Its just another day for Dante Hicks, until his boss calls him into work at the Quickstop on his day off. Great CLERKS Director Kevin Smith's [Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma]first movie inthe View Askew series introduces us to clerks Dante Hicks who works at the Quickstop and Randal Graves who works at the video store across the street. With a hockey game at 2, and his girlfriend still hacking him about going to back to school. Dante hates his job because of the customers while Randal loves his job because of the customers [the ones he can make fun of].

Dante begins to get into a bigger frenzy when he learns his ex-girlfriend, Caitlin, is getting married.
The two clerks spend most of the day dealing with annoying customers and talking about Star Wars, relationships, and sex. With his always late accomplice Randall strolling in to work at the video store, Dante is left with no choice but to bend the rules a little with work, customers, and most of all his love life. They close the store so they can play hockey on the roof and then close it again to attend Dante's friend Julie's wake.

Most of the movie is spent on Dante and Randal while the other half is spent on Jay and Silent Bob, two drug dealers that deal infront of the Quickstop.

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