The next morning, the Unicorns demand to know everything about this secret language Caroline told them about. TAKING THE STAGE: Braintree native Michael Ryan, above, will perform in the hit musical ‘Newsies,’ at the Boston Opera House. Wakefield takes the twins out to dinner one night and teaches them a secret language called Ithig. They’re pissed when Jessica says she promised her dad she wouldn’t say anything about it to anyone, and Amy is pissed at Liz for keeping secrets from her. And now my daughter has learned it, so nice to be able to teach a new language in 30 mins!!
United in their hatred of all things Wakefield, Caroline and Amy sit with the Unicorns at lunch and they all ignore the twins together.

Liz is furious when she finds out Jessica blabbed, but she’s glad that at least the secret is out now and things can go back to normal. The twins pick it up pretty quickly, and Caroline Pearce overhears them speaking it from the next table. Later that day, Lila makes a point of talking loudly about a party her father is having that weekend and the famous tennis star who’s going to be there.
Lila teaches it to everyone at her party, and Amy calls Liz that night to be a bitch about Liz not teaching it to her. McDonald says she already knows it because she’s picked it up just by hearing the students speak it so much.
The next day at school, all the kids in Liz’s music class speak Ithig at their substitute teacher, Ms.

When the district supervisor is there, Lila asks a question in Ithig and is shocked when Ms. McDonald next week when the district supervisor is reviewing her, but Liz and Amy, who have just made up, think it’s a terrible idea. McDonald tells the supervisor that it’s a secret language and she can’t tell him what it’s all about.

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