However, before you could even work as a forklift operator, you should not just be skilled in driving this kind of equipment but you should also be licensed to operate a forklift. The assessment process includes problem solving questions, short answer questions, skills observation, group participations and work activities.
From refresher training, inexperienced training or supervisor training, FTS will ensure safety in your workplace no matter what industry you are in.
OnRoad OffRoad is a Registered Training Organisation that provides two days training to operate a forklift truck. TransTrain offers Forklift Truck training using their TransTrain Forklift Info and Enrolment Pack.
This training package is offered on a limited time only and interested participants should call 1300 665 170 or (03) 6423 2110 for booking or for more information about TransTrain training packages.

Crown is very particular about workplace safety and compliance in all its training programs.
Freycinet Air offers professional flight training in a friendly environment at Hobart Airport. It is very rewarding both financially rewarding and career-rewarding as well since you could work in pretty much any kind of environment such as mining, civil, construction, ports, warehouses and in various retail outlets. RTOs train under the supervision of WorkCover Tasmania to ensure that operators follow forklift operation strategies for a safe and efficient operation of this kind of equipment.
This course is a requirement of the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work and also meets current State and Territory licensing requirements. Training is extensive, hands-on and majority of the training time is devoted to machine operation.

There are forklift training Hobart courses all year long in this RTO; you may contact the company at 1300 732 377. This is a combination of offsite and onsite training and assessment for the licence to conduct High Risk Work – Forklift.
Additional course for order picking forklifts are available and may be completed together with forklift LF training. This RTO places participants in a rigorous training program that will ensure their excellence in the operation and driving an LF forklift.

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