The In-Service Training model is utilized when there is limited time to disseminate the information or skills to a large group of people. It requires a shorter, more focused period of time than the other training types, and is more summary oriented than Facilitator Certification Training or Train-the-Trainer Certification Training.
In-service training can occur through structured learning and follow-up activities, or through less structured means, to solve problems or fill-in identified gaps in knowledge of a subject. Keys’ can provide In-services onsite at the organization or through agencies’ distance learning systems.

Keys’ in-services meet national or international standards and have specific learning objectives, expected knowledge, skills, and competencies to be gained by participants. Again, Staff In-service programs and activities are designed to inform faculty and support personnel as to the school’s safety plans, procedures, and staff responsibilities for maintaining a safe school and its climate.
Rahim Yar Khan (Friday, August 16, 2013) – In Service Agricultural Training Institute Rahim Yar Khan has announced Admission in 3Years Diploma in Agricultural Sciences for the session 2013-2014. This model is employed to refresh skills and knowledge or add new material and examples of best practices needed to meet staffs current job responsibilities.

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