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If you could play cupid for a day, who would you pair up with your favourite, besides yourself? She Said Poptarts: the board as be extra dead lately, do american schools start their exams this month?
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If you notice your partner cringe when you lean in, my advice is invest in some tic-tacs, deodorant, and a good toothbrush!
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Meet 20-year-old Rachael Sacks - who complained in her blog after a grocery store clerk frowned at her large shopping bag from MulberryShe said today: 'The criticism and the attention is stupid.

A 20-year-old student today said that she is unrepentant over an essay she wrote demanding that poor people stop making her feel bad because she's so rich.A Rachael Sacks, who is enrolled in a $40,000-a-year writing program at a New York liberal arts school, ranted to MailOnline that she was undeserving of the attention because she is a 'spoiled brat who masturbates too much'. Miss Sacks defended her essay on the sidewalk outside her Manhattan home, a second-floor apartment in a pre-War townhouse, after the writing had attracted a wave of negative criticism online.'Yes, let's all pity and feel bad for poor, judged, not smiled at,' one Twitter user remarked. Today, Miss Sacks revealed that she had been looking for a job for five years and had previously finished a 'grunt work' internship at Cityist magazine. Many attribute her popularity to how easily amateur collaboration blurred lines between fandom and industry. In the west, Vocaloid adoration was mainly relegated to the geekier corners of the Internet, but in recent years she’s gained prominence as a legitimate musician, one good enough to open for Lady Gaga in coming May. For newbies, she seems like the epitome of artifice in music, a grand lie orchestrated to be a cute computer-generated face to more efficiently push products. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked.
I would personally put Harry and Cher (or Emma Watson or Cara) together because they just seem to get along so well and they would look great together.
Miss Sacks, published an essay on Thursday on Thought Catalog where she describes how a cashier at a grocery store close to her affluent West Village apartment was unfriendly and frowned at her because she was carrying a large shopping bag from the high-end designer Mulberry.
Specifically, she’s the brainchild of Crypton Future Media, a mascot for a voice bank. There are many different voice banks created by pre-recorded sounds from voice actors, but none have reached the heights of Miku, who’s become the face of the Vocaloid cultural phenomenon.

Within days of her inception, fanart and songs were being produced by Miku enthusiasts, some successful enough to become chart-topping hits. I could also see Liam with Ariana Grande, just because they're both really sweet and puppyish. She blogged: 'I am sorry that I was born into great financial circumstances and my father likes to provide for me. She was a little concerned that all the negative attention would affect her family, including her doctor father, but said they were 'mostly accepting of it'.She said that she had discussed all the attention with her sister who is at home recovering from an illness.
Rising video sites like Youtube and Niconico made it easy to share Vocaloid creations, and further spurred her rise to online stardom. Her main surface narrative co-exists with multiple fan fiction versions spanning her existence from a sloppily drawn comic to a hologram appearance on Letterman.
Can anyone be truly sincere if layers of likeability define what their next gig is and hundreds of jobs rely on their projected image? The sheer mass of content being produced far outnumbered anything by anyone in the music scene, and her lack of personality made it easy for content creators to project personalities onto her – in one video, she may be a ditzy leek-spinning girl, but in another she’s heartbrokenly self-aware that she only exists inside computers and belts out a swan song before deletion.

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