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Coming to New York and spending two months here and actually shooting in Harlem was amazing. Did you know going into "Under the Same Moon" that it would make such a big impact with English-speaking audiences? I didn't realize it until later, but that movie is real; that's what happens to millions of immigrants who are here trying to make a better life for themselves. Kate del Castillo stars alongside Luis Antonio Ramos in a€?A Miracle in Spanish Harlema€™ in theaters Dec.
Seeing as though the storyline was so real to so many immigrants in this country, how important was it for you to get that message across? How do you feel about portraying that type of role given what's really happening in Mexico right now with the drug cartels? I always say that Teresa has so many layers that she's not just one woman, she's tons of women. What drew you to want to work with the Mexican Commission on Human Rights to combat human trafficking? I'm an ambassador for (the organization) and I think it's almost an obligation for us who have fame to help causes that are something that really move us.

They talk about the Latino boom but it's been going on for years now and nothing has changed.
Kate del Castillo: el avance del cine latino y su pelicula “A Miracle in The Spanish Harlem”.
Hace algun tiempo en el evento de Hispanicize 2012 en Miami, FL, tuve la oportunidad de ver la pelicula “A Miracle in The Spanish Harlem”, protagonizada por Kate del Castillo y Luis Antonio Ramos. Tuve la oportunidad de conversar via telefonica con su protagonista, Kate del Castillo, una mujer a quien admiro mucho no solo por su talento, pero por ser de convicciones firmes y muy autentica.
Los invito a escuchar el audio, tipo podcast, en el que nos cuenta sobre el contenido de la cinta, el avance del cine latino en los Estados Unidos, su punto de vista acerca de los milagros, su paritcular perspectiva con respecta a la Navidad (que de hecho coincido con ella) y muchas cosas.. Graduada de la Universidad de Monterrey en la Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Comunicacion y con estudios de Maestria, Garza ha ejercido sus conocimientos en el area de la comunicacion como Presentadora de Television, Reportera, Escritora, Editora, Productora y Directora de Noticias.
Me encanta Kate del Castillo, seguro que esta pelicula esta excelente, gracias por la recomendacion, la voy a buscar para verla. No he visto el trabajo de Kate pero con tu recomendacion basta Tere querida espero poder mirar esta pelicula. Definitivamente no me perdere esta pelicula, aparte que me gusta mucho como actua Kate, es una manera de apoyar a los actores latinos en este pais. Me da mucho gusto ver a latinos triunfando en Hollywood, Kate es una actriz con talento de sobra para lograr todo lo que se proponga ?excelente nota!
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When I go to the restaurants, the cooks are usually immigrants and I love to hear all their amazing stories. Ese dia recuerdo que converse con el director Derek Velez Partridge para felicitarlo ya que con su excelente filme se hizo acreedor al Premio al Mejor Largometraje en el “National Latino Film Showcase”.
Que realmente vale la pena ver, porque es buena y porque apoyando a nuestro talento tendremos una representacion mas equitativa … porque los latinos contamos. They are not perfect, and unfortunately they interfere by blocking or disabling parts of our website which are not even related to ads.
Human trafficking is now the third-most illicit business in the world and unfortunately it's getting worse and worse.
Accepting to see ads on our website is a very small price to pay to show appreciation for our work. This has no face, and that's what is really sad and what makes it really difficult to fight.

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