Hospital chiefs are flying to Spain and Portugal to find recruits because the recession there has led to high unemployment.A loophole in EU legislation prevents the Nursing and Midwifery Council from checking the English of European nurses before they are registered for NHS work.
The Health Service Journal figures show that 1,925 nurses came from Spain and 1,240 from Portugal. A A In common with most other national newspapers, on December 17 and 18 we reported analysis by the Health Service Journal which stated that, due to an NHS nursing shortage, 5,788 out of 7,111 nurses recruited in the last 12 months were foreign. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Interviewing is tough; ita€™s supposed be a€“ taking you outside your comfort zone to test you extensively, pitting your skills against other credible candidates applying for the same role.
Learn how to plan a successful Job Interview in advance a€“ conquering nerves a€“ using proven Techniques to create that critical great first impression. A review of our free guide to using the STAR story technique to build honest and compelling answers to the questions we hate…. Review – InterviewGOLDIf you want to have the best preparation for your interview interview gold is the answer.

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It is important that you take IS 340 and IS 380 as soon as possible, preferably in the first semester of your Junior year.
If you spend 4 semesters in this major, the summer is a great opportunity for you to get an internship. Many IS employers may give you a technical interview, that is, a test on your technical knowledge and ability through verbal or written tests. The CBA will be a globally recognized college of choice for scholarly and educational excellence that prepares graduates to succeed in business and society. Kings College Hospital in London (pictured) recruited the most, 276The Mail investigation involved a recruitment fair held in a hotel in Porto and hosted by Bedford Hospital to hire 25 nurses.
In fact, while the 5,788 figure was correct, the 7,111 figure related to the net change in the number of full-time equivalent nurses over a six-month period only.
Any work experience is better than none, and an IS related work experience is better than non-IS.

The Health Service Journal and the Health & Social Care Information Centre have asked us to make clear that the statistics were not therefore comparable. These are wonderful skills to complement your technical skills, which is often the determining factor for you to land your first job.
In order to secure an IS related internship, you should be familiar with programming language and database by then.
It would be even better if you already have one or two more advanced major courses to show for.
Make sure your resume is well written and organized with a clear objective, tailored to the job that you are applying to.
Trust staff did not help applicants complete their forms and it is not willing to employ nurses who have a limited command of English.

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