Mark Way’s career began in 1996 with a major high street agency; he quickly moved through the ranks and within a year was promoted to technical recruitment sales consultant.
Having worked within recruitment for over 15 years Mark has discovered that many job seekers just don’t know how to sell themselves.
A job coach or employment specialist provides and coordinates support to help you succeed at work. Your career coach will help create the jobs that fulfill your passions and priorities, maximize your talents and follow your values. You will easily show hiring managers that you will be the best match for the specific jobs you want.
Hiring managers loath wading through hundreds or even thousands of “I’ll do anything” applicants, because they know the end results will most often be bad. The Wall Street Journal and The NY Times have both reported how many thousands of very good jobs are going unfilled.
Job Coaches mentor people we serve, helping them to achieve their employment goals, develop important job skills, and to successfully maintain work in the community. As a Job Coach at Vinfen, you may work with people who have psychiatric conditions, intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain injuries, or behavioral health challenges to support their career goals. Vinfen offers a comprehensive orientation and ongoing employee training that will provide you with all of the tools you need. Because of this the Job Coach was developed as a way of helping job seekers gain the skills and understanding needed to apply for jobs successfully.

He or she may also act as a consultant to your employer by providing extra training and support you need.
Job coaching often fades out as an employee becomes more independent in the work environment. You will become very clear and confident about how well you will perform in your chosen ideal jobs. They are in essence fishing when they apply, hoping to get a job they might consider adjusting to. We also offer certifications to staff at Vinfen to make it easy for you to stay up-to-date on the best practices in health and human services.
He later moved to a large London-based IT agency where he further developed his experience.
Mark acts as a mentor helping you develop your CV writing skills as well as your interview technique through analysing what you could be doing wrong. The logic and economics of using a career coach are so fundamentally sound and productive that once understood and used right, people will be virtually guaranteed to get their ideal jobs.
You and your career coach will operate as a focused team to seek, find and obtain the best matching jobs, because YOU KNOW they will be excellent fits.
You may monitor individuals work progress and the effectiveness of various employment and vocational programs. He was popular amongst both the clients and his colleagues and was voted top permanent Sales Consultant for two consecutive years.

The Job Coach should be viewed as a process of self-improvement helping you to develop your skills fully. Your work may involve traveling to various work sites in the community to provide hands-on support to both employers and people we serve at their jobs.
In 2002 Mark set up his first business and clients quickly discovered the benefits you gain from working with someone who delivers top quality results at highly competitive prices.
While we cannot guarantee that you will get a job with our help we can greatly improve your chances of getting that job you deserve. You are a mentor, helping people take pride in their work and achieve greater independence within their community.
You may act as a role model who demonstrates appropriate social interactions with employers and the public.  You may track daily progress and achievement of individuals’ employment goals. Your support and guidance will help individuals achieve goals, overcome barriers, and become more independent. In your role you will work together with the people we serve, their families, friends, employers, and other support staff to transform their lives.
Lastly, you may be responsible for managing the daily operations at a program, facility, or community employment setting.

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