Read below the point of view and experience of Denis LAUDREN, who has been involved in panel building for many years, and who develops and animates today some training courses dedicated to panel builders. Though training is probably the most profitable investment a company can do, you cannot afford to spend all the time of your resources on training, as daily business tasks need to be done. So, in order to establish a well balanced training program, it’s better to first do what I call a “quality diagnostic” of your company. I developed such a “diagnostic tool”, in 2007, which I use at the beginning of a training I developed at that time for Schneider Electric: it makes it possible for each participant to visualise where they are today and what are their main improvement routes. This type of diagnosis is obviously one of the possible sources for you to define your training plan priorities.
In France, several training institutes, like Cegos and Demos, propose training modules dedicated to this type of needs: though they are not specifically targeted at panel building activity, they can be, from my experience in animating such sessions, a perfect basis to train your people on project management skills.
More specific training modules, dedicated to panel builders, have sometimes been developed by specialized training companies such as mine, or sometimes by large manufacturers (like the ones I developed for Schneider Electric) wanting to help their panel builder “partners” to be the best on the market. Without training, whether you organise it with your internal resources or with the help of external people, your company has little chances to improve its efficiency and thus survive in a more and more demanding and competitive world.
My suggestion, to conclude: is that you should take the time to formalize your ambition (where I want to be tomorrow?), to evaluate your existing competences, and from that point to build your training plan for the coming years. I agree fully with Denis, and would add that my experience is that panelbuilders tend to focus on the technical aspects of their business, which are critical. Trainimg is very important if you want to manufacture high quality, compliant switchboards. We carry out this training worldwide, it is based on a number of levels and is built to suit your needs, whether it is at a very high level overview, or the in depth level that is required before carrying out a testing program. I am also carrying out a seminar on 10th Feb at 13:30 on this subject, so please come along then too. I am a electronics engineer and i have a group of electrical, instrumentation and mechanical engineers and we are intrested to built a pannel board company in india. Please, help us to improve, increase our skills and help us to be the best in Africa sub region. The hardest area for you, if you have little expereince will be complying with the standards.
After that you need to consider how you will move forward, but for this to be cost effective you need to know what you are doing, to ensure the best possible chances of passing the required tests. Its good to see that the are training opportunity available to get ourself trained in panel building, especially those who are interested in learning it. January 20, 2015 by Editor Knowing golf course etiquette is necessary even if you are not a golf pro.
This postgraduate course provides relevant, up-to-date experience of food safety management, which is of vital importance both to organisations and individuals in the food industry, enforcement and education.
Awards: MSc (After one year - PGCert HACCP Development, after two years - PGDip HACCP Audit and Management).
Within the last few years, there has been widespread agreement that to improve the safety of our food and promote consumer confidence in safe food production, a system known as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is applied throughout the food industry. Please contact Course Enquiries with any queries regarding postgraduate study and research.

Explores the problem of foodborne disease in a global context, analyses its cause and identifies appropriate control strategies.
Provides you with the theoretical foundations and practical techniques together with essential skills to manage and assess effective HACCP-based food safety management systems. Develops your knowledge of research aims and processes so that you can critically assess current research in food safety. Enables you to study a topic of interest to you, developing a journal literature review, research a proposal and project plan to improve the current knowledge in your chosen topic area. Analyse case studies to determine the causes of foodborne disease and determine preventative strategies to reduce the risk of illness associated with the contamination of food.
Identify, investigate and critically evaluate a current issue in food safety by applying selected theory and research techniques developed during the course to the chosen area.
Critically evaluate the national and international legislative and enforcement frameworks in which all sectors of the food industry operate.
Critically assess and discuss the epidemiological evidence relating to food allergy and intolerance with reference to methods of detection and diagnosis and consumer perception of food allergy. Identify and critically evaluate food safety hazards and determine their significance as risks to public health in food operations and products. Assess surveillance and other relevant epidemiological data and estimate costs associated with incidents of foodborne disease. Perform HACCP and food safety management system verification, including design, planning and execution of appropriate verification programmes. Apply some of the tools and techniques for managing projects and change in the context of the design and implementation of a HACCP project. Critically assess requirements for allergen labelling and consumer information, including legislative and health protection requirements. Discuss food safety hazards and critically evaluate the suitability of physical and human resources employed in the global food supply chain for production of safe food. Assess the factors affecting successful implementation and management of a HACCP-based food safety management and discuss practical strategies to overcoming barriers to system implementation. Evaluate critically the key concepts and theories of managing projects and change in relation to development and implementation of effective HACCP-based food safety management programmes. Analyse contemporary theoretical and methodological issues in relation to current published research literature in the domain, including appraisal of design, analysis and interpretation of results. Identify research gaps in the chosen area and determine priority research questions with reference to current food safety theory and practice. Evaluate the impact of legislation and enforcement on the food industry and consumers, with reference to case law examples.
Reflect and critique the process of effective allergen management in the global food supply chain, with reference to the application of prerequisite programmes and HACCP-based Food Safety Management Systems.
Assessment is done in a number of different ways including a report on an outbreak of foodborne disease, a personal portfolio, critical analysis of papers and case studies.
To develop an understanding of the theoretical foundations and techniques used in food safety management for health and brand protection in the Global food supply chain. To enable you to explore and extend an extensive knowledge base and critical appreciation of the control and management of foodborne disease in a global context.

To enable you to apply the principles of food safety management to develop effective management systems for the production of safe and legal food products, thus integrating theory with practice in your own and other food-related environments.
To provide a learning environment in which you are encouraged to achieve personal growth in terms of a wide range of transferable skills, including critical thinking and independence of thought, and communication of complex ideas to a range of audiences.
Unfortunately they do not focus on the commercial elements of their business whuch are equally important.
My company carry’s out training for consultants, switchboard builders, and end users in the standard (IEC 61439) for low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. My company carry’s out training for consultants, switchboard builders, and end users in the standard (IEC 61439) for low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. In this programme we do cover all aspects of LV Panel Design such as Switchgear Selection, Fault Level Calculation, Calculation of Forces on Busbars, Spacing of Insulating Supports, etc.
I want to learn control panel designing that includes single line diagram, wiring diagram, etc.
Be quiet and unmoving when a person in your group or in a group that is very close by is preparing to hit. MSc Food Safety Management focuses on the important areas of foodborne disease, food safety hazards and the effective management of food safety through application of the risk management system Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). As a result, European legislation requires all food businesses to implement a system based on HACCP principles. Each topic of study involves a number of learning activities supported by asynchronous discussions, live web-cast workshops and chat activities. It is very important to know that your business is making a profit from the activity of building quality switchboards. I want to know what are the insruments used to start a pannel board company and what is the aproximate minimum cost (in usa dolar) to start the company.And we are also intresed to take traning from a good institute because we are new in this field.
Actually I so much love this aspect of electrical engineering profession and would want to develop a carrier in that area.
Don’t swing if there is a chance of hitting a fellow golfer with an unpredictable ball. An online course, Food Safety Management provides learning units and support materials via a secure website. Don’t unnecessarily disturb sand traps and keep in mind to rake them smooth before you go.
This way you will have enough time to park, prepare your clubs, take care of cart rental and warm up.
Check if there are players standing directly behind you when you’re preparing to swing. Large bets cause stress and animosity – which is against the spirit of the golf game.

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