our brain is able to think, combine, create and manifest in a unique way like no other living organism on our planet. This happens because you are perfectly aware of the lack of it and are manifesting its absence rather than moving towards its manifestation. One of the oldest proverbs ever told: Be very aware of what you wish for, it could actually become true.
But hypnosis and hypnotherapy are being used in psychotherapy, by licensed physicians, psychologists, and others, and bear little resemblance to what has been promoted in the media as a way to manipulate or completely control another human being. In some cases however, the experienced hypnotist has previously screened the audience to find the best candidate for his act. Most of the population, probably you and me, is in some middle zone; some, about 10-15%, are very difficult to hypnotize (mostly due to some mental disorder, like inability to concentrate, or those who are too afraid to lose control and are therefore not willing to participate).
It is more like having a conversation which is planned, and coordinated towards your subconscious mind than anything mysterious or overpowering.
It is also a common misconception that hypnosis requires sleeping – it is simply a state of deep relaxation and focus. One of the main elements required for a successful hypnotherapy is that a person is willing to relax and to accept the suggestions given by the hypnotherapist. We have explained how our subconscious controls our autonomic bodily functions when we were talking about subliminal messages (the effects of subliminal messaging and hypnosis are in many ways similar). With hypnosis, you can achieve the same thing, only controlled, and you can apply the same principle to a specific situation – to control your headaches, for example. It doesn’t take any longer to change a document that has been in your computer for two years than it does one that has been there for five minutes. By doing so, we are supposed to be better able to make wiser choices if similar situations arise in our lives again. But as you now know, your conscious mind is far less powerful an information processor than is your subconscious mind. With the appropriate techniques, you can change your internal energy and information fields quickly and painlessly without needing to analyse and dissect your ‘issues’ logically through your conscious awareness.

Just by accepting this fact you must admit that the biggest and smallest is the same, there is no difference in any of it, one for all and all for one. This leads to disappointment and you are further away than ever of what you want to achieve.
Hypnosis works by bypassing the conscious part of our mind, and speaking directly to the unconscious.
Like a computer program, your brain is configuring and storing patterns of energy and information.
If we could easily change because we brought an issue to conscious awareness, then we would all succeed in keeping our New Year resolutions.
Our ego mind is a master at masking truth and keeping us from what we might not want to see. That might sound a bit presumptuous but if you think it over there lies a lot of truth within. After watching it the first time i was deeply impressed but, after finding out that all characters in the movie are fictitious and played by actors, the disillusion was even bigger than the fascination in first place.
It is impossible to get where you want to be by being aware of its absence, you defeat your own purpose by sending out negative vibrations. In that process, our unconscious is being updated with new, more helpful information that go along with what we consciously want to change. If you change the configuration, you change what is recorded, stored and available for activation. Getting into the vortex is feeling as if nothing needs to change in this moment, noticing that things are generally nice, and fine, and sweet as they are right now. Not so much the books ABOUT the Law of Attraction (because those are about action for the most part, but the Sara books are about DOING it, actually BEING in the space of allowing, and feeling it (and they are just fun, too!))Sit in the sun for 15 minutes and feel your own radiance in the warmth of the sun on your faceGo someplace where you can see the expanse of the sky, or be in nature and know that all is well - the same source energy that created all of this can handle your concerns, and IS handling them right now. Reproduction of any information, as well in parts, of this site in any form is only to be allowed with written permission of dub - Spirit of Ibiza®.
It took us a lifetime to store all the myriad beliefs about everyday life that make up our sense of self and our world view.
No matter how much you logically analyse how your problems stem from a tough childhood or a series of failed relationships, you can certainly gain insight but you probably won’t get to the root beliefs that contribute to a pattern of self-limiting behaviours.
Therefore, it is through the body that we can most quickly and objectively access the realm of our subconscious.
Being in the vortex can also be the feeling of bliss, love, fascination, excitement, joy, and exuberant enthusiasm (but, we don't always have access to those high vibrations) so just being happy, curious, in love, or simply content, is enough. If we followed Freud’s path it might take a lifetime to access them all—which is why ‘talking therapy’ often takes years and is very limited in its results.
Conscious insight can be very  healing, but in terms of lasting belief change, it’s a bit like trying to change the hard drive on your computer by becoming aware of how to use your word-processing program. Whilst providing external links to other websites, dub - Spirit of Ibiza® does by no means accept responsibility for content and accuracy of these websites and any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person resulting from the information published by these external sites. Respect the freedom of press.

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