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The success story of associates taking the lead and showcasing their talents to clients; Where do I begin?
As you can imagine, being an A1 only working for Grant Thornton for around 6 months and I have to now stand up and do a presentation of my work, and try and tackle any questions thrown at me. The in-charge co-ordinated the meeting – in the 10 minutes we had to plan – delegating tasks left right and centre trying to pull this off.
This blog has been written to encourage more and more audit teams, internally, to have mini close out meetings with clients on the last day on site.
This was an incredible experience to be able to have as an A1, and I will push for these in other teams with other clients. I am currently working as a (insert title) at (Insert Company) but am keen to make a career change into the fast paced recruitment industry.
When I saw the position at (insert company name) advertised, I immediately felt I should apply.
I am a motivated and enthusiastic individual looking to make a change both personally and for those I work with.

Please find attached my current CV, which details my experience along with my technical skills. If you are looking for Recruitment Consultant positions then try job sites online including cv library, reed, totaljobs etc. Don’t forget to share this page with your firends on your social accounts if you liked it and let us know if we can do anything else for you. If that wasn’t enough, we had found an audit finding which perhaps would have come as a shock to the client – working primarily on the wages section of the file, a confidential and sensitive subject as it is! Every team member pulled together and presented their findings confidently, answering some very direct questions from the FD himself. Not only did we work as a team, from a personal point of view I had managed to consolidate my knowledge of my audit work, and demonstrate this.
It not only updates the client on where the team are at, but also strengthens client relationships and confidence that the teams know what they are doing. Going forward, having presented my findings I know I can handle direct questions about the testing I have completed because I know exactly what I am doing and why I am doing it.
My background includes a variety of roles, which combined make a strong knowledgebase and skill-set for a role in recruitment.

Tempted by their dessert fridge and helping with food tasting – audit work was also completed within the given time. Coming from a person who has never been great with confidence and presenting to large crowds, or in this case, some very important people – I was extremely nervous!! Though I thought my eyes were a little shifty, it was very comforting to hear that the FD would not have been able to tell I was the most junior member of the team having worked for Grant Thornton for the shortest amount of time. It builds confidence and highlights that a true team effort is needed when doing audits, and everyone is readily available to help each other on their sections if needed. It will benefit me hugely in my development within audit as I progress and continue to learn. The panic sank in on Friday – the last day of the audit where the managers and partner of the client were out on site – the mad rush to complete the work on time and have the file looking spic and span for review.

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