Yes, Wonder would have likely made a wonderful companion, but had to be put down because he was critically injured with skull fracture and infected wounds. Sign up for our newsletters and get articles, new products, events, and exclusive deals sent directly to your inbox! If you already understand the basics, you're on your way to raising the best dog you've ever had.
Clicking will give your puppy confidence and comfort through positive experiences and clear communication.
Training your family dog using the clicker training approach is particularly family friendly. If you have an aggressive or reactive dog, know that you're not alone—and that you've come to the right place. Home » Clicker Training Community Blog » Events Halloween Pet Costume Contest is Back!
Learn all about the basics of clicker training, from the first steps to how to develop your skills. Join us for the world's most innovative training conference, March 17-20, 2016 in Cincinnati, OH. As the exclusive manufacturer of authentic i-Clicks, Karen Pryor Clicker Training offers the lowest prices anywhere on custom-printed i-Clicks!
We offer a wide variety of training products, each endorsed by Karen Pryor and other professional trainers to help you build your skills. The Balance Harness is designed to fit any dog's individual body type while providing comfort, complete freedom of movement, and flexible leash-attachment options.

The KLIMB is an easily configured dog-training platform that allows you to create an impulse-control system that fits the way you train.
The Rapid Rewards Training Pouch is their newest training bag and is designed for serious dog trainers. Excerpted from Click for Joy: Questions and Answers from Clicker Trainers and their Dogs by Melissa Alexander, an unparalleled guide to the concepts of clicker training.
You'll add the cue when you're ready to bet me $50 that you know when the dog is going to do the behavior. So, let's say your dog is at that point: he's definitely aware that his laying down earns the click and treat and he's repeatedly laying down.
I generally place my palm behind his front paws when he is sitting and push him down gently. I have noticed when some people train with luring, it works, but they don't fade it fast enough and that's where the problem comes in. When 25 pit bulls were recovered from a dog-fighting bust in Muncie, Indiana, Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP) James Turner gave one of the fatally-injured dogs the chance to experience something it had never experienced before—love and kindness. In either case, clicker training will help your puppy grow into the wonderful dog you want him to become. Success depends on communication and maintaining motivation through clear and specific cues and reinforcers.
Clicker training can help improve your performance and scores in obedience training and competition.
Save up to 30% on books, DVDs, and gear for fearful dogs, aggressive and reactive dogs, impulsive dogs, and more!

The Foobler is an automatic self-reloading puzzle feeder with 6 timer activated pods that challenges, stimulates, and feeds your dog for up to 9 hours. For instance, if I'm teaching my dog to lie down, I would add the cue when it's very clear to me that the dog knows that laying down earns the click and treat.
As soon as your dog starts to lay down, you'd say your cue "lay," (or whatever word you want). Once he's down he usually maintains that position for which I proceed to giving him a treat with "Good Down" and petting. With no name and extensive wounds, the dog was named Wonder by James, "…because it's a wonder that he had any affection left." Wonder grew close to James, who was able to connect with the dog and give him comfort in the days before the dog was euthanized for his injuries. Simply e-mail a photo of your pet in costume - dog, cat, horse, bird, rabbit, pig, reptile, anything goes! Be sure to include your contact information, pet’s name, and details about your pet’s costume for a chance to win—what else?—free Bravo!
Getting the behavior The best place to start capturing the down is in a bathroom—it's small and easy to clear of all potential distractions.
She'll sit in front of you, stare holes in you, and try any and every behavior you've ever reinforced.
When you can get five downs in less than a minute you're probably ready to move to another room.

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