Finding ways to keep your staff and peers motivated can sometimes be a challenge, but if you have the right mix of leadership skills, you should be able to maintain a high level of enthusiasm and motivation among your people.  By providing the proper motivation, you are increasing their efficiency and productivity, as well as creating a work environment that is team-focused and oriented toward achieving results.
Goal Setting Ability - Being able to set clear and achievable goals is important when it comes to motivating others.  It gives them a direction and focus for their efforts, and it also provides a baseline for determining performance and results.
Perhaps now it is time to look at the women leaders around the globe to see what they bring to the table. There isn’t really a singular way to lead that is correct, however, I believe we can learn from both men AND women and gain a better understanding of what makes for a great leader.
Share small business news, blogs and social media tips with Project Eve’s community of small business owners and entrepreneurs today. The KeyCoachingforChange 'Senior Professional Development Programme' is designed for experienced professionals working in the higher echelons of commercial and not for profit organizations. For more details on the 'Senior Professional Development Programme': 'Outline Development programme'. About the modelThe educational leadership model (ELM) sets out the qualities, knowledge, and skills that middle and senior educational leaders need to lead their schools in the twenty-first century.This model shows that relationships are at the core of school leadership and that leadership always operates within a specific context. These  views were expressed  by Professor Syed  Shabeer Hussain Shah Director University Advancement and Financial Aid Office (UAO) in his presidential  address to the ,”Two Day Youth Leadership Training  Workshop” organized by  Students Management  Society (SMS) at Hafiz Hayat Campus of UOG.

A selected batch of about 20 students from different departments of UOG is attending the workshop. Books have been written, and men have created long-lasting careers from speaking about how to be a great leader. In a recent article entitled Why Women Should Lead Boldly, the authors, Sharon Hadary and Laura Henderson, share their perspective on the traits women leaders offer.
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They attain increasing effectiveness and satisfaction in their work through raising awareness, taking responsibility, and offering new possibilities, not through the mere learning of new techniques.
Mutual learning is essential: Participants are regularly invited to share their knowledge and ideas. Surprisingly however, they often do not apply them, since the link between the tool and their daily practice is missing.
These interviews focus on client expectations, experiences and possible contribution to the programme. It also identifies areas of practice, leadership activities, and the qualities of effective leadership.

I hope this, two day workshop on  Youth Leadership Training , will open up many new avenues for our potential youth leaders. Did they share their vision for the future and explain your role in making it happen or did they trudge ahead keeping the end game a secret – for their eyes only? It is a matter of great pride for UOG that   Professor Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin VC UOG  managed  to send  , a   team of 10 students  to UCLAN  UK to attend  a course on leadership skills. Innovation, creativity & thinking out of the box,  are  required  to bring our State  and Society out of the morass of decadence, stagnation, anarchy   and despair.
Umer  Farooq a student  leader sat on the stage along the Chief Guest Professor Syed Shabeer  Hussain Shah. The resource persons engaged in training exercises are all the participants  of  UCLAN leadership  program.

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