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The scene was completely insane as the Republican presidential candidate made his way to the range. Use myConnection to gather the information that you most care about from across this website into one central location, giving you greater control over how you connect with your community. The team brought in Artis Hicks and Eric Steinbach to compete for the job since they were both seasoned veterans that knew the WCO and excelled in a zone blocking system. The coaches were also unhappy that Jerry showed up to camp 25 pounds overweight and out of shape. The coaches were so upset with Jerry that he was demoted to the scout team and even spent some time at DT during camp.

Steinbach retired and Hicks got hurt so Jerry who many felt wouldn’t have a roster spot was suddenly thrust back into the starting spot. Yeah, look, I can't vote, and if I were to vote, I'm not sure I would want to vote for any of the candidates."Oh hey, Mr. Miami’s offensive line coach Jim Turner decided to make Jerry his special project and get him into shape. The book on Jerry is that for such a big man he can move a little within a confined space which is why his pass blocking rated out in the positives. However, the new zone blocking scheme effects the run game more than the passing games and while Jerry can move inside of a box, he doesn’t have the athleticism to get out in front of runners or receivers on screens or stretch runs.  In the passing game Jerry only gave up two sacks and three hits on the QB which ranks him in the top third for guards.
It was in the running game where he and the entire offensive line just didn’t seem to get the job done. He is under contract through 2013 and will be an $800k cap hit next year if he’s on the roster.

Miami could decide to move away from Jerry and save just under $600k off that cap number if they decide they want to go in a different direction.
Miami must improve the offensive line and bring in players that fit the scheme the coaches want to run. Jerry is more of a road grater type of player and just doesn’t seem to fit with this scheme.
I believe that Pouncey and Martin are the only locks to return on the offensive line in 2013 as Ireland and Philbin turn the roster to bring in players that will fit Philbin’s philosophy.

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