Several types of Advocacy also help the employees to increase their ability to work by improving their satisfactions. In other hand, advocacy and knowledge sharing activities are much needed for social and nonprofit organizations for their clients and beneficiaries. Here I share one of my presentations about the process of advocacy works and knowledge sharing activities and build up a ‘Social Advocacy and Knowledge Management (SAKM) Unit’. For an effective organization, it is very much needed to build up knowledge management unit into the organization.

Because, we know, getting social advocacy and knowledge everyone especially the poor can improve their life style. So if it is possible to run some advocacy programs and provide knowledge for their capacity building, then the poor people get opportunity to improve their present life style and gradually alleviate their poverty. I was wondering though where feedback on use of knowledge shared and contribution of knowledge by users factors into the process. By sharing knowledge with one another and with other organizations all employees can run their works smoothly, because earning more knowledge sharp everyone’s brain and merit.

So, for effective result and touch the real goal and objectives of organization, it should running advocacy and knowledge sharing programs for their members, employees and clients. By this unit every organization collects and shares their knowledge and doing their advocacy related works with other organizations, academics, policy makers etc.

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